Ethos Double Pour Saucepan Set, was £89.99 , now just £11.99 Delivered @ Amazon
Ethos Double Pour Saucepan Set, was £89.99 , now just £11.99 Delivered @ Amazon

Ethos Double Pour Saucepan Set, was £89.99 , now just £11.99 Delivered @ Amazon

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Previously hot and expired for £29.08.Now just £11.99 delivered. Do not forget to select super saver delivery to get the items for £11.99 delivered.

Manufacturer's Description
This five piece saucepan set contains a 14cm milk pan, 16cm, 18cm and 20cm lidded saucepans and a 24cm frying pan. The bases are encapsulated copper covered allowing a more even distribution of heat when cooking. The lids are glass so you can see at an instant how your food is cooking. The lids are steam vented and have an excellent double pour feature. The lids have a drainage feature built in that allows you to drain the water from your pans with the lids still on making it so much safer. The pans themselves are mirror finished polished stainless steel.

these saucepans will look great in your kitchen and will be a pleasure to work with!

The set is covered by a manufacturer's ten year guarantee. As with all saucepan sets, instructions should be read carefully before use and oven gloves should always be worn. Due to the mirror finish of these pans hand washing is recommended as it has recently been found that some dishwasher detergents can damage the finish of stainless steel.

Launched in 1998, Ethos has rocketed to success in the UK and around the world. Although relatively young, Ethos continues to win accolades as the most innovative, forward-thinking company in their field. Ethos is renowned as a design-led yet affordable lifestyle brand. Always looking for something different, expected the unexpected from Ethos!


Great price! Thanks Jon....

Hot!! Just ordered a set.

Total is 11.00

Edit: Hm... I might cancel order, reviews are horrible

Terrible reviews for this:

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Dreadful reviews on Amazon - cold for me.

"I feel bad about ignoring the other reviews, but I have paid for my mistake, as mentioed by all other reviews, this is a clumsy set of pots. apart from the base, everything else is of poor quality. the handles are poor and pans are very thin but with a heavy base. I regret that i didnt follow the advice of others"

Original Poster

Not sure why this is voted cold as this was voted hot just four months ago and the price was £29.08 then:


people are slating these in review area as they are apparantly really rubbish quality. ordered anyway :-)

Sorry voted cold
This was posted a few days ago and please read the reviews on amazon before buying as they are truly truly awful.

Thanks for your comments, I just saw the price tag and ordered the set only to promptly cancel the order after reading what you all had to say, and actually checking the Amazon reviews.

Phew! Cheers guys

I bought a set of thse a few months ago. I posted a more positive review on Amazon however they refused to post it up so don't be surprised if others haven't made it up either. Why they would do that though for their own product though...?

Fact is these are cheap. Cheap to buy and if I am honest, cheap in your hand to hold. True to say, they don't feel solid like a Le Creseut. At less than a 1/20th of the price for the equivelent set, why would they?

[tongue in cheek] The thing is when I fry my sausages on the stove these things will hold the oil in a contained area and stop the sausages burning to an otherwise exposed hob. When I boil my vegetables they stop the water from going all over the stove and floor and indeed, they hold the liquid in a rather convenient manner where I can also submerge potatoes, carrots etc. [\tongue in cheek]

When not performing these and simiarly, rather useful functions they are easy to clean and are easy on the eye. The handles don't get stupidly hot and best of all, I got all of them for less money than a new Hi-def DVD.

I think some folks need to their expectations in check. I mean, it's £11.99 people....
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