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Overwatch Legendary Edition - PC £16.99
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
"Best Ongoing Game" - The Game Awards The world needs heroes. Join over 40 million players* as you take your place in the world of Overwatch. Choose your hero from a diverse cast … Read more

I didn't get into GO (although might give it another shot for the Battle Royale ridiculousness). But I was a fiend for 1.6 and CS:S back in the day! Start building a friends list, and find people to play with. You can play it solo and have fun, I certainly do, but finding people to party up with is awesome.


I've been holding off for ages until I saw this. Used to play counter strike and team fortress 2, until they both became a jumbled mess of collectible tat. Bought this deal though.


Toxic environment


The World could always use more heroes! I sit here in my Tracer from Overwatch t-shirt, wishing I was playing Overwatch, while building a Ryzen rig out of second-hand parts on which to play more Overwatch. I bloomin' love Overwatch. I love playing it. But I also love watching it, and am hyped for Season 2 of Overwatch League in six weeks time. (Our London Spitfire won the first season! #AcesHigh) It's smart, it's fun, it's gorgeous, and it's got one of the best communities on PC. It'll run on almost anything faster than a potato. I started playing it at launch (no pre-order) on a cobbled together AMD-based system with a CPU from 2011. If you're on the fence, wait for a free weekend.


That would flood the game with even more smurfs. I'm sorry, but I don't see any reason for Blizzard to make this free to play? :/ or they could invent some sort of access pass like WoW has. That I could imagine happening.

Overwatch Legendary Edition Upgrade PC - £7: Blizzard Store
Found 23rd Dec 2018Found 23rd Dec 2018
Upgrade to Overwatch Legendary Edition from the standard edition for just £7. I don't think this is account specific but you must already own the base game in order to get the Leg… Read more
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Sounds like you was very bad at the game.


Disagree so much it hurts me. Overwatch is top notch game design


Or you could ignore this silly comment and enjoy it for what it is, a different take on Team Fortress 2. Quick Play can be toxic, but for a Dad of 2 who wants something you can pick up and put down without needing days to unlock the next gun, it's perfect.


game is turd... bought it on release due to peer pressure and regretted it ever since! its so bad... maps are tiny, same routes on the map every time, boring boring boring... i mean it makes cod look amazing, thats how bad it is, csgo is free now, just avoid this altogether, the unique play style of character is just bad, great vision but its so bad


Yup, loads.

[PC] Call of Duty: Black OPS 4 Battle Edition - £26.99 -
Found 6th Dec 2018Found 6th Dec 2018
This is a cracking price for Black OPS 4, if like me you're not interested in the Zombies aspect of the game. If you are, then £34.99 at CDKeys seems to be the best available c… Read more
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I wish they would realease a zombies only collection personally, decent price for the base game though if you dont want the additional content


Is this a digital version


I wish they did Blackout mode by itself


fresh meat, love it, c'mon iiiiin


I think its part of getting old mate, your reaction time sloooows down ;) you've got more time to react on the larger maps...unless you're always being killed by one of those spawn trapping campers :) . Could never get into battlefield as I was always comparing it to COD and just stuck with that. Are all the maps small or just a few?

Overwatch on PC (Via for £7
Found 24th Nov 2018Found 24th Nov 2018
Overwatch on PC for £7. Think this is the lowest it's ever been on all formats.

It's all about Ashe these days.


Hmmmmm I was going to be tracer but then what about widowmaker? So ill be Bastion. Turns out i should have picked mercy. I dont even play overwatch #tiktok


I'm aware of the game and have owned it several times on console, it's the old "just when I thought I was out......"


For the best class-based shooter on the market, that's not much of a punt. It's pretty much got something for everyone. I'm terrible at most shooters but there's at least 4-5 characters I'm pretty good at on Overwatch.


Yea it's £13 Not 7

Diablo III 3 Battle chest edition (base game + Reapers expansion) direct from Battlenet / Activision
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
The Diablo III: Battle Chest includes Diablo III and the Reaper of Souls expansion to provide the ultimate Diablo III experience. Shake the earth, blast your enemies with fire and … Read more
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Why would you buy a bottle of prosecco when you can get a bag of raisin from the cornershop? Do you guys have teeth? :p


Indeed. Why would anyone want to sit in front of their PC to play Diablo, when they can slay demons on a Chinese rip-off with built-in online casino together with their children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren on the go? (lol)


Lol, I can't wait for the micro-transactions.


Why would you buy this when Diablo immortal is out soon? Do you guys not have phones?

