Espresso Coffee Machine £39.99 @ Dunelm Mill

Espresso Coffee Machine £39.99 @ Dunelm Mill

Found 2nd Mar 2014
was £59.99 currently £20 off, so decided to go for it. Excellent purchase makes lovely hot strong coffee and froths milk nicely for a bargain price.
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Does anyone have some long term experience with this machine? If so, how does it hold up?
Have had this since Christmas. Don't use it often as it only make a small espresso and I often want a larger cup (or at least a refill) and it's a little bit of a faff when having to make more than a single cup. That being said the espresso coffee part works OK but the steamer/ water spout isn't that great. Tried heating milk in it for a cappuccino but it didn't really make much of a difference to the milk.
Aye...this really is a very cheap and basic introduction to espresso. Don't expect too much
I accept what people say above, is true in parts, but my main requirement of an espresso machine is that it produces strong hot coffee and this machine has passed that test. On the frothing side I cheat. I use full fat milk, shake carton up and down to froth, put required amount in mug and microwave for 20 seconds and then finish with froth from machine, works for me.
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