Ernie Ball Super/Regular/Power Slinky (3 pack) + Free Delivery @ Amazon from £12.68
Ernie Ball Super/Regular/Power Slinky (3 pack) + Free Delivery @ Amazon from £12.68

Ernie Ball Super/Regular/Power Slinky (3 pack) + Free Delivery @ Amazon from £12.68

Best price I have seen for these top selling strings…

Ernie Ball is the leading premium guitar string manufacturer. Ernie Ball products can be found in over 130 countries and are used by countless renowned artists. Ernie Ball was an American entrepreneur, musician, and innovator, widely acclaimed as a revolutionary in the development of guitar-related products.

With the guitar-based rock revival of the 1960s, Ball noticed that beginning students were having difficulty playing the bestselling Fender #100 medium gauge strings, particularly in holding down or bending the stiff 29-gauge third ("G") string. At the time, it was common for a set of strings to have a "wound" third string. He approached the Fender company with the problem, suggesting a lighter gauge but was rebuffed. Ball convinced a string manufacturer to make him custom sets with a 24-gauge third string which he sold in his store. It was the beginning of the Ernie Ball brand. Located not far from Hollywood, the store began to attract a large patronage of professional musicians, including The Beach Boys, Merle Travis, and The Ventures. Ball also began to notice the practice of "slack stringing" among players who discarded the bottom sixth string and added a banjo first string on top. This resulted in an overall lighter gauge set with a plain third string. Again, he contacted Fender with a suggestion for a lighter set and was turned down. He then approached Gibson, who also turned him down. So, once again he ordered from the manufacturer naming the product the Ernie Ball Slinky. "Slinky" strings traveled the country with the pro musicians who used them and before long, Ball was receiving mail orders from individuals and stores. Still not a string company, he ordered separate strings in various sizes and displayed them in a makeshift case allowing musicians to experiment in creating their own sets. It took off, and in 1967 he sold the store and moved his string business to Newport Beach, California.

Ernie Ball did not create anything new — he simply saw a demand and improved upon existing products and found ways to better fulfill market demands. By the early 1970s he took the company global by establishing distributors in Europe and Asia. Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend,and other rock icons were stringing up Slinkys, a trend that continues into the present, making Ernie Ball the second biggest string manufacturer in the country. He was unorthodox in his management methods, disregarding market surveys, preferring instead to test products in the marketplace to see if they would succeed. He regarded profit-and-loss as necessary evils and trusted his instincts. In the early eighties the company bought the Music Man Company, expanding into the production of high quality guitars, basses and amplifiers with Leo Fender making the instruments and Tom Walker building amps.

In 1985, the company was moved to a new facility in San Luis Obispo and remained there with all of it operations until early 2003, when the company relocated its string manufacturing to Southern California’s Riverside County. Under his leadership it grossed more than $40 million per annum. The company established an annual Battle of the Bands contest and participated in other trade events nationwide.

Today Ernie Ball Slinkys are used by many world famous guitar players. A very small sampling of these guitarists includes: Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Angus Young, Dave Murray, Paul Gilbert, Slash, Buckethead, Billie Joe Armstrong, Juan Alderete, DJ Ashba, Jeff Beck, The Edge, John Fogerty, Synyster Gates, Janick Gers, Steve Vai, Tommy Kessler, Kirk Hammett, James Hetfield, Albert Lee, John Mayer, Dave Navarro, Scott George Huckabay, Brad Paisley, John Petrucci, Omar Rodríguez-López, Mick Thomson, Chris Broderick, Daron Malakian, Curt Kirkwood, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, and Tom DeLonge.


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coated strings are the future

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Whys that then? Currently I have the DR Neon Rocksmiths on

i like the elixir nanoweb

they are coated which makes them last longer and the tone stays better for longer
those coloured ones the colour comes off pretty quick

are you playing rocksmith then? you can get custom songs at customsforge.com
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They are meant to be good, I've been thinking of trying a coated set.

Yeah the color comes off quick, a few specs came off when I was turning the higher strings even. So I am not going to use a plec with them, they are a bit stiff yet too. I don't mind the flaking as they were cheap and I bought them as a learning tool. They are only painted! They look cool too though, UV reactive…

I was playing it until I broke a string. Only put these on last night so, need to get back into it. Must check out the customs cheers, RS selection not the best as is
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