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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare PC £37.49 @ Battle Net
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Blizzard 25% sale is live again. Direct @
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Having to get another battlenet account just to get it cheaper is a pain. The savings is not worth the hassle of re-adding my 30+ friends who also play modern warfare, and switching battlenet accounts everytime i switch to diablo/starcraft. Plus i tried the other multiplayer modes and they are a mess, not in a hurry to do the campaign either.


Sweet got it for £17!


I did this last time it was on sale. Got the battlepass edition for £24. Paid by Revolut. So easy to do.


Heat from me anyway. Just installing now (grrr) to buy it. Thanks Installing now. 189gb download (shock)


I know! Cheers mate.

Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2019 - Limited Deal Today £37.49 at
Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
PC Version - As other deals have expired, this is the best price and TODAY this deal runs out.
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reposted this as its back on sale until 26th May 2020 18:00


Theres hacks for <£15. The ones you see in google are mostly scam sites.


They're trying to improve their anti-cheat measures (albeit very very slowly) but at least they're trying. Saying that, £37.49 is a bit pricey for the amount of time its been out in my opinion (on PC too)


Anyone know the cheapest place to get this on PS4?


Rubbish at game so blames hackers (lol)

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare PC - £16 via UrbanVPN Ukraine @
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Posted 4th AprPosted 4th Apr
Firstly game works online no probs. I've been playing online for months. I recommend having a mobile banking app (i.e revolut, Starling) so that you can just add the currency need… Read more

Back up again (fierce) . Can't believe I slept on it a second time! I was on the fence originally because I had a lot of issues and there were still a lot of cheaters early on. But both of these things seem to have settled down now. Still hoping to pick the battle pass edition at the reduced price before season 4 on 2nd June to bank some CP. If not, it still works out at £32 which is still way less than the amount they want in the UK


Its back on sale again!


I just completed mine and I think I'm the same as you. Didn't read the comments at all really. I used PayPal connected to a Starling account. I kept the VPN (Nord) active whilst completing transaction via PayPal and it all worked no bother.


Bro it's available now at this price! Get back on it.


Thanks got this to work for a few more quid! (y) 🏽

Call of Duty Modern Warefare PC £37.49 at
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Posted 31st MarPosted 31st Mar
Call of Duty Modern Warefare PC £37.49 at
Call of duty Modern Warefare for PC (Blizzard) now 25% off for standard copy. 20% off Battle Pass Edition for £55.99
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its cheaper here$ja=cid:9117594209%7Cagid:90992324623%7Ctid:kwd-298970724610%7Ccrid:414453125657%7Cnw:g%7Crnd:18059422123870986294%7Cdvc:c%7Cadp:%7Cmt:e%7Cloc:9044965&gclid=CjwKCAjw-YT1BRAFEiwAd2WRtuwpUf-4SnaxGe0LBHKWbceSF4z3HB2oMp_RyoiKZQKuBWU6qRZ5lBoC_XgQAvD_BwE


Does anyone know the cheapest place to purchase a digital copy of this on Xbox that I can use with a friend on game share at the moment please?


if people could provide links to cheaper prices rather than downvoting, that would be appreciated more.


Points to buy stuff. The game is v.gently pay to win. Buy points then quickly get skins (outfits) that camouflage you better than the few free ones, The biggest advantage is instantly accessing side-loaded weapon blueprints that otherwise take months to get, some you can't even unlock so have to buy them. The best part of the game is Warzone and it's totally free to play.


Voted hot, thanks OP I barely missed the £32 sale but I'm glad we've got another sale already, I think £37.50 is still a decent price

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Standard Edition PC £32.49 @
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Posted 11th MarPosted 11th Mar
Call of Duty Modern Warfare Standard Edition PC £32.49 @
Standard edition reduced 35% from £49.99 to £32.49 Battle Pass Edition reduced 20% from £69.99 to £55.99 This is purchased through the official battlenet site.

No I didn't do any of that mate, after I downloaded it, it asked for Activision account details, I had trouble logging in with my newly made account so I tried my old one and it logged me in


Do I need to unlink my battle net account without mw and link it to the one that has it? It won't let me unlink my Activision account


I created a new account without thinking to try that first I think it's too late now as the only option I get is to un-link my account and I have to do that from Activision customer support.


Did you try logging into your old Activision account when the game starts? I think I did this and it's letting me play with my other stats


That was lucky for you! I had Warzone already on my original account too but when I log in using that, I still get all the prompts to buy the full game. Still, I don't mind using the second account for the bargain price I got it for!

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PC: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare £15.95 BattlePass edition £27.49 Via VPN @ (Russia)
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Posted 22nd JanPosted 22nd Jan
PC: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare £15.95 BattlePass edition £27.49 Via VPN @ (Russia)
go into Battlenet via a VPN set to Russia or near, I used Ukraine and set up a new account and put your location as Russia, The sale is on until 29th Jan, you can play on all serve… Read more
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Ok. I was going to bite but it's currently £24.50 :( Dang. Have to keep an eye out if it drops again.


