Erotic Naked Female in Basque Design On Giftboxed China Mug Amazon £2.99

Erotic Naked Female in Basque Design On Giftboxed China Mug Amazon £2.99

Found 3rd Aug 2010
RRP: £14.99
Price: £2.99
Technical Details
Measures 3 inches tall with a 3 inch wide rim
Made by Old Tupton Ware with a James Bentley design on both sides
Comes presented in giftbox so a great gift idea anyone who appreciates the female form
In stock at Amazon ready for immediate despatch!
Remember if you want one do not think about it, it will either sell out or go up in price


3" wide rim...!!!

why has this filth been expired? its still out there

Down with this sort of thing!

Blimey, I say something about giving a male friend a rude mug (which I censored myself) and it gets deleted. Yet there's links everywhere to Bitterwallet?! Mods, again?

As I said earlier, I'd have liked the Miss Whiplash mug if it was £2.99. I've stated before, if anyone has any issues with any of my posts I'd like a PM or a comment, not the nazi behind the monitor style rubbish. That's how other forums operate. Fairly.

And also, this (shock, horror) has an image of a woman showing nipples an wearing a corset on a ceramic mug. Talk about being contradictory. And there's posts for fleshlights, etc..

Edited by: "louiselouise" 3rd Aug 2010

But why has nobody posted a larger image - it's hardly British, where would 'The Sun' be if this sort of thing continues.
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