Ethos Hells Kitchen Cookware Set, 5 Piece + Lids, Stainless Steel Frypan, Steamer, 2x Saucepans at Amazon £78.56 Delivered!

Ethos Hells Kitchen Cookware Set, 5 Piece + Lids, Stainless Steel Frypan, Steamer, 2x Saucepans at Amazon £78.56 Delivered!

Found 26th Sep 2009
Ethos Hells Kitchen Cookware Set, 5 Piece + Lids, Stainless Steel Frypan, Steamer, 2x Saucepans at Amazon £78.56 Delivered!

Product Features

* 5 piece stainless steel cookware set
* Stainless steel pans and stainless steel lids
* Suitable for all gas, electric, ceramic, halogen and solid fuel cookers
* Polished and satin finish outside and polished finish inside
* Red heat resistant silicon handles
* Colour boxed suitable as a gift

Technical Details

Bring the style and colour of international TV success Hell's Kitchen to your own kitchen with this exciting new range from Ethos. From preparation to dining this range has it all. With a modern look and Hell's Kitchen branding this range will stand out in your house and give you the tools to create your very own Hell's Kitchen.

At Ethos we pride ourselves on the design and functionality of our products and Hell's Kitchen does not disappoint!
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Manufacturer's Description
Fancy yourself as the next Ramsay, Rhodes, Novelli or Pierre-White? Or do you simply feel that the equipment in your kitchen is making it feel more Hell than Heaven? Then maybe the Hell's Kitchen range from Ethos is for you.This five piece Hell's Kitchen saucepan set contains a 16cm lidded saucepan, an 18cm lidded saucepan, a 20cm lidded saucepan and steamer set and a lidded 24cm frying pan. The set is made from stainless steel where the outside is half polished mirror finished stainless steel while the bottom half is a satin brushed finished giving an unusual and distinctive look to the pans.

The pans have stainless steel handles but covering the middle section of the handles is a silicone cover. This helps reduce heat transfer making the handles safer to touch. The silicone is of course in Hell's Kitchen red.
As well as the handles containing the safety properties of silicone they are also riveted to the pan for extra strength. Some pans have handles that are spot welded to the body of the pan, although these are suitable for use, riveted handles are much stronger and are less likely to experience problems.

The lids are polished, mirror finished stainless steel, again with riveted, silicone handles to match and complement the handles on the pans themselves.

The frying pan is deeper allowing more flexibility in what can be cooked. Steaks can be cooked in a sauce in this pan. The inside base of the frying pan has a waffled, dimpled pattern which allows fat to be drained away easier and also to reduce sticking on the inside of the pan. The frying pan also has a second handle. Due to the solid weight of this pan, a second handle comes in useful allowing extra stability when carrying the pan, reducing the stress caused by lifting with one hand.

A good quality, well made, good looking pan set that will look great in your kitchen and will be great to use.

Previously managed by Gordon Ramsay and then Gary Rhodes and Jean-Christophe Novelli, ITV's Hell's Kitchen is now under the leadership of world renowned chef Marco Pierre White. With series 4 being aired in April 2009 now is your chance to cook along with the programme either copying the recipes shown or taking this as an opportunity to express yourself in the kitchen with new recipes and new equipment from the Hell's Kitchen range.

Box Contents

1 x 16cm lidded saucepan
1 x 18cm lidded saucepan
1 x 20cm lidded stockpot
1 x 20cm steamer
1 x 24cm lidded frying pan
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