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Asus ROG Strix GL702ZC Gaming laptop £899.97 Asus Shop
Found 1st JanFound 1st Jan
Not really read up much on the AMD processors or gpus, does this seem a good deal? AMD Ryzen 5 1600 / 3.2 GHz Max Turbo Speed 3.6 GHz Hexa Core Processor 8GB RAM, 1TB+256GB SSHD… Read more

Good spec for a laptop. A little expensive yes but for the screen size and quality it's actually ok. The screen also supports free sync which is a nice little bonus. Heat! :D


Woah, this is basically a desktop computer in a laptop :p


Plus there's room to upgrade the cpu when needed in the future, it's running a desktop processor which can be changed, extra ram slot for adding extra ram I'm half tempted to get it myself, I'm just holiding out on the next gen 20 series graffics cards to come out and hopefully drop prices of the 10 series gtx laptops




I gotta be honest, after posting it late last night, I read reviews on it this morning, apart from a poor battery life which isn't important to me, it's actually got some good reviews comparing it to Intel machines with the gtx 1060 it did really well. So for a 17" screen as a gaming machine I thought it was a good deal tbh Most gtx 1060 machines are around £1k at the moment.

Asus VivoBook L403NA 14" FULL HD Light Weight Laptop Intel Pentium, 4GB RAM, 64GB EMMC (Grade A Refurb) (Sold by ASUS)
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Intel Pentium N4200 / 1.1 GHz Max Turbo Speed 2.5 GHz Quad Core Processor 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage 14" Full HD Display (1920 x 1080) Resolution Integrated Intel HD Graphics Window… Read more

No teleporter either. ;) Heated


Incidentally, anyone know why these cheaper, lighter laptop don't have an extra slot for SSD. Something tells me it's to do with licensing agreements but some of the lesser known Chinese brands like Teclast, Jumper and Chuwi have them but shame you have to import these.


For me both benefits - and it does have USB-C. If it had an open M.2 slot I'd be all over this.


Don't mind him, he's just a meme :D


If you're implying the title is misleading then report it rather than spamming "No touchscreen , no usb c" on deals that clearly don't have it. Or learn a few verbs and adverbs to make your comments less offensive

ZenBook UX433FA-A6061T 14" Full HD NanoEdge Screen Laptop (Intel Core I5-8265U, 8GB RAM, 256GB PCI-E SSD) - £999.99 @ ASUS Shop
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Thinking of refreshing my old ZenBook from 2015 and saw this on ASUS Black Friday deals page! Love the new design with the slim edges but also looks like you can get a free bluetoo… Read more

Why it in the Free Section? its not FREE (mad)


A grand for an i5? Really not worth it better off getting an xps

Asus Vivobook K570UD. 15.6" I5 8th gen at ASUS for £599.99
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
ASUS VivoBook K570UD-DM276T 15.6" Full HD Laptop (Intel Core i5-8250U, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, NVidia GTX 1050 Graphics, Windows 10) Intel Core i5 (8th Gen) 8250U 1.6GHz Max Turbo 3.… Read more

My daughter's arrived in time for Christmas, it's a good laptop, does everything she needs, smart looking bit of kit, it does come with a backlit keyboard 👌🏻


Same, I got the despatch email about 3 hours after delivery. Nice clear keyboard, with decent feel to it.


Mine arrived today, out of the blue. Didn’t even know it had been despatched ! It does have a backlit keyboard.


I ordered mine Sat, so should be here by Friday then, agw. (y)


I haven't had mine yet. Ordered on Friday, but does say 3-5 business days for delivery with next day delivery after dispatch. Taking a little longer than I hoped but going to wait a couple of days more before getting in contact with them.

