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Posted 26 September 2022

ESR Stylus Pen for Touch Screen, iPad Stylus Pen, Palm Rejection, Precise and Rechargeable - £9.85 With Coupon & Code @ YBintech-EU / Amazon

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Looks good this, palm rejection, collect the 16% coupon, and use code V9A8HPRN

  • [Write Smoothly] As precise, fluid, and responsive as a real ipad pencil. The stylus pen with palm rejection function and lets you rest your hand on your iPad without needing a glove.
  • [Tilt Sensitivity] ESR iPad stylus pen like the original apple pencil, adjust the thickness of your lines by just tilting the stylus pen. Perfect size fit for your hand and ideal for taking notes,sketching, drawing and marking up documents.
  • [Long Battery Life] The iPad Pen come with a Micro USB cable and provides 12 hours of active use. Charge 5 minutes for 1 hour of use, charge for 1 hour for a full battery, a good choice for you in the class room and meeting room.
  • [Easy to Use] The Power button of the iPad digital pen located at the end of the stylus pen keeps it from turning off accidentally. No Bluetooth connection pairing needed, just turn on the stylus & start creating.
  • [Wide Compatibility] This stylus pen is only compatible with the iPad Pro (2020/2018), iPad 8 / iPad 7 / iPad 6, iPad Air 4 / iPad Air 3, and iPad mini 5. Not compatible with any other devices.

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  1. Avatar
    Does this work with any Android tablet?
    48304383-NmvIj.jpgAfraid not
  2. Avatar
    Ordered thanks. Will hopefully complement my new ipad pro without spending £££ on apple pen lol

    Fyi i didnt purchase via s&s and still gave me the discount to £9.85 (edited)
    It's useless if you want to use it for proper drawing and painting, touch sensitivity is the whole point of it, which this can't do
  3. Avatar
    But it is showing 14.49 after the code
    There are 2 codes/vouchers. The one the OP added above... V9A8HPRN

    and then the S&S voucher...

  4. Avatar
    additional 16% not showing for me? I assume expired?/.... EDIT

    its 16% off on your first order subscribe & save orders (edited)
  5. Avatar
    Got mine today and in Photoshop it doesn't show the line until you lift the stylus from the screen. It seems this is a Photoshop problem rather than a problem with the pen though. Works fine in notes.
    Also it seems it doesn't work if you have the Apple pencil connected.
  6. Avatar
    Ordered - but who orders a new stylus on S&S every 2 months?? Pen chewers!
  7. Avatar
    Code worked, thanks.
  8. Avatar
    Brilliant! Thanks Switchy
  9. Avatar
    Ordered, thanks
  10. Avatar
    Thanks OP, coupon worked
  11. Avatar
    ThankS OP
  12. Avatar
    Nice one. Thanks!
  13. Avatar
    Brilliant just when my son wants to start drawing on his iPad much cheaper the the 1st gen pencil 
  14. Avatar
    Got it, but only appeared on the 3rd attempt. Which was strange. Now got it for £9.85.
  15. Avatar
    I just bought it - code worked fine 🏻
  16. Avatar
    Thanks. One Christmas Gift sorted
  17. Avatar
    Not working anymore?(confused)
  18. Avatar
    Did not work for me
  19. Avatar
    I can only get it for £14.99
    Ignore that! Missed the code
  20. Avatar
    worth noting it doesn't look like it supports pressure sensitivity..
    I don't think it does as its not connected via Bluetooth.
  21. Avatar
    Is pressure-sensitivity the main difference between this and a proper Apple pencil? Or are there any other reasons to justify buying the Apple one? Genuine quesiton!
    if you draw, then it's a different ball game, a proper ipencil is unmatched
  22. Avatar
    Prob a silly question but does anyone know if this works with Sidecar like the Apple Pencil??
  23. Avatar
    Need to tick the 16% off voucher box prior to checkout then add the voucher code
  24. Avatar
    If I don’t want to use it for drawing is it still useful? Also, I know it doesn’t mention it but will it work with a Lenovo tablet 10? Thanks in advance.
    It will be more suited to Note Taking, than Drawing.

    This one can only be used on Apple iPads48306683-bzgwg.jpg (edited)
  25. Avatar
    Mr switch can you please recommend a pen for Lenovo flex 3 ? I’m struggling to find a pen (edited)
  26. Avatar
    Not compatible with touch sensitivity, so probably good for a kid or writing etc.
  27. Avatar
    Code not working for me anymore
  28. Avatar
    Just bought this. Code worked fine.
  29. Avatar
    £8.40 S&S for me. Thanks OP.
  30. Avatar
    Voted hot, code didn’t work for me though with or without subscribe and save option and only 8 left now.
  31. Avatar
    The code doesnt work
    Probably too late or they've all been used up
  32. Avatar
    Does anyone else have a faulty one? Just wondering if this is a bad batch!
  33. Avatar
    Any deals for something similar?