ErgoFlex Sale Now On

ErgoFlex Sale Now On

Found 12th Jul 2009
Doing some research as looking to buy a memory foam mattress. Found this company which seems to have some very decent reviews.
Just as well as they're having a decent sale!


Interesting to see Ergo Flex proudly displaying a prestigious BestBuy accolade, as awarded by the 'Memory Foam Buyers Guide'. Even more interesting to note that the domains for both their sites were registered on exactly the same day and through the same registrar. Quite the coincidence! :whistling:

really expensive...
i can highly recommend these guys on eBay, i bought a 12 inch thick double from these £140 delivered. Brilliant sleep ever since.

They definately are not expensive for what they are. There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding out there. For example, they had a Single Mattress (not topper) 21cm depth (9cm Memory Foam plus 12 cm Normal Foam), with density of 85kg/m2, all for £229. Cheaper toppers will be 7 cm of Memory foam only with a density of about 45kg/m2. Clearly there is a huge difference in quality here.
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