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Get 500 Nectar points worth £2.50 when using the Esso app for the first time
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Posted 2nd JanPosted 2nd Jan
Get 500 Nectar points worth £2.50 when using the Esso app for the first time
Welcome bonus Fancy winning 500 Nectar points? That’s at least £2.50 to spend on making your everyday a little sweeter. Start by making sure your Nectar card is added to your Ess… Read more
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I did 30 litres to be on the safe side and it's come through on the Esso receipt


I assume the normal 5 litres or whatever.


Yes, sorry, I was trying to "quote" both of you, but it only takes the last comment... Anyway, is there a minimum purchase amount to trigger the nectar points? Normally 30 litres for the loyalty plan...


I agree was being sarcastic (cheeky)


How do you think it will hurt you? The ban on phone usage is to do with dropping a phone, the battery falls out, and generates a spark... When was the last time you saw a phone with a removable battery?

Esso Spend £50 or more, get £5 back with Amex (first 18,000 Cardmembers)
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Posted 27th Nov 2019Posted 27th Nov 2019
Esso Spend £50 or more, get £5 back with Amex (first 18,000 Cardmembers)£50
Nice fuel offer from Amex. Save to Card to get a £5 statement credit on an eligible transaction of £50+ in participating Esso locations by 27/12/2019. Valid once per Card for … Read more
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I got the same as you - no shocks Amex dealt with it hassle free. I do wonder what these garages are up to - as i have had the terminal come up with all funny errors at the local one listed,they claim i need to take cash out to pay etc but i refuse, go back later in day and its all fine when i pay on card.


I didn't get mine. So went on chat and they said i didn't go to a participating station. I then went though the list so i didn't make the same mistake, and found the one i went to was participating. So went on chat for a 2nd time - and they manually credited me. Bit of hassle, but worth it.


Strange, maybe a delay. The petrol stations on the list they have as well.


Already have mine. Filled up at a Esso with a Tesco. Went on my statement as Tesco filling station but still credited with £5.


Has anyone had their £5 credit back from this offer yet?

Walkers Stax 170g Crisps - £1 Instore @ Esso (Cuckfield)
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Posted 19th Nov 2019Posted 19th Nov 2019LocalLocal
Walkers Stax 170g Crisps - £1 Instore @ Esso (Cuckfield)£1
Walkers Stax 170g crisps Original, Sour Cream & Onion or Paprika £1.00 at Esso garages. Found in Esso Cuckfield - possible glitch as special offer label shows £1.25 original pr… Read more

Sorry,Pringles, not princes. Auto correct.


Sorry. The ones in Asda are called Snax not Stax and they are Asda's own brand. But, they are thicker than princes and just as good ,if not better. Obviously, people have different tastes, but for 89p, (normal price), you can't go to far wrong g.


I couldn't see these listed on any supermarket except Sainsbury's at £1.85.


These sell for 89p in Asda,in different flavours as well. That is all the time.


I tried the salt and vinegar flavour of these, they reminded me so much of Walkers Squares

Esso App - 2X bonus nectar points - Poss account specific
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Posted 6th Oct 2019Posted 6th Oct 2019
Esso App - 2X bonus nectar points - Poss account specific
This has appeared on my Esso app account. Get bonus nectar points for filling up using the Esso app.
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Mine was the same and I'd kinda given up but then it was added to my account about 3 weeks later!


Thanks……will check it out.


Ive filled up at Esso twice recently, I saw them scan my card and heard the machine bleep, didn’t get my points on either occasion


Shame they are so much more expensive that BP :S

Wrigleys extra chewing gum bottle 60 pieces - £1.50 @ Esso fuel station on Seven Kings high road
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Posted 17th Jan 2019Posted 17th Jan 2019LocalLocal
Wrigleys extra chewing gum bottle 60 pieces - £1.50 @ Esso fuel station on Seven Kings high road£1.50
Loads of peppermint (blue) and spearmint (green) bottles in stock. Esso fuel station 674 High Road Seven Kings, Ilford IG3 8RU

Same at Tesco atm too. Good price though!




Even better. Where’s your local?


My local station guys are doing them at 2 for £2


Still chewing this deal over (cheeky)

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Unleaded petrol at Esso, newport
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Posted 24th Nov 2017Posted 24th Nov 2017LocalLocal
Unleaded petrol at Esso, newport£1.14
This morning I went to Newport corporation Rd Esso station and surprised with at price for unleaded. Yesterday it was 119.7 and to day it was only 114.7 Not sure if this is nationw… Read more
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Morrison s and Tesco have been around 115 for weeks with Morrison s doing a voucher for a further 10p of per litre on £50 spend in store. Oil prices are due to come down further in the next two Months so all petrol should be coming down at the pumps. The answer is to shop around, BP and Shell snd Esso tend to rip people off if they are on major roads. In town with more competition they usually more competative and are just above supermarket prices.


