ERNESTO Mini Chopper £3.99 @ Lidl

ERNESTO Mini Chopper £3.99 @ Lidl

Found 1st Feb 2016
ERNESTO Mini Chopper for vegetables, herbs, nuts and more.

@ Lidl

I think for that price is worth to give it a go.
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bought one that looked just like that for a few quid more from TK Maxx about 4 or 5 years ago. Was a nice gadget but not perfect. Was a pain to clean as herbs stick to the blades. Never used it on veg but I guess this would be easier to clean off.
Is this national or store specific?
It's not worth bothering with this type of chopper. Look for the ones where you pull and that spins blades, they require less effort, less cleaning and take up less space.

Something like this one:…hop
No thanks i've already got a mini chopper, i think thats what the missus said anyway.

Is this national or store specific?

​that's national
"Get to the chopper!"
I already have a mini chopper.

Ohhh bless you for that product recommendation! I am badly affected by … Ohhh bless you for that product recommendation! I am badly affected by OsteoArthritis throughout my body and though I love to cook I am finding it harder and more painful by the day now to be able to prep all the Fruit and Veg necessary for even the most basic of meals. I have considered these Mini Choppers for some time but hesitated over their prices and rubbish reviews. The price on the Amazon one is more than reasonable when held up against so many excellent and highly rated reviews so I'm buying one right now! Thank you so much for just making an important part of my life so much easier and hopefully also pain-free in future and enjoyable again ... x

Good luck, Suzy.
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