ASUS ZenFone 4 Unlocked 4G LTE @ Asus DIrect
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Seems like a very good price for a well reviewed mid-level phone. Normally £229.99 and around £200 elsewhere
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Thanks for this waiting for my RN4 to die


Good point, completely forgot about the lack of NFC. I never even knew that it had OIS, that's really good. The Redmi does have electronic stabilisation but it's no replacement for OIS It very much depends on what you want


I think for some people having NFC , reversible usb type -c and camera with OIS would sway it towards this phone. Both amazing devices for the price.


Redmi note 5 is better, it was £159 yesterday but it's at £166 + a potential £5 off on Amazon today. I bit the bullet yesterday at £154 with the £5 off Heat added as it's a good deal, especially considering the USB C. Asus bloatware is a downside though


If you can't stretch your budget any further and want a brand new phone from UK/UE distribution then this + Xiaomi redmi note 5 + Xiaomi mi a2 should be on your shortlist.

Black Friday LEAK: ASUS NovaGo 2in1 (Snapdragon, 6GB RAM, 128GB, 360 Touchscreen w/ 24GB SIM) was £699 now £399.99 NOW LIVE @ ASUS UK
Refreshed 23rd Nov 2018Refreshed 23rd Nov 2018
Blinding price drop on this 2 in 1 from tomorrow as part of the Black Friday Sales over at the ASUS UK Store. Worlds first Gigabit 4G LTE Laptop, and includes a 24GB Data Sim. Usi… Read more

Too many folks with their eyes on new laptops for the gift-giving season. The Latitudes and Thinkpads tend to be for corporate buyers who don't really notice the passing of Black Friday. I had a really quick look at some of the Lenovo Thinkpad T models and, aside from build of course, they're quite similar to the Dell Latitude. However, and this may just be because I looked at a fairly limited cross-section of Thinkpads, they seemed to be a bit more expensive than the Latitude models of similar specifications. The models I mentioned previously, like the Lenovos, all bear 14.1" screens, but otherwise seem to be a bit better featured for the money. For instance, there's a surprising number of laptops with M processors (versus the less powerful but more energy-efficient U processors of the same generation) that were available for less than £200. They're off lease, so some are a bit battered, and maybe the Lenovos are in a little better shape overall but they didn't seem to be that much better given the price difference. But, in the end, I suppose it comes down to the triumvirate of price vs. performance vs. availability. The E6440 that I bought has an i5-4310m processor and came with 8gb of RAM which, between the two, means that programs like Photoshop, Lightroom, and InDesign all run pretty well, even when spread across the screen and an external monitor. I got extremely lucky and paid under £200 so I was able to install a solid-state drive without going over what I had budgeted for the whole kit and kaboodle. There's also the malware/spyware incident from a few years ago to consider but I imagine that's been dealt with by now, it's just left a bad impression. Having said all that, however, I think I saw the Lenovo you're talking about, Umar_Khan, and it does look quite nice! And ultimately, I'm not the leading authority on laptops, I've just done a little looking this week. You have to go with what's going to make you happy. It's hard to get anything useful done when you're forced to use something you're not really comfortable with! Probably the best advice I can give, though, is don't buy *this* laptop as Snapdragons just shouldn't be kept behind Windows! (unicorn)


I did not see any thinkpad deals! That said, it would have to be amazing to stop me from getting a Ebay refurb. I feel you just get so much more for your money over something brand new. The thinkpad Ts are supposed to be solid machines so I dont really see a whole lot going wrong with a refurb/used unit. Good luck! 😁


Just saw your comment after posting mine, looks like we want similar laptops. That's good, makes me think I'm on the right track looking at the Thinkpad 450s myself. :) The best Thinkpad deals right now aren't linked to Black Friday deals/ending soon are they? :S