Me to, no problems, big update tomorrow to (y)


I did this before xmas and is still going. When you login to the blizzard app, you can then choose your server region which would be europe.


Any problems with accounts being closed because you bought in Russia, where they can clearly see you are a UK player once you take down the VPN after purchase. I'm tempted to buy this way.


was £16.60, but works - used urban sheild vpn for free as i don't use or have a premium vpn

(PC) Call of Duty Modern Warfare - £16.55 @ via VPN
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Posted 21st Dec 2019Posted 21st Dec 2019
(PC) Call of Duty Modern Warfare - £16.55 @ via VPN
Via Russian or near Russia VPN, I used Ukraine on NordVPN Ordinary edition is £16.55 BattlePass edition is £27.79 Just make a new account with your area as Russia, you use EU serv… Read more
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Yes. So could I make a new account, that is set to Russia and buy it as a gift to send to my EU main account. Then I could forget about/delete the Russian account? Just because I don't want to swap between accounts and re-add friends etc.


Yeah your right its gone up a tad, I expired it. I couldn't remember how much in RUB I paid, unless the exchange rate has changed ?


Just make a new account and say location is Russia, I use Ukrain for my VPN as it doesn't have Russia


That's £25 though, not £17.


The current price is 1.999RUB for Standard and 2,799 for the Battle Pass edition. which is about £24 still cheapest price around?

Call of Duty (COD) Modern Warfare (PC) Standard Edition £29.99 @, £28.98 with gift cards from cdkeys
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Posted 19th Dec 2019Posted 19th Dec 2019
Call of Duty (COD) Modern Warfare (PC) Standard Edition £29.99 @, £28.98 with gift cards from cdkeys
standard edition £28.98 with battle net gift cards from cdkeys, see comment below, cheers spikecast part of the holiday sale … Read more

Well when we was in a party of 4 we all had the problem, and it kicks you out the lobby at the end of every game and you had to make a new party to find games lol game is a mess


Im not talking sale figures, its a cod franchise of course it sold well, alot of people have stopped playing the game is my point, its trash


Haha (y)


No worries, glad to have finally helped! Lol


Excellent! Thanks, that's what I was looking for. Just like the good old days 😁 cheers

Overwatch Standard Edition - £12.99 @
159° Expired
Posted 19th Dec 2019Posted 19th Dec 2019
Overwatch Standard Edition - £12.99 @
Upgrade to Legendary Edition for £4.00

A definition of deal or value is not just a £/$ sign, value includes; quality, usefulness to solve, convenience, ethics etc.


I thought this was a deals website and not a political one :/ The price is pretty good for a game with still a big playerbase


After Blizzards political incidents and stupid updates on the game, voting cold.

Call of Duty (COD) Modern Warfare (PC) Standard Edition £29.99 @
1239° Expired
Posted 10th Dec 2019Posted 10th Dec 2019
Call of Duty (COD) Modern Warfare (PC) Standard Edition £29.99 @
The stakes have never been higher as players take on the role of lethal Tier One operators in a heart-racing saga that will affect the global balance of power. Developed by the stu… Read more

looks like it's back again :)


£29.99 still stands


Dont know how relevant this is now as the deals over but yeah you would need to get his battle net account. If you find a deal from third party sellers you often get a code to redeem which means you yourself wouldn't have to make the account your husband can do all that


You know where they are. You have the advantage. Go get them.


It's coming up at £49.99 for me. Is this deal gone?

Call of Duty (COD) Modern Warfare PC £32.99
346° Expired
Posted 6th Dec 2019Posted 6th Dec 2019
Call of Duty (COD) Modern Warfare PC £32.99
Good price
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Explain in detail how im having issues


I tried via PayPal and kicks Me back to log in after logging in with VPN


Just wanted to confirm this can still be bought for around £16 on Ukraine website as cherryduck and optimus toaster suggested. Thanks guys saved me an extra 50%


Ill buy it off you for £29.99 help a fellow hoomun. Lol


hey can I do this on the website or do I need to use the client?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare PC - £39.99 @
71° Expired
Posted 28th Nov 2019Posted 28th Nov 2019
Call of Duty Modern Warfare PC - £39.99 @
Cheapest I've seen it on PC so far
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aw drat they must have gotten wize to it. wonder if it istill works with the likes of rd2


I think it might be patched but I'm not positive. I tried it today with both PayPal and Revolut. I actually exchanged my money into russian on revolut and they GMG took the money but then refunded almost instantly.


To Clarify I use a vpn set to russia I create a gmg russian account Buy the game on gmg Then log in to my uk battlenet account while still connected to the vpn and add the game code? Then disconnect vpn The game should work find in the uk battlenet and is not locked?