[PC] Overwatch - £12.99 / Diablo III: Battle Chest - £12.49 / StarCraft Remastered - £6.49 -
Found 20th Nov 2018Found 20th Nov 2018
Cheapest I've ever seen this go for. Part of their Black Friday sales . It's also worth noting that it's currently on a free week for anybody who wishes to try it, that ends o… Read more
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Thanks, however, that method didn't work for me. I had to use a VPN.


I setup my account a couple of years ago but if I remember correctly it was as simple as putting your address as a random Argentinian address when you create the account(changing it on an existing account won't work). Once you have the account there is definitely no vpn required just login to with the new account and prices are in ARS for games with regional pricing. I've had no issues with Overwatch, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2 and HOTS. Not sure about Hearthstone or World of Warcraft.


Need a VPN for that?


Don't worry, it's nothing like D2. You'll get bored of it after a few months at most.


So tempted by DIII, but lost 6 years to DII (horror)

Diablo® III: Rise of the Necromancer expansion for half price - £6.49 @
Found 20th Nov 2018Found 20th Nov 2018
This is the second expansion for the popular RPG Diablo III. As well as more playable content you also gain access to the new Necromancer class, 2 more character slots and 2 extra… Read more

Sorry. You're right. Still full price for XBOX One :(


Not on XBOX


XD I don't think I am ever going to get sick of this lol. So good! haha


Right, good news actually, as i had run through 15 on the XBX and now i took a fancy to run through it on the PC, so i still got time. :)


A little bit cheaper than the last sale price, so couldn't resist, cheers OP

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PC (Standard Edition) Digital £39.99 @
Found 20th Nov 2018Found 20th Nov 2018
I know there's cheaper physical copies around but this is the cheapest I've found it today.
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£2 cheaper now on cdkeys


(cheeky) Hotukdeals community or the UK in general ?


Very and Littlewoods were out of stock 10 mins after that deal was posted. This is hot IMO as it's cheaper than everywhere else at the moment.


This is not a deal. Very need to be beaten for me to pull the trigger


I see. I won't be playing it till Friday anyway so will wait to see if anything cheaper comes along.

Destiny 2: Forsaken PC - £26.24 25% off between 9-11 November at
Found 10th Nov 2018Found 10th Nov 2018
Forsaken + Annual Pass is also 25% off making it £44.99

What time does the sale end? looking to pick forsaken up tommorow before the sale ends


Yeah I'm very impressed with the base game and am tempted to get Forsaken too. I feel like I've read a lot more about destiny than I have actually played it! Which is a shame because there seems to be a lot of negativity around the game, some of it understandable with the way bungie has treated its fans. I think I'm lucky to have jumped on board now though since a lot of the issues have been ironed out. Still a bit concerned with their future plans though given that Activision seem to want to "monitise" the game even more.


I haven't played since The Taken King DLC in the first Destiny. I was a huge fan but couldn't afford to keep up with all the releases and PS+. Jumping back in for free and the gunplay is just as amazing as I remember. The odds of me picking up The Forsaken bundle are very high, so the giveaway definitely works.


I've been playing it all week since it went free and have to say it's bloody excellent. The shooting feels fantastic. If anyone wants to team up for some strikes like me know! I'm cad3nce on battlenet 😁


The base game is free. They try and hook you in then get you to pay for all the DLC which is :The Forsaken offered here.

Destiny 2: Forsaken Legendary Collection (PC) - £32.49 via Blizz Store
Found 19th Oct 2018Found 19th Oct 2018
All versions currently 20% off via the Blizzard Store. Legendary Collection includes the Destiny 2 base game, the two previous expansions, and Forsaken. Forsake requires the previ… Read more
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Anyone know when the sale ends?


Ah, that makes a lot more sense. Could have saved myself £2.75 if I'd been paying more attention! Oh well, either way still good news all round for people looking for Forsaken.


Not anymore, from Tuesday the 16th of October every version of the forsaken comes with Osiris and Warmind DLC so the version for £29.74 is Forsaken and the two previous DLC's and the version for £32.49 comes with Forsaken, the two previous DLC's and the base game, so the base game basically costs £2.75 more.


Yeah, I personally don't understand their thinking here. The version for £29.74 doesn't even come with the other two expansions, which are necessary to play Forsaken. Regardless of what you already own (base game and expansions), you're still spending like £30.


personally prefer not having to care about pyhsical copy. but what bugs me is that forsaken dlc alone is 29.74 from blizzard and the entire game and all dlc is £32 lol

Destiny 2: Expansion Pass (Osiris and Warmind) £8.39 Battle-Net Store
Found 27th Sep 2018Found 27th Sep 2018
I’ve just noticed this is on offer for the PC from the Battle-Net store and I think it’s a limited time offer. This pass includes Expansion I: Curse of Osiris and Expansion I… Read more
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Three hands! I like it


I grabbed it, I enjoyed the base experiance briefly until I ran out of content.


