ER- The whole lot on DVD - £58.95 @ ZAVVI

ER- The whole lot on DVD - £58.95 @ ZAVVI

Found 29th Aug 2010Made hot 29th Aug 2010
this could take some time to get through!!


you'd be surprised how quickly you can get through it, i bought mine recently and am already on season 5, also double sided discs so the boxset isnt as big as you'd expect. Less than 4quid a season!!

It currently £59.93 at ASDA but you can use the BH4 code to get another £4 off, so that makes it £55.93

236 hours runtime. I think that is just a tad under a full 10 days of content oO

I think I have the time to jam it in this weekend

I bought this a couple of weeks ago on Amazon for £58 or w.e. it was.

Only half-way through Season 1.

i've never watched ER... But I am really tempted by this!

its £53.95 if u use the £5off zavvi code, bargain i say, and ordered!

great series, watching it in one go does make you appreciate it, the writing, acting, camera work, which was revolutionary at the time, huge massive scenes that was filmed in one go, someone fecks up then they had to start again. 1st episode of season 4 was brilliant, filmed live, they done it twice, for the east and west America. each one slightly different.
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