Escada Taj Sunset Eau de Toilette 100ml Better than half price at Superdrug £24

Escada Taj Sunset Eau de Toilette 100ml Better than half price at Superdrug £24

Found 20th Jul 2017
I was trying out a variety of Escada fragrances in different stores in Romford today and came across this offer in Superdrug.

It claims to be £50 usually, and, although you could probably get it cheaper than that, you would be very hard pushed to get it for £24 elsewhere for this size bottle. This is more the price for the 30ml size.

It's not to everyone's taste, I'm sure, (I bought it) but it did seem like a nice fresh fruity summer smell and the staff assured me it was only that price because it was new to them and would be going up to the full price soon.

(They did have other reduced 'new' perfumes but they were a bit tricky to find on the website, try this page…ies if you want to see)

Escada Taj Sunset encapsulates tropical exuberance and vivacity with opening fruity notes of blood orange, Alphonso mango and nectarine, blending into middle notes of water lily and lotus. The gentle woody base notes include musk, coconut and sandalwood. Wear this vivacious, romantic scent to attract attention where ever you go

"ESCADA Taj Sunset conjures an idyllic moment of dancing barefoot on a picturesque beach in Goa – think beautiful white sand, palm trees swaying and a perfumed breeze awakening the senses as the sun begins to set. As the warm, balmy evening descends, chilled out tunes float through the air, easing the assembled groups of colourful international revellers into a night of exotic summer hedonism."

Who writes this stuff?

This was actually a limited edition in 2011 but is still very much on sale and at the full price.

I have read different online views that vary from 'this is my second bottle' & 'the scent lasts all day' to 'it is lovely, but the scent doesn't last' so make your own mind up, I guess. I remember as a young girl (yes, yes, I can remember back that far, thank you!) being told that if you could smell a perfume on yourself then it was too strong, I wonder if that still applies...
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Great price..only bought one!! Thanks
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