Can anyone suggest a laptop which is more £200-300? Doesn't need to be amazing, just light and not sluggish for day to day task. About a 14" screen. Would mainly be used for general web browsing web design or Gamemaker or possibly Unity (but that isn't a necessity). Doesn't need to be able to play games smoothly. :) More info: Removable battery would be good but I guess that's not the norm. Ideally a nice trackpad, that is more important to me than a nice screen (although that would be good). My best option seems to be a refurb Thinkpad, like a 450s? My current laptop 2009 Unibody Macbook is too slow, and also too heavy. :( Don't want to splash out too much as I have a good desktop PC and mainly work at home; any laptop I get will probably have its battery fail before I can get lots of use out of it. That being said, I don't want a laptop so sluggish or heavy that I don't bother going out to co-work/attend game jams at all!


bunch of crap gaming laptop deals today

ASUS ROG Gaming Phone ZS600KL - £699.99 @ ASUS
Found 16th Nov 2018Found 16th Nov 2018
Save £100 when preordering the ASUS ROG Phone from ASUS. EXCLUSIVE PRE-ORDER PROMOTION 6" IPS FHD+ Full View Display (2160x1080) 90Hz, 1ms response time AMOLED display Octa-… Read more
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You don't understand sarcasm or what?


Yes, says so it the title :/


Looks descent


"Gaming phone"...


Looks good this, check out the following link ROG PHONE

ASUS VivoBook 15 X540UA 15.6" Full HD Laptop (Intel I5-8250U, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Windows 10 Pro) £539.99 @ Asus Shop
Found 13th Nov 2018Found 13th Nov 2018
Hello there, This is my first deal what I share here. I found a good laptop for buying. Hopefully it can help someone. For this price is a great product, I think.

Does anyone know how easy it would be to add a further 4gb ram to this ?


You really don't need a laptop this powerful for Browing and light office use


No only occasional. Is it an issue??


Any heavy excel work?


General use only,internet ,office 2016

Asus FX504GD-E4603T £669.99 @ Asus Shop
Found 3rd Sep 2018Found 3rd Sep 2018
Thought this was a really good bang for its buck, GTX 1050 with i5 and 16GB for £669. If you click the link and scroll down, there's another laptop with even better specs for £999.… Read more
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You might want to consider changing the deal title as a FX504GD-E4603T could be anything.


Morning folks. Could anyone point me in the direction of a good gaming laptop maximum budget £1000. Thanks.


Very poor spec for the money. Regularly get 1060s cropping up on here for around a hundred pounds more.


not really, a 2gb gpu is no longer sufficient and shouldnt be classed as a 'gaming laptop' No deal, sorry.


comes with crappy tn panel. Washed out colours.

£50 off New Zenfone 5 Pre-Order when code used + FREE Delivery £299.99 @ Asus
Found 20th May 2018Found 20th May 2018
£50 off New Zenfone 5 Pre-Order when code used + FREE Delivery £299.99 @ Asus
£299.99£34914%ASUS Shop Deals
I've been waiting for official UK stock and Asus themselves now have it available for pre-order. Not ordered myself yet, waiting for payday then I'll be all over this. This phone … Read more

Wow, that is amazingly poor they don't know themselves! (cheeky)


Just worked for me, might have been a blip!


just tried to use code and not


You would like to think that but even asus uk dont know!!


How come you want to switch?

Found 22nd Feb 2018Found 22nd Feb 2018
ROG has teamed up with Fatshark Games to offer ROG fans the chance to participate in the closed BETA for the awesome, upcoming first-person co-op game, WARHAMMER: VERMINTIDE 2. 1… Read more
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Sorry, the promotion you tried to access has ended


Thanks :D

valgir Here is simpler and faster. 3 Steps only, no account needed. Cheers!




This for Steam?

Intel i7 8700K and Asus Z370-P Prime mobo bundle @ £443.92 / £403.92 with cashback! at Participating Dealers
Found 22nd Jan 2018Found 22nd Jan 2018
Asus are currently doing a cashback promotion on selected CPU and motherboard combinations which include the latest i7 8700K and i5 8600K CPUs and Z370 motherboards. This is a real… Read more

Has anybody received cashback from this promotion? I've heard nothing and the promotion pages look to have disappeared. Edit: Paid successfully on 29/05/2018.


