E.R. Season 15 £29.71 DVD @ Tesco's instore only!!

E.R. Season 15 £29.71 DVD @ Tesco's instore only!!

Found 11th Oct 2009
E.R.'s final season on DVD only £29.71 instore at Tesco's only. Showing up online as £35+. Thought this was a good deal for the fans like myself who have already purchased the seasons previous when they have come out. Admittidly the full box set with all the seasons in is much better value, but I'm happy now I've finished off my collection. Also double points at Tesco at the moment, so fairly good value. Again, apologies for no link or picture - will get my hubby to show me how when he's not busy!! did a quick search to see if already posted and nothing came up. sorry if someone beat me to it. thanks!!

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