Essie Advent Calendar Was £80 Now £25 at Superdrug Online

Essie Advent Calendar Was £80 Now £25 at Superdrug Online

Found 6th Dec 2017
I've been waiting for this to come down in price. Works out at just over £1 per day.

A 24 day advent calendar containing a fun festive mix of colour, gel couture, care products adding #essielove to your Christmas countdown! Includes 7 nail polishes (a mix of core colour and gel couture), 13 mini nail polishes, 1 mini nail polish remover and three essie mani surprises. Also contains 5 shades exclusive to the calendar.
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Thank you OP! I love when advents are reduced - I buy to split for stocking fillers and presents and it saves me a small fortune
Thank you,
What makes it worth £80 to begin with? Would you not expect mini nail polishes to be £1ish?
There are 7 full size ones that are £8 each on the website. The mini ones are worth about £3 based on the full size ones and you get 13 of them
The original prices of these advent calendars do make me laugh. I though Christmas day was when you are supposed to get presents, not every day of the month before it as well. I'm allergic to milk so as a nipper I used to just get ones that didn't even have chocolates, it's was just the picture. "Ooh look... a donkey". My struggle...
It's a bargain at £25....

It was on the Superdrug "special offers" for £50 with a stated RRP of £80....

So is now 50% off.... great value
5% cash back on Quidco also and a £2.50 bonus aswel!
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Thanks OP for the heads up on this one!
When I first saw your post, it had already sold out, so I stuck it in my wishlist and today it came back into stock in the sale.
I scored one for £9.99 (plus some 49p sweeties to get it home delivered!)
I'll be good and save it for next Christmas!
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