Just had a response from Asus: Hello, thanks for your email. Both products can be bought from different participating dealers, as long as they are located in your participating promotion area. ---- Best Regards, Your ASUS Promotion-Team :)


Did you hear anything back from Asus? I emailed their promotions inbox a few days ago asking if both motherboard and CPU have to be purchased from the same retailer but not had a reply yet.


Yea, I'm looking at an OEM CPU that has Total Warhammer 2 + Assassins Creed Origins and is £10 cheaper than the retail, so whatever they say will certainly affect my purchase. Was hoping to order today to have it for the weekend, but I can't see that happening now :(


**Just read through the terms and conditions on ASUS and doesn't mention anywhere about OEM or Retail CPU. Also mentions bundles so can't see them not honouring the cashback** Noticed last night that Scan are selling the OEM CPU with their bundle. Not bought it yet but will need to reconsider if the cashback isn't eligible because of this. They have the cashback offer plastered all over the bundle deals so will be disappointed if ASUS say its no eligible.

ASUS Transformer 3 Pro T303UA 12.6" 2-in1 Laptop Tablet Core i5-6200U 4GB, 256GB £549 @ Save On Laptops
Found 2nd Dec 2017Found 2nd Dec 2017
ASUS Transformer 3 Pro T303UA 12.6" 2-in1 Laptop Tablet Core i5-6200U 4GB, 256GB £549 @ Save On Laptops
Intel Core i5 (6th Gen) 6200U 2.3 GHz Max Turbo 2.8 GHz Processor 4GB RAM, 256GB SSD 12.6" Touchscreen WQHD+ Display (2880 x 1620 Resolution) Intel HD 520 Graphics … Read more

Asus rant coming...well just assume the worst,won't be far off.


That's a much better deal (y) (y) (y)


same unit but new for less:


6th gen processor @ £570! No for me

Up to £90 cashback when purchasing select motherboards & CPUs @ ASUS
Found 6th Sep 2017Found 6th Sep 2017
Up to £90 cashback when purchasing select motherboards & CPUs @ ASUS
Purchase a qualifying bundle during the promotional period 28th August - 30th September 2017. You have to complete the claim form on the website after the 26th of September

Had two Asus cashback claims rejected, reasons given were boll*cks. Such as 'no receipt' when a perfectly attached receipt was included. Good luck with getting any money out of these buffoons.


No ryzen no byzen


also remember you might be able to combine with this deal I posted for GPU+mobo

Asus Motherboard + GPU combo - up to 85GBP cashback
Found 22nd Aug 2017Found 22nd Aug 2017
Asus Motherboard + GPU combo - up to 85GBP cashback
Well, another August, another cashback deal from Asus In March (2017 & 2016) they offered a separate cashback on GPUs (GTX 1070 or GTX 1080) and on motherboards. This time it's… Read more
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You can find a list at the bottom of this page :


More like good luck finding a deal where the £85 isn't just swallowed by stupid GPU prices.


Good luck finding the "SELECTED DEALERS" the website sent me on a right goose chase and I am still none the wiser


Asus motherboards (Intel chipsets) up to £40 cash back, and nvidia cards up to £50 back from Asus
Found 19th Mar 2017Found 19th Mar 2017
Asus motherboards (Intel chipsets) up to £40 cash back, and nvidia cards up to £50 back from Asus
Just found this - thought it'd be useful for some system builders Z270 or X99 Intel chipsets only (sorry Ryzen fans) Models MAXIMUS IX Apex £ 40 MAXIMUS IX Code £ 40 MAXIMUS IX F… Read more
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Thanks for that!



Does anyone have a working link for the cash back?


