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Posted 23 August 2023

Lacura Essence of Italy Fragrances (Birmingham)

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Dupes of Acqua di Parma fragrances

Aldi's Essence of Italy Indigo eau de toilette is a dupe of Acqua di Parma's Fico di Amalfi

Essence of Italy nero is the third of the Aldi Fragrances and is a dupe of Oud by Acqua di Parma

Essence of Italy Giallo eau de toilette is a dupe of Colonia by Acqua di Parma



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  1. imty_'s avatar
    I sampled all three and ended up buying the blue and black ones. Here's my thoughts:

    - Giallo - your classic cologne that smells like fresh and clean Italian soap. I don't personally recommend getting it because you can get a big bottle of barbershop cologne off Amazon that has lemon as it's predominant note. But for £5 if you want a bottle in your car to use in a pinch then go for it.

    - Indigo- a 90% similar dupe for Fico di Amalfi. One of my favourites and this is the perfect way for me to save that expensive stuff for special occasions. I picked up a couple bottles of this and the sample on my left wrist has lasted about 4 hours so far. For £5 I'll take that for a typical work day or a date during the spring or autumn.

    -Nero - my favourite of the three. It's not a straight dupe of AdP Oud, it has a bit of AdP Sandalo about it too. I used to have AdP Oud but now wouldn't justify a £140 (on sale) purchase. This is decent and a good one for date nights or formal occasions in the autumn or winter.

    Overall not bad for me. Generally I've preferred Lidl's fragrances to Aldi. They tend to be stronger and higher quality but for £5, grabbing a bottle is a no brainer here.
    swillis93's avatar
    Thanks for this, nice to hear how close they are to the real ones
  2. swillis93's avatar
    These aren’t great in my opinion. Picked them all up last week, yellow one is pure lemon cleaner smell, definitely avoid. Blue one is feminine leaning but myself and wife thought it smelled weird. Black one is masculine and again, something about it just wasn’t great.

    Not sure how close these are to the Aqua Di Parma originals as I haven’t tried them, definitely see if you can try them in aldi before you buy
    crofter's avatar
    Blue one - should be a unisex citrus with a fig note.
    Black one - gentlemanly citrus with a strong almost medicinal woody oud note.
    Yellow one - should be a soapy citrus in a classic barbershop style.
  3. louiselouise's avatar
    Fort William store has these reduced to £2.99 - but only a bottle of Indigo and Giallo were left.

    Unfortunately the Giallo had been opened (box ripped and some perfume sprayed already) so I gave that a miss, though I liked it - a typical lemony barbershop scent, as others say (haven't tried the original Acqua Di Parma EDTs).

    Indigo was sealed so I bought that one, may give it to boyf. Weirdly one of the local newspaper review articles really didn't like it: 'I tested the new Acqua Di Parma dupe fragrances from Aldi and one of them transported me to Italy' - Alexandra Bullard - MyLondon

    I agree that Lidl tends to outperform Aldi (generally) with their scents though I haven't sampled Indigo yet.

    Edit: I can see people reviewing EDTs of these online..my box definitely says EDP. Unless the pre-release packaging / scent was different?51137064-t0dBY.jpg51137064-sNkMt.jpg51137064-A3Eah.jpg (edited)
  4. fedex1401's avatar
    There’s a reason that they are only £4.99.(skeptical)
    hotukbeard's avatar
    I've not tried these ones, but I have about 12 different bottles of various Aldi / Lidl £5 bottles.

    They're great for every day / work day wearing. I do manual work along side driving and a few of them still have a smell on my wrist when I get in. Others wear off after a few hours.

    I basically treat them like cheap lynx, just spray it all over and don't worry about wasting the expensive stuff.
  5. katzinthehouse's avatar
    Picked up the Nero one
  6. imty_'s avatar
    A follow up on the Indigo and Nero fragrances.

    Indigo became my scent of the Summer/Autumn 'not too hot but not too cold' period and was fantastic. The performance is not great but neither is the AdP it's based on. I got about 5 hours out of it with an hour of projection.

    Nero is what I wear as a daily for late afternoons/evenings (I like the fresh-shower-blue fragrances for mornings) and its excellent. Performance lasts again about 5-6 hours but I get 2 hours strong projection.

    If they decide to bring these back with the same quality, I'll be stocking up on a couple bottles each.

    On a side note, I saw the Giallo in the local Aldi a couple days ago and tried it on skin. I stand by my statement that any cheap barbershop fragrance can take its place. Instead of buying that, I'd pay the £10-£12 for a 150ml old school fragrance.
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