Seems to be the best price for this online. :)


Same here just kicks you back to the pay screen

PC: Call of duty: Modern Warfare for £39.99 at
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Posted 28th Nov 2019Posted 28th Nov 2019
PC: Call of duty: Modern Warfare for £39.99 at
20% off on Battlenet until 3rd December Also applies on the operator (£55.99) and operator enhanced editions (£67.99) Should be cheaper in my eyes but it's money off the RRP.

Love COD, hate this. Can't argue with 20% off though.


Yeah, I've got it for PS4 at that £38 price at launch also but looking for PC as I work away from home so can play on my laptop when off shift at work. I wonder if there will be an deals on gift cards before the weekend to try get some extra money off?? I believe amazon had a deal on them last year.


I thought the same but it's the same price I paid (or almost anyway) as the XB1 version at launch which was 38, so I was ok paying it. Still plenty of time to decide anyway.


Thanks. I may just go for this as I would like to keep my library all under one user I think. Still a bit more on what I would like to pay. I'll leave it a few days to see if any further reductions or incentives.


yeah or ukraine

UPGRADE to Overwatch Legendary Edition £4 from Standard edition. (PC) @
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Posted 27th Nov 2019Posted 27th Nov 2019
UPGRADE to Overwatch Legendary Edition £4 from Standard edition. (PC) @
Been waiting for the price to drop, wanted the cool tracer skin that comes as part of the legendary edition.

I'll stick with what I've got. Not even sure if I have basic or not. Thanks for your reply.


I believe the legendary edition just gives you around 8/10 legendary skins and that's it.


What's the actual difference between one and the other?




Thanks, i've wanted this for a while but the Base Price is a bit of a joke, Bought and Heat Added

Overwatch - PC Standard Edition £12.99 @
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Posted 26th Nov 2019Posted 26th Nov 2019
Overwatch - PC Standard Edition £12.99 @
Black Friday - last sale before Overwatch 2?

OW1 is going know where OW2 is just a coop based game play which will be awesome none the less.


Last sale before OW2? Ha! I wish!


Great game but I highly doubt it's the last time it'll be on sale before Overwatch 2, they haven't released a date for the sequel yet and at Blizzcon 2019 they said the game was still in early development.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare (Standard Edition) -for PC £24.32 digital via Ukraine VPN
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Posted 2nd Nov 2019Posted 2nd Nov 2019
Call of Duty Modern Warfare (Standard Edition) -for PC £24.32 digital via Ukraine VPN
Grab it whilst you can. Lastest COD dirt cheap via a Ukraine VPN from the official shop. To get it connect to the Ukrainian VPN of your choice and visit… Read more

Can someone answer me a quick question. I have made a new account and purchased the game but it is now asking me to login to an Activision account.. Can I use my old Activision account or do I have to make a new one?. If I have to make a new Activision account, does the region I select make any difference?. As you may have guessed, I have never used a VPN to purchase a game before. Thanks to anyone able to offer any help.


Same with Russian vpn


it was last thurs and fri


Does this still work?



Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PC on official Battlenet - £24.27 via VPN
1129° Expired
Posted 25th Oct 2019Posted 25th Oct 2019
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PC on official Battlenet - £24.27 via VPN
Please find a quick guide on how to get COD for around £24, your price will vary depending on bank exchange rates / fees but it's way cheaper. o region lock on BN 1. Download Spe… Read more

BTW this still works, got it for 16.19 as it is on sale @ 1399 rub.


Stopped working.


Hello, Can I buy using VISA card from India? and later region can be changed?


I think it has been fixed now. You can no longer do it.


Dude I tried paying with visa as well as paypal. For some reason, its not working! :(. It says something like "Zounds! An internal error occured!" Whenever i try to pay. Please help!

Diablo III: Eternal Collection PC £24.99 @
154° Expired
Posted 14th Jun 2019Posted 14th Jun 2019
Diablo III: Eternal Collection PC £24.99 @
The Definitive Diablo III Collection The Diablo III: Eternal Collection includes Diablo III, the Reaper of Souls expansion pack, and the Rise of the Necromancer pack, bringing tog… Read more

And people complain that PC is cheaper than console (i mean it's true for quite a lot of releases but there are some great games which are still pricey)


Ya, it sucks eh! Particularly that it's been going for £10 less on PS4.


Expensive for a game so old, even if it does have the dlcs.

Diablo III 3 Standard Edition (PC) | £8.49 | @
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Posted 14th Jun 2019Posted 14th Jun 2019
Diablo III 3 Standard Edition (PC) | £8.49 | @
Twenty years have passed since the Prime Evils were defeated and banished from the world of Sanctuary. Now, you must return to where it all began – the town of Tristram – and inves… Read more

Blizzard are joke. £8.50 for a 7 year old game with none of the add ons?