Yesterday at Sainsbury's it was £112.9 about half a mile away if that helps - plus nectar points


Collection only.. Voting cold...


Any free delivery codes?

£5 off £40 spend at Esso for HSBC Visa card holders
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Posted 17th Nov 2017Posted 17th Nov 2017
£5 off £40 spend at Esso for HSBC Visa card holders£40
Hopefully this helps someone - I wasn't aware of the Visa deals with HSBC before one was posted on HUKD a few weeks ago.

I emailed asking why I hadn't received my cash back (then realised is was store specific), they replied next day and paid me the fiver!


This !!! Then, you have to battle for 3 months with HSBC / Visa offers because the cashback doesn't track. Been there done that, won't be using their crappy offers. If it doesn't track, you will get zero help with this issue from HSBC, they have no support in place for non tracking enquiries... :S


This is only worth 2 quid cos our local esso is so much more per litre than any other petrol station :(


They are only one use unless you register with a different email address.....


You need to register your card first at visa offers website. I got £10 from Lidl and £5 from Esso pretty quickly (cheeky)

£5 off £40 Spend at Esso (HSBC and First Direct Customers Only)
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Posted 7th Sep 2017Posted 7th Sep 2017
£5 off £40 Spend at Esso (HSBC and First Direct Customers Only)£35
HSBC and First Direct customers are able to get £5 off a £40+ spend on Fuel at Esso. You need to be signed up to Visa Rewards. If you haven't sign up now! it's free (cheeky) HS… Read more
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Has anyone got a contact number for them, emailed them but to no avail and didn't get a tracking email


Contact support :-) their website is really good


Yes - went to an official Esso station. Never received a confirmation email.


Did you receive an email say it had been tracked? Also did you go to an official Esso garage?


Still haven't been paid my cashback and it has been well over the 5 business working days. I can't seem to find a contact e-mail/telephone number on the Visa Offers website. Can anyone advise how they contacted them?

200 bonus Tesco Clubcard points @ Esso Mobile App
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Posted 22nd Aug 2017Posted 22nd Aug 2017
200 bonus Tesco Clubcard points @ Esso Mobile App
Good if you go there regularly. Minimum 30L. Get 200 bonus Tesco Clubcard points with your first fill of 30 litres or more using the Esso App. You’ll also earn another 200 bonus … Read more

Where did you get 5x200 from. I read max points available are 400 which convert to either a £12 or £16 deals voucher !!!


Regester Online.


Here you go.


Can anyone tell me how you actually get a clubcard these days? I asked in a Tesco store a few months ago and nobody knew!


Some 3rd party offers will give you up to four times your points value. Though 3x is the most common they do exist.

Diesel price error £1.119 at Esso Service in Bicester, Oxfordshire
Posted 27th Jun 2017Posted 27th Jun 2017
Diesel price error £1.119 at Esso Service in Bicester, Oxfordshire£1.12
4p better than petrol at this petrol station

Diesel and petrol are both at £1.10 in cardiff so mught not be an error


Photo of petrol pump from inside car or using your phone on the forecourt as close to the pump as you can get?


Hello, mcfly?


108 at costco


I had a brilliant one at Asda drive through the other week; I commenced fuelling but the numbers weren't going up, but fuel was coming out just not at full speed. After about 3 minutes the pump assumed I wasn't going to dispense any fuel so turned off and did a receipt for £0.00. I just drove off looking confused for the benefit of the CCTV. (_;)

15.9p petrol / diesel @ Essar garage Manchester (Middleton Road)
Posted 2nd Apr 2017Posted 2nd Apr 2017LocalLocal
15.9p petrol / diesel @ Essar garage Manchester (Middleton Road)£15.90
Petrol/diesel same price Petrol station name is ESSAR leave me some ....
Spend £25 or more on fuel at Esso until the 25th April you’ll get a voucher for double points on your next fill up
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Posted 9th Feb 2017Posted 9th Feb 2017
Spend £25 or more on fuel at Esso until the 25th April you’ll get a voucher for double points on your next fill up£25
Get double Tesco Clubcard points Every time you spend £25 or more on fuel at Esso until the 25th April you’ll get a voucher for double points on your next fill at participating Ess… Read more
cheap fuel day esso Lichfield 96.9p diesel
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Posted 23rd Feb 2016Posted 23rd Feb 2016LocalLocal
cheap fuel day esso Lichfield 96.9p diesel
Esso Lichfield - Staffordshire (eastern avenue) have two days a week cheap fuel...diesel today is only 96.9p a you can get tesco clubcard points too!..unleaded is also… Read more
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very good price, thanks op, heat added!


