ER: Complete Season 1 - just £11.97 @ Amazon !
ER: Complete Season 1 - just £11.97 @ Amazon !

ER: Complete Season 1 - just £11.97 @ Amazon !

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ER: Complete Season 1 - just £11.97 @ Amazon !

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Amazon.co.uk Review : Set in a Chicago County General Hospital, the multi-Emmy winning ER is very much in the tradition established by the earlier Hill Street Blues. Like that series, ER also features a range of strong characters whose personal lives often reflect the turmoil of their working environment. It also similarly features a deft, fast-moving mix of comedy, intrigue and tragedy. It could also be seen as a precursor to The West Wing, in that we regard with some awe the ability of these characters to keep on top of the mounting chaos in their day-to-day lives and the myriad problems thrown at them. In ER, this chaos may mean crack addicts, violent patients tumbling through plate glass screens, vindictive colleagues or a chief of staff who insists that fellow surgeons operate on his sick dog.

The first series is best known for introducing George Clooney to the world as the likable but maverick Dr Ross; the show has often featured star guests such as Sally Field and Ewan McGregor, among others, while several seasons have seen the coming and going of various personnel. However, if one character embodies the strength of ER it's Dr Mark Greene (Anthony Edwards), whose dedication to his job has seen him turn down lucrative and cosier offers in the private sector, and who is an exemplar of decency, selflessness and emotional stability. The episodes dealing with his father's death were among the most moving in the series, touching as they did on a theme never far from ER's surface, that of reconciliation with mortality.


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Contains all 24 episodes from Series 1 of E.R., plus two bonus episodes:

[*]1. 24 Hours (Part 1)
[*]2. 24 Hours (Part 2)
[*]3. Day One
[*]4. Going Home
[*]5. Hit And Run
[*]6. Into That Good Night
[*]7. Chicago Heat
[*]8. Another Perfect Day
[*]9. 9 1/2 Hours
[*]10. E.R. Confidential
[*]11. Blizzard
[*]12. The Gift
[*]13. Happy New Year
[*]14. Luck Of The Draw
[*]15. Long Day's Journey
[*]16. Feb. 5, 1995
[*]17. Make Of Two Hearts
[*]18. The Birthday Party
[*]19. Sleepless In Chicago
[*]20. Love's Labor Lost
[*]21. Full Moon, Saturday Night
[*]22. House of Cards
[*]23. Men Plan, God Laughs
[*]24. Love Among The Ruins
[*]25. Motherhood
[*]26. Everything Old Is New Again

Got this from amazon.COM a while ago for £7. great price for the best series of the show though.
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