Eset NOD32 Antivirus, 3 licenses, plus £1 MP3 credit £16.99 @ Amazon (Eset Smart £21.99)

Eset NOD32 Antivirus, 3 licenses, plus £1 MP3 credit £16.99 @ Amazon (Eset Smart £21.99)

Found 2nd Jun 2013
I run this antivirus, both for home and work, and this price is a bargain, especially for 3 P.C's. It has a very light footprint, so for older machines it's not as CPU draining as something like Kaspersky, especially noteable on boot up times. It also includes any virtual machines you are running on 1 P.C, and Amazon are also throwing in a £1 MP3 credit.
P.S - Although it states NOD32 Antivirus 5, the software will update automatically on your system to Antivirus 6. I know this, as I bought 5, and my system updated to 6 some months ago.
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Great A.V. program, thanks.
I've been a loyal user of ESET for years. Would not use any other AV software (and I've tried loads).Hot price.
They are not as good as they used to be in the past.
I find them to be very good. Long term user here.
Fantastic spot, well done mate. Just ordered a copy for the wife, she's been nagging me to buy her this for ages, kept putting it off every month.

Voted HOT !!!!!
Yup highly recommended here too. Voted hot.
Great price, we use this at work and I use it at home great anti virus software Heat added
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Sure I had this for free at one point, must have been a trial or something because I have AVG now.
Good antivirus, buy other mcaffee, bulldog, norton and all that rubbish
so your only paying for 1 year?
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Yes, but covers 3 P.C's.
I started to use Norton Antivirus in late 90's. For something about 4 years I was convinced that it is a very good antivirus. But then I started to have many viruses infections (dorm life ) so Norton wasn’t good enough. I changed it to Kaspersky and that was huge difference. After a while I noticed that my free space on HDD is gone. It happened because when you scan your computer Kaspersky always unzip compressed data to TEMP folder but quite often it forgot to clear TEMP after scan plus it use lots of ram and processor. I spoke with my friend in 2008 – he's using Kaspersky in he's company- and after almost 10 years Kaspersky still had that problem. I don’t know if that problem exist now but I wouldn’t take Norton for free, simple AVG or Avast is better, and Kaspersky is way better but it has some minuses. After Kaspersky I started to use ESET AV and then ESET Smart Security. And it’s perfect (especially when they sold me 3 years license for 3 PCs in price of 1 year version :D:D )

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Long term user here too, just renewed after 3 years. Much better than free options at this price imo.

They offer 50% off for students with emails as well.
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is this for one years of updates?
It's for a one year subscription, 3 licenses. When installed it updates immediately to NOD32 Antivirus 6, current version.
Eset smart security on amazon is only £5 more than this. I've gone for that, but heat anyway.
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