Apologies for the typo!!!...96.9 pence per litre for diesel and 97.9 pence per litre for unleaded! !

DIESEL AND PETROL 98.9p portsmouth Esso
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Posted 16th Jan 2016Posted 16th Jan 2016LocalLocal
DIESEL AND PETROL 98.9p portsmouth Esso
Diesel and petrol 98.9p in Portsmouth esso petrol station on Kingston road. Best price in city. only today price.

99.9 tonight


Not if I can help it


Didn't think motorists paid for fuel in Liverpool lol


I'm sure it's even less in Tehran, but I wouldn't risk it.:p


Shhh, don't tell George Osborne,he might get there first, more reasons to pull out of the EU

esso petrol station 1.01p for petrol and diesel
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Posted 26th Dec 2015Posted 26th Dec 2015
esso petrol station 1.01p for petrol and diesel£1.01
low price in Birmingham

Thanks been filling up for 99.9p a litre for a couple of weeks now at Sainsbury.


Good catch


similar in kings heath by cocks moor woods leisure but thats because the harvest up the road is 99.9 for both


Cheers, good price for diesel.



Diesel 1.059 @ Esso (Reigate)
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Posted 18th Dec 2015Posted 18th Dec 2015LocalLocal
Diesel 1.059 @ Esso (Reigate)
Looks pretty cheap for down south

Sainsburys at my local is charging 99.9 for unleaded but 107.9 for diesel. Kept the price of one high to pay for the other. Thankfully the BP500 metres away from the supermarket is 3p cheap on the diesel still 1.049. Stupid times and money grabbing supermarkets. I have seen 103.9 for Diesel in Surrey. So 1.059 seems quite high. I don't think most people on here will realise how expensive Surrey can be for fuel. We are short on large Asda and Morrisons with petrol garages. Sainsburys and Tesco are not stores that will price fuel at a national price. They make money locally by higher prices.


Cold, I'm afraid, at 105.9p per litre, even with a tiger in your tank.


it's 103.9p/l nationally at the supermarket pumps

Tropicana 1l 2 for £1 at Hursts/ESSO petrol station
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Posted 17th Nov 2015Posted 17th Nov 2015LocalLocal
Tropicana 1l 2 for £1 at Hursts/ESSO petrol station£1
2 for £1 on Tropicana orange juice (smooth and juicy bits).

Never heard of them. Where is/are Hursts petrol station(s). Local/regional?

AA Car Essentials 2 in 1 Spot Lantern LED £9.99 in store at Esso service stations (MRH)
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Posted 10th Oct 2015Posted 10th Oct 2015
AA Car Essentials 2 in 1 Spot Lantern LED £9.99 in store at Esso service stations (MRH)£9.99
Claimed to be reduced from £20. Well anyway at £9.99 this is good. Very bright indeed, light weight takes 3 AAs. Has an LED panel that can light a room. Got mine at an Esso servic… Read more
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Edited (though I'm not sure if anyone knows who MRH is - I didn't)


So is this actually an MRH deal, rather than an Esso deal? If so, the nearest MRH to me appears to be a JET fuel station.

Petrol £1.02 / Diesel £1.05 at Esso Edgware Road NW2 6JP - really cheap for London
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Posted 20th Sep 2015Posted 20th Sep 2015LocalLocal
Petrol £1.02 / Diesel £1.05 at Esso Edgware Road NW2 6JP - really cheap for London£1.02
Driving into work this morning, I found petrol at £1.02 and Diesel at £1.05. Seemed pretty cheap to me, especially for London. Doesn't help everyone, but could helps some drivers… Read more

Supra niche! Long way from cheshire what what.


Nottingham Melton Road ESSO is this price too. 102.9 benzin, 104.9 gasol. Everywhere else around the city is 107.9 and up.


Just to let everyone know, it's still the same price today.. Just filled up again whilst it's this price


"Esso" , named after its (then) US parent company Standard Oil ( S....O).That company was broken up by regulators years ago but Esso is now part of Exxon Mobil - until recently the largest Company in the World.


Bradford its 109.9 in shell still high.. Esso 106.9