Espresso Machine (With cappuccino milk frother) £39.99 @ Lidi

Espresso Machine (With cappuccino milk frother) £39.99 @ Lidi

Found 26th Nov 2009
* Everything you need for an Italian-style coffee experience
* With cappuccino milk frother and crema filter basket for the perfect espresso
* Suitable for use with E.S.E espresso pods or ground coffee
* Powerful 15-bar pump pressure
* 1,100 watt
* Produces 1 or 2 cups
* Easily refillable due to removable water container capacity (L): 1.1
* Includes measuring spoon and filters
* 3 year manufacturer's warranty
* Price per item

Lidl £5 off £30 express newspaper voucher expires 30/11/2009


This gets hot from me because it uses ordinary coffee beans and not those expensive pots. (How am I soppose to use the voucher on the 3rd Dec when it runs out on 30th Nov? LOL)

If you buy the espresso maker get yourself a Stollen cake for £1.99! It's delicious :-)

And have a look at the stainless steel pressure cocker for £29.99. This is very good value for this size. (Perhaps I should list it serarately?)

Pressure Cocker??????

There was a deal posted earlier today for this deal at House of Fraser, but I can't find it now. Anyone? Anyway it's a Hot Deal as it's a Which? Best Buy:…300
OK, it's back again! Maybe Out of Stock now thogh, good luck!…mak

This is an extremely good espresso machine, if perhaps not the best looking. I bought one of these last year and have been waiting for them to come back into stock so that I can get one for work. The plastic body is not particularly attractive, but the mechanical design and construction is excellent. I worked in the coffee industry for over twenty years and can honestly say that the espresso brewed by this machine is as good as you will get from any domestic machine. It doesn't scald the coffee and produces a lovely fine, long lasting crema.

I guess this is instore only? And does the OP know the model number or name of this particular coffee machine?

Silvercrest, a Lidl house brand. Last year the same machine was labeled as Biffinet.
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