Esso Promotion - Lego City Poly Bags £1.50 with £20 petrol spend/£5 instore

Esso Promotion - Lego City Poly Bags £1.50 with £20 petrol spend/£5 instore

Found 5th Jul 2011
Not the most earth shattering deal of all time but was filling up last night and noticed this. Off on holiday? Then it might keep the little bleeders quiet for a bit!
You have to spend £20 on petrol or £5 in the store then you have a choice of 6 different vehicles. They're not terribly complex but for £1.50 and you're filling up anyway i'd say its a bargain.
Participating stations in link below…pdf
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Damn - wish I had an Esso closer by so i could grab these. Would be pointless going out of my way just to fill up there!
more details here

So are these the type of thing that you get free with the mirror and the record? Not that I'm suggesting that's a negative thing about the deal. I have a son that lives for lego, so all lego under a tenner is a great deal in my world!
highest price petrol in my area.
Difficult not to spend more on petrol £20 these days unless you are filing your lighter! We stopped at an Esso at the weekend and I grabbed one of the Helicopter Packs for myself. 28 but could not resist it :-)

Good deal, got to think it would be a nice treat for a Kid on the way home for someone. Heat.
Trouble is that Esso are always at least 5p/L dearer than everywhere else around here, so I guess they need some way to pull the drivers in. X)
Just put £20 in on my way home and THEn discovered it's only some Esso stations that are participating. There's a list here

However the very nice lady gave me a receipt and suggested I tell a participating station she'd run out. Q&A here suggest I can send a cheque for £1.50 payable to "Malaria No More".

There's no mention of charity in the offer details or terms & conditions but it appears if you apply by post your money goes to charity. I'm now thinking I'll collect 6 receipts, send a cheque for £9 to a worthwhile charity and get all 6 models. My son gets toys, I get to feel good about sending money charity and Esso sell petrol - everyone's a winner!
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