Eragon : 2 disc Limited Edition DVD with 'Eldest' book sampler £2.84 delivered @ Amazon

Eragon : 2 disc Limited Edition DVD with 'Eldest' book sampler £2.84 delivered @ Amazon

Found 16th May 2010
Cheaper than the cheapest 1 disc version and no free sampler elsewhere too

This limited edition 2 disc DVD comes complete with a booklet containing the first two chapters of ELDEST, the second book in the fantastic INHERITANCE trilogy.
In ELDEST Eragon must travel to Ellesm?, land of the elves, for further training in magic and swordsmanship, the vital skills of the Dragon Rider. It is the journey of a lifetime, filled with awe-inspiring new places and people, each day a fresh adventure. But chaos and betrayal plague him at every turn, and Eragon isnt sure whom he can trust....

Based on the first novel in Christopher Paolini's popular INHERITANCE trilogy, ERAGON is a fantastical adventure in a vein similar to that of the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy and THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA. A classic story of a quest driven by destiny and set in a land where elves, magicians, and humans live side by side, the battle between good and evil, innocence and cynicism, is taken up once again. John Malkovitch camps it up as the evil King Galbatorix, a former guardian of peace who long ago went over to the dark side. He now rules over a land from which dragons have all but disappeared, until humble farm boy Eragon (newcomer Edward Speelers) happens upon a mysterious blue object that turns out to be a dragon egg. Eragon befriends the charming dragon cub, Saphira (voiced with aplomb by Rachel Weisz), and becomes her rider, designating him as the principal warrior in the fight against evil. Jeremy Irons steals the show as the wise and mysterious old man who becomes Eragon's mentor, guiding him through the tasks of saving a princess (Sienna Guillory) battling an evil sorcerer (Robert Carlyle, TRAINSPOTTING), and fending off hordes of the hideous Urgals. All of this will strike the seasoned fantasy viewer as familiar territory, but the formula is given life by veterans Malkovitch and Irons, as well as the young Speelers. The film was shot mostly in Hungary, whose breathtaking landscape combines to great effect with excellent cinematography. The special effects, created by LORD OF THE RINGS' Digital Magic and STAR WARS' Industrial Light and Magic, more than live up to the precedent set by those films, while the dragon is film's true star.
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Great find! Cheers
hot and ordered thanks:)
Bought the single-disc edition for £3 from ASDA yesterday - think I'll be returning it! Thanks.
The price is actually £2.84 on Amazon, and from what I've heard, the movie is really supposed to be average, but still, for what you get, it seems a decent deal.

I've went for it, especially now that Amazon have changed their delivery courier meaning even if your purchases come to under £5, delivery is free!

One star according to Empire - apparently it's just a dragon rip-off of Star Wars. I'm not too sure, but it is a good price for anyone who thinks it's worth it.

Empire Review:…295

Not Expired, still £2.84 and in stock.
I have to say when I read the first book....years ago now! cant remember when it was....I was always hoping for a film to be made of it - but as with most books gone film it was terrible! Missed out too much from the book and changed too many things! but I guess I'm only complaining because I read the book first - the Film on its own is your Average Action/Dragon based film if you read the book first - not a good idea, you'll cry yourself to sleep every night for the rest of your life - But still Hot! :P

p.s When the hell is book 4 of the "inheritance 'trilogy'" coming out! lol
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