Or the third hand, don’t put up with bungies BS of putting out a poor content light game in the first place.


Also you might well end up buying Forsaken in a pack that includes these DLCs.


Definitely not gonna go with it but it's a good deal if somebody likes destiny 2.

Diablo III 3 Battle Chest PC £14.98 @ Also Reaper of Souls for £8.49, Rise of the Necromancer £8.49
Found 31st Aug 2018Found 31st Aug 2018
Diablo 3 up to 50% off sale on (and client) until September 11th. Diablo 3 Battle chest (Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls expansion) for £14.98. Diablo 3 Standalo… Read more
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^^Your not wrong, i am playing it on a 43in 4k tv for the PV version and a 559h 4k for the XBX, and the games art is just breathtaking to say the least at that res, just phenomonal at 4k, food for the eyes and soul. :)


Class game


Hold for mighty switch version.

Overwatch currently £16.99, Legendary £24.99 @
Found 26th Aug 2018Found 26th Aug 2018
Overwatch currently £16.99, Legendary £24.99 @
£16.99£ Deals
As part of their free to play weekend, Overwatch is currently £16.99 for Standard and £24.99 for legendary editions. Next cheapest seems to be CDKeys at £19.99 I know there’s sti… Read more
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PURE FIRE! I could gush about Overwatch for thread after thread. Superb game, especially on it's home of the PC. Amazing value. Blizzard have been continuously pumping great new content into the game, re-balancing it, and investing in it. All for free. £17 direct is brilliant value for money. Heat added. I've always been a very positive player, but the new Endorsement system is great. It's helping incentivise positivity, and the community is already less toxic than a lot of others. (Especially on the PC.) Fundamentally though, the game's just really good fun. You can take it seriously and focus on Competitive, or you can jump into Quick Play. Play with friends, or make some new ones. Try the free weekend and fall in love. Also the competitive Overwatch scene is awesome. We're on the Overwatch League All-Star weekend, this ridiculous charity (Child's Play) exhibition with a selection of top players mashed together. The first season of Overwatch League was brilliant fun, and our London Spitfire took the trophy. #AcesHigh Overwatch League has been picked up by ESPN and Disney X D too, in addition to streaming live on Twitch and the dedicated Overwatch League app. It's the only esport that's ever hooked me, and I watch loads. If you're already a player, definitely worth trying too.


Tempted (flirt)


Let the smurf fest begin, once again! (poo)

Overwatch (PC) - £16.99 @
Found 27th Jul 2018Found 27th Jul 2018
Overwatch (PC) - £16.99 @
Looks to be on offer as part of their free weekend. "Best Ongoing Game" - The Game Awards The wo… Read more
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Great game, just buy it


I played Overwatch yesterday (free weekend) I think I will buy it for £16.99 from battlenet it's a decent shooter


I started on PS4. I agree now though. It's so much faster on PC. The characters are so much more able to do spectacular things too. What is your tag?


Yep, of course. I don't understand how this game can be fun with a controller.



Warcraft "base game" (levels 1-110) now included in sub.  £9.99 per month at
Found 18th Jul 2018Found 18th Jul 2018
Warcraft "base game" (levels 1-110) now included in sub. £9.99 per month at
I know this will get cold, but thought I'd let people know. You no longer have to buy the base game to play WoW, just a subscription of £9.99 a month.
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At the moment as I'm assisting I get a small cut for the hour. But will be taking over the Saturday lesson and have a few one on one sessions booked through August. So hopefully it'll be a decent side project down the line :)


Ditto, it's extremely cheap when you think about it. The biggest problem I have since starting an MMO is now every single player game feels wrong. WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN'T SEE OTHER PEOPLE? and talk to them? UGH, WRONGGG! lol. What do you mean I can't get an evolving ever changing world with other people with something new to always work towards...UGH! Ha, just my struggles with single player games now. I still have to play some single player games but I do struggle when I have the MMO addiction currently active. It's becoming so much of my obsession at the moment that I am tempted to recruit myself play twice and earn so much Gold that I can afford to pay with Gold and never use real money for WoW again! (which is actually doable on 1 account rather easily so if you have 2...) I don't think the price increase to the sub some time ago was neccesary but I guess they CAN do it so why not. I'll of course still keep playing and paying like the majority will. I sometimes struggle with the idea of paying for a sub too BUT then I always think back to the simple way of "the cinema or a meal out costs this and it lasts a few hours at best!, you are getting a full month of entertainment here for only £9.99 ish". Bargain really. This all of course is a bargain if you are enjoying it, otherwise just don't play


Oh sweet, bet that is fun. Do you get paid to instruct or just doing it for free? I noticed my friend from my hometown started doing this and I think he gets paid for it. What an amazing job. Teaching something you have done all your life and loved!


