ESSENTIALS CDWTT11 Compact Dishwasher - White £69.97 @ Currys (A Rated)

ESSENTIALS CDWTT11 Compact Dishwasher - White £69.97 @ Currys (A Rated)

Found 17th Jul 2013
Dropped even further in price. states 'Last few' . Aval for delivery (2-4 weeks) or R&C

6 place settings
Energy rating: A
Noise level: 55 dB(A)

If you thought you had no room in your kitchen for a dishwasher then think again! The white Essentials CDWTT11 Compact Dishwasher is a remarkably compact machine that will fit neatly on a kitchen worktop to rid you of the tedious chore of washing-up.

With room enough for 6 place settings, the CDWTT11 Compact Dishwasher has adjustable racking to allow you to fit your pots and pans, and useful features such as salt and rinse-aid indicators and 6 programmes including a 30 minute quick wash.
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Ordered one other week - not getting it until friday so didnt want to post deal until i knew if it was any good...

This is only about half the height of mine so im struggling to see how it fits 6 place settings. Also i think this needs to be in a base unit which are not cheap either.
What do you mean by place settings? Is this how many items it can hold or is it to do with draws?

What do you mean by place settings? Is this how many items it can hold or … What do you mean by place settings? Is this how many items it can hold or is it to do with draws?

It's the number of items, so 6 plates, 6 knives, 6 forks, 6 spoons and (probably) 6 cups or bowls in one go.
Hope that helps!
it keeps saying:

Sorry! This item is not available for immediate delivery in your area

CDWTT11 Compact Dishwasher - White

You can try

Remove this product from your basket and then add another item
Or, if necessary, change the delivery address

but managed to reserve one 30 miles from me.
I'm getting the same thing not available for immediate delivery. Shame looked good heat given though good find but think stock is running low now
I have one. It is great tabletop dishwasher. I just put cheap tesco daisy 5-1 tablets and sometimes Magnum tablets. sparkling clean dishes
I have got one this tabletop dishwasher. I use tesco daisy 5 - 1 tablets or magnum tablets gives sparkling clean dishes
Checked up to 200 miles from home and all sold out :-(
Bought a similar one about a year ago when it was 99 quid, so this is an absolute bargain for the price! Btw mine works just fine.
Have got a dishwasher sat in the garage we bought when comet was closing down. Need to find the money to re-do the kitchen already...
Can't find one anywhere
Shame I can't find one anywhere except Runcorn... I live in Kent!!
you always come up with some great deals, well done
I bought a Currys ESSENTIALS CDWTT15 Compact
Dishwasher (Product code: 125972) two and a half months back.

I am writing the review of the product so that I can save at least a
couple of people from going through the stress of owning this small

1. Hard to set up and use - People buy counter-top dishwashers so that
they don't have to go through the additional fitting and plumbing of
their kitchen. Therefore, it is expected that it is easily pluggable
to the kitchen taps. CDWTT15 lacks in this. May I tell you that I
visited 4 DIY stores, spent more than £35 to buy tools and accessories
to fit the inlet water pipe to my kitchen tap (which is the fairly
common kind in the UK). AND, it didn't work. I end up having to
babysit the tap - by closing and opening after 28 minutes and 1 hour
10 minutes when I run the ECO cycle - every single time.

2. Plates don't fit - Despite its size and claim, normal sized dinner
plates don't fit. So, I wash them manually.

3. Does not wash properly - I have tried 5 different salts and 6
dishwasher powders/tablets and I still end up with dirty vessels. I
don't think it is my mistake of not arranging the utensils well. I
have worked with other dishwashers and I am fairly used to them. In
essence, I end up rinsing all the vessels again after they are out of
the dishwasher.

4. Soap dispenser fails - During my 2-month use, the soap dispenser
has failed to open at least 8 times. This results in the tablet still
being whole and lying on the floor of the dishwasher at the end of the
cycle. Needless to say, the vessels turn out exactly as I put them in.

5. Inlet water pipe malfunctions - In some instances, even when the
water supply is on, the intake of water stops midway. I need to
manually close and re-open the tap in order for the water flow to
commence again.

6. Worst customer service on the planet - Emails are not replied to.
Phone calls are not picked - and when picked are cut midway.

I really wanted it to work, and tried all tricks and optimisation to
make it work - that's what took me about 2 months. And, I am set back
by about £200 and a lot of mental energy as a result. I am sorry to
say that I am an unhappy customer. Please spend your money elsewhere!
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