Equifax Free Credit Report currently + Quidco

Equifax Free Credit Report currently + Quidco

Found 1st Jan 2009
It's important to understand your credit report and how it can help you get credit.

Your Equifax Credit Report gives you clear, easy-to-understand advice for each item on your credit report and its possible impact on your ability to obtain credit.

They make it easy to understand what aspects the lender uses to make a credit decision, helping you get that credit or loan you want.

One trial per account every 12 months.

The free trial is available for new customers only.
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Got this today via MSE email
It is a good deal, I got mine on 30/12/09 so I only got £5 :-(
Remember to cancel
If its FREE how do you cancel after the trail period? I've always fancied trying one out but have been wary incase its hard to cancel and end up paying.
You just call them and they cancel it its very easy
I had a trial around 2 years ago, can I still get another one?
We signed up for this before, they never sent the login details required. phone they up, all sorts of delaying tactics which we assumed that was because they were trying to wait until the first monthly payment. Cancelled before payment needed, never got a credit report. I know MSE site recommend them but my experience was poor customer service.

i tried this a few months ago, free trial my foot they want your card … i tried this a few months ago, free trial my foot they want your card details and take the payment within minutes, keep an eye on your bank statements guys,


If they actually charge your card then this isn't a freebie.

Can anyone confirm that you can properly cancel it once you have your credit report.
Yes ive done it a couple of times, theres a link within your online account to cancel but its well hidden.
Ill see if I can find it.

Or you can phone up and cancel, but you will be on hold for ages.
I've done this with the other credit agency which is Experian. I cancelled and no charge, it was easy.

Experian and Equifax always have this offer on so don't take the deal if you don't really need to check your credit report because they might not honour the "1 trial per 12 month clause".

My advice is to wait until you really need to see the data, e.g. when looking for a mortgage.
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