You have overlooked the fact that this includes Legion content, which would have set you back at least an extra £10. So it's actually cheaper.


Always amuses me this. I spend hours on this a month, even if it was only 2 hours in a month, that's under £5 an hour, cheaper than the cinema. Indirectly it saves me money, because I don't keep buying ever CoD, Fifa, Destiny etc to scratch each itch. Those three in a year would cost more than the WoW subscription for the year. The boring part is subjective of course.

Destiny 2 Expansion Pass (PC) Store - £17.09
Found 11th Jul 2018Found 11th Jul 2018
Destiny 2 Expansion Pass (PC) Store - £17.09
£17.09£ Deals
Destiny 2 Expansion Pass for £17.09 on the store. Down from £29.99 the pass will be required for the new DLC releasing in September

This. Anybody who wanted the base game on the cheap had plenty of opportunity to grab that version. There were also tons of Nvidia codes floating around eBay last year.


It was in humble bundle in June so it was roughly 8 pounds. I know that's not a discount directly from bungivision but still.


When the base game is this price I will bite. Xb1 and PS4 have been discounted for months, pc gets nothing. They can stick their destiny 1.5 where the sun don't shine untill the price comes down a lot more.


Must have missed the part were you are not entitled to an opinion in the rules... (skeptical)


It’s a good price. Have some heat

25% off most in game services for World of Warcraft
Found 24th Jun 2018Found 24th Jun 2018
25% off most in game services for World of Warcraft
I know this isn't for everyone, and yes, the services are still overpriced, but if you want to make any last minute changes before the new expansion, there are currently 25% off mo… Read more

What about pokemon... Sorry, pet battles? They ran out of ideas and so pillaged from other successful games.


I played it for a couple of years around 6 years , I download a free account a couple of months ago , the whole thing looks very dated graphically , I had every turned upto full 4k , ran smoothly enough but it really has not progressed graphically , needs a serious graphical update...


You could tell wow was going in a bad direction when they put the plant Vs zombie game in the farm in hillsbrad.


I don’t think they are. At least compared to a few years ago. So many servers have died.


Jeez those prices are awful for automated services.

[PC] Overwatch - £16.99 -
Found 16th Feb 2018Found 16th Feb 2018
[PC] Overwatch - £16.99 -
Sadly the GOTY Edition is back up around the £25 mark at the likes of CDKeys and so on, putting this latest sale by Blizzard at a good price. The world needs heroes. Join o… Read more
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Great price. GOTY doesn't add anything other than 10 loot boxes so if that isn't important to you then grab this one. Heat!


Ordered - great price.

Destiny 2 PC at for £29.24
Found 21st Dec 2017Found 21st Dec 2017
Destiny 2 PC at for £29.24
Sale on

Heat! It's cheaper than cdkeys! And currently the cheapest going.


CDkeys have it at a higher price now for EU :(


Do not buy this without the expansions at this point, in fact just don't buy and that is coming from a destiny fan


Already posted and I think it's cheaper at cdkeys

World of Warcraft 50% off Sale
Found 21st Dec 2017Found 21st Dec 2017
World of Warcraft 50% off Sale
In-game pets, mounts Helms and the game / Expansion are all on sale except the Red Cross Pet and Mount. Examples: Lil’ Ragnaros - was £9 and now £4.50 Swift Windsteed - was £19 a… Read more



I have been back around 6 months now. Apart from the normal PVP hate of "noobs" and so on, I don't see toxic things anywhere. Might be an unlucky server or guild? I do do a lot of solo things so that might be why, but it's way better than when I played in 2006-2009 and compared to other games it's not toxic at all from what I see


tried out Legion about a year ago after a long break; as a shaman healing random dungeons it was full of so much toxic hate and speed running through everything that it was more stress than it was worth... everyone assumes this is your 5th alt that you're levelling up and that you have uber gear and can heal whilst moving and not bother with helping on boss 'mechanics'. I did try out a bit of dps too, but I guess I'm just too old ;) Shame really as I did love WoW years ago


No, if you buy legion you get a free 100 character. If you have, or level it to 60 you get all professions to 700 (so pick good ones and get them all). No joke, I got the last 10 levels in one day. But the end game is amazing and raiding is good as the story is the best. You also have treasure to find and world events... But... WarCrack is bad


Noooooo you guys are starting to convince me...I do have a week off after new it a pain gearing up to be at least passable for entry level raiding? Can’t even remember how I had my GUI set up for tanking...