Ergo Mesh Executive Chair  £139.99 STAPLES 50% Off

Ergo Mesh Executive Chair £139.99 STAPLES 50% Off

Found 20th Aug 2013
Work in good conditions thanks to this office chair
Luxury mesh back executive chair
Breathable seat pad
Multi-adjustable lumbar function
Soft padded height adjustable armrests
Multi-adjustable headrest
Weight tension control
Gas lift height adjustment
Requires self assembly
Seat size: (w)530 x (d)500mm
Back size: (h)650mm (with headrest 8500mm) x (w)530mm
Seat height: 460 - 540mm
Hourly Usage: 24 Hours – Designed to endure multiple users around the clock
Maximum user weight: 24 stone
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These are amazing, you can alter everything, including the base of your spine, the height and tilt of the headrest, the height and tilt of the main seat and even the arms go up and down. Totally supportive and breathable, I'm sitting on one now.
looks good and chairs from staples arent the cheapest but are well made...currently still gave a mint condition fully working 16 year old 90.00 chair from staples
I'm not sure the ones they sell now are the same as 16 years ago.
But ikea chairs are a but sucky. That's my contribution to the conversation
Quidco has 10% cashback for a limited time and free next day delivery
I'm actually really interested in getting a chair like this, is this not good value? given the cold votes?, any "Hot" alternatives?
This is an Eliza Tinsley or something.... its on Amazon too for a lot cheaper. The quality is very poor though.

This is an Eliza Tinsley or something.... its on Amazon too for a lot … This is an Eliza Tinsley or something.... its on Amazon too for a lot cheaper. The quality is very poor though.

£160 Amazon…ley
We bought two of these chairs about 3 weeks ago in-store from our local Staples, I don't remember them being advertised as 50% off and they were around this price. I can't find the receipt but maybe they were reduced, I'm not sure.

We tried the display model out and it seemed okay (although they didn't have many in-store so there wasn't that much choice), and took two home. Assembling one was relatively painless, although we put the seat around back to front even though there is a sticker telling you which way to do it - not sure how that happened!

My girlfriend sat in it for a day or two and I was too lazy to assemble my own so it remained in a box at the top of the stair case. She started to complain that the tiny pad for the small of your back didn't really move very far to accommodate tall/short people and even when you got it almost in the correct position; the wheel to lock it in place was a bit weak and didn't give you any confidence it would stay in position. Also she said it made her bum hurt if she sat in it too long!

I was a bit annoyed to tell you the truth because we'd tested it in the store and we both were happy with it, and I had a bit of a go I'm sorry to say - why did we buy them if they're not right, etc. Anyway I swapped her new chair with my old one, to see what she was talking about. Well, I have never sat in a more uncomfortable chair in my entire life. Anywhere under 30 minutes is fine (about the length of time you would sit on it in the store!) but slowly a dull ache starts to creep into your bum, like when you've been sat down for way too long and need a good leg stretch - think being trapped in the cinema in cramped seating, or on a flight, and knowing you have a few hours until you can have a good walk-about! I had to get up and stretch my legs, that's how bad it was! The aches went away, and then returned again almost as soon as I sat down!

I'm really not sure what the problem was. The cushions seemed well padded - certainly a lot better than my old chair (also from Staples), but this one was terrible! To cut a long story short we left the other one boxed up and returned them both to Staples. Thankfully we kept all the packaging and receipt (and they did ask for both) and we are for the moment using my old chair and a chair from the dining table. Still not sure what our problem was with this chair, but I did feel sheepish after having a go at my partner and then not being able to get on with the chair myself!

I haven't voted either way as this may be a good deal, this is just my experience with this chair.
That's a bit like complaining that you had the same ham sandwiches all week for lunch, then letting us know that you make your own lunches.
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