Has the portal gone live for this yet? I tired and it still wasn't working :/


I had a suspicion it may be something like that but was too lazy to bother looking into it. Thanks for taking the time to clarify :)

ASUS Zenfone 4 (A400CG) 1GB RAM 8GB ROM Black £44.50 at Asus
Found 8th Nov 2016Found 8th Nov 2016
ASUS Zenfone 4 (A400CG) 1GB RAM 8GB ROM Black £44.50 at Asus
Asus are having a bit of a clearout. * Yes I know 8Gb is nowhere near enough, but people seem to like this "backup phone" concept here * 1GB RAM is apparently enough despite your… Read more
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I agree - i bought 2 of these zenfone 4, but the A450CG (better specs than this one) for £57.00 each, for my partner's nan and my mum and these phone are perfect for them, and the bonus with these phones is the fact that they are dual-sim phones. :)


When people are posting £1 cushions of a dollop of poo with a smiling face on it : perspective please.


There's different levels of phone use though. I'm a heavy user so this phone wouldn't be enough for me but I have an Xperia X which I can't see myself replacing any time soon. But my mum still struggles with the basics as do plenty of people who would just need to text and call on it - so for them this level of phone would be perfectly decent.


I bought one of these bluboo picasso last year still going strong with the 2gb ram and 16gb internal memory enough space for apps and games. But the asus ur gunna have issues with 1gb ram and 8gb storage. And every android updates gunna make ur storage go smaller and smaller


Throwing "decent spec" at a phone does not automatically a good phone make. But by all means, keep on believing. :)

ASUS (or MSI) Motherboard cash back - up to £35 off @ multiple retailers
Found 30th Mar 2016Found 30th Mar 2016
ASUS (or MSI) Motherboard cash back - up to £35 off @ multiple retailers
BUILDER'S DEAL As an update to my previous deal for the ASUS Z170i Pro Gaming ITX motherboard at 119.99,… Read more
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no problem in vader we trust


now that is nice and alot cheaper too! Can fit my GFX card in there too, surprisingly :)


Yep that case will fit the ITX board (smallest ATX-standard board out there) but if you're looking for a real steal try the Antec ISK600 ITX case. It's only 30 on, and is very quiet


I want on of these: the ASUS Z170i Pro Gaming ITX motherboard seems a good fit right? If so, Bargain and sold! Have some Heat OP :)


Edit: MSI is also offering some cash back if you purchase an MSI motherboard and graphics card I can't really recommend MSI from personal experience, but some system builders like them

5GB free Asus web storage when you sign up to forums vip.asus .com
Found 6th Feb 2016Found 6th Feb 2016
5GB free Asus web storage when you sign up to forums vip.asus .com
Signed up because I do have Asus bits, but it send me the invitation for storage without having to register any device

Its posted under freebies not deals.


Not a deal, 5GB by default

ASUS ZenFone 5 (A500KL) / 2GB / 16GB HDD / 4G / Black £99 @ Asus
Found 18th Dec 2015Found 18th Dec 2015
ASUS ZenFone 5 (A500KL) / 2GB / 16GB HDD / 4G / Black £99 @ Asus
CPU Qualcomm MSM8926 QuadCore 1.2GHz Operating System Android 4.4 (KitKat ) with ZenUI Memory 2GB Display 5inches, HD 1280x720, IPS with Capacitive Multi touch panel Corning® Gori… Read more
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If same model, now £99.99 at Currys


​Already has it, you can download from the ASUS website


Good phone Will this get update to lollipop?


Nnnnnooooooooo im thinking the same , my CC is being bashed abit tooooo much am defo going to but two so i can get section 75 my only res is what @orig says about non-replaceable battery like my new windows phone if they get back to you ask maybe how long warranty for battery as is a "consumable" (_;)


totally agree with you and think i will order it tomorrow as its for my sons xmas and dont think it will be delivered in time. but i reckon its a good buy at £99 plus a 2 year warranty. already sent asus an email earlier today to ask about delivery time but no reply yet.