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Blizzard Gear Black Friday sale - up to 75% off lots of items @ Blizzard Gear
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
Blizzard Gear have a sale on, lots of money off a lot of products across their games line. There are delivery costs however!

Wow that is so bad. Complain!



Ouch :( What did you buy out of curiosity? I received all my stuff last week


After the glitch: full order cancellation. Good job blizz


It seems like there's only 50 minutes left in this sale folks so Buy, BUY, BUY!

Restocked Lego 75987 Bastion Overwatch £29 on Blizzard store
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
These have been OOS for a while and were reselling for double RRP. Good time to buy if you missed out!

Have one on atm but this is excluded unfortunately


Boo doo boo doo!


can actually get it for 26.47 if you select the non tracked option


Nerf Bastion


Does anyone know if the Blizzard store ever have Black Friday discounts? Not sure if I should hold out or not (excited)

[PC] Destiny 2 - Free -
Found 2nd NovFound 2nd Nov
Destiny 2 is free until Nov 18th on the (Blizzard) client :)
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After having had three or four sessions on this game, I find it's all a bit tedious waiting for the game to connect. Is this normal, why did I download 80GB of files to wait for five minutes to play? Or is it just me?



Ok signed up, jumped through hoops, sms activations etc, claimed the game... but how do you actually download it??


So whats the additional content about? so forsaken is all the dlc? Should we just play the base game Destiny 2 before worrying about dlc? Do you think the dlc will reduce further in price?


Can I claim this offer then download it via the installer at a later date???

Overwatch League eSport Team Items up to 66% off (e.g shirts from £9.45) @ Blizzard Gear UK
Found 14th JulFound 14th Jul
This is rather a niche market, but if you're into your eSports then Blizzard Gear are having a nice sale right now on Overwatch League merch. Shirts start at £9.45, down a consider… Read more

Fusion, pft. London :p


new shirt designs and teams will be coming in season 2 so I guess that's why it's 50% off. Already have a Fusion shirt but I'm tempted by joggers.


Awesome, thanks @theworldofgames! Heat added. Been wanted some Spitfire merch for a while. There couldn't be a better time, especially as they've really returned to form in the play-offs. Some brilliant nail-biting games. #AcesHigh


I do agree that the merch RRP is a bit overpriced; the sale finally allowed me to buy things rather than wishing but never committing. But I have no such arguments against watching korea vs korea haha.. I think its really good to watch from a players perspective; and the fact they aren't just labelled as Korea means I can actually get behind a team based in where ever I want, not just Korea :p Kinda like football in that regard; hardly any English players in the top clubs nowadays for instance


£75 for replica jerseys lol. I wonder if theyve even sold 1 lol, what a rip off. Also the league is basically korea vs korea vs korea + a couple of youtubers.

[PS4/Xbox One/PC] Overwatch Free Weekend​ 25th - 29th May
Found 14th MayFound 14th May
[PS4/Xbox One/PC] Overwatch Free Weekend​ 25th - 29th May
The Overwatch Anniversary Celebration starts on 22nd May and runs until 12th June, while the Overwatch Free Weekend runs from 25th May to 29th May on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC… Read more
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Agree with you fully


I really enjoy this game on pc. Can play for hours and not get bored, mainly due to variety of heroes and abilities.


You don't as it's free gold play days during this.


shame that you need Xbox Gold subscription to play this, on Playstation its totally free.


It seems like I’m the minority cos I still really enjoy this game on pc

Overwatch Pink Mercy Skin - £12.99 (100% of purchase price goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation) - Link is for PC version only
Found 10th MayFound 10th May
I thought I would post this on here for awareness since no one else has done so yet. A very good cause and a very nice skin to boot! Every penny of the purchase goes to the Breas… Read more

I'm replying because I can, chap. Perhaps you are a slow typer, but every response takes a few seconds out of my day I'm sorry to have to tell you. I said you can stop replying, but you seem so desperate to get the last word in. Have you run out of comments regarding the ill and disabled now? Perhaps buyers remorse has set in on the overpriced skin, hey? You seem a very angry person. Perhaps change your name to madeofglass, it would be more fitting as you are extremely sensitive. Don't be mad, just focus that energy into becoming a bit more mature. (popcorn)


Jesus lad. Your uncle been round or why are you so triggered by every comment I post. I said you can have this one, why are you still determined to keep this going on...nothing else going on in your life? ;(


They have been gotten to (lol)


Nice to see you cannot practice what you preach. Predictable. (y)


Bless you, you are still trying aren't you. You seemed to miss the part where people have free will and can do as they please. Here we go, how about you not reply this time, eh?

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[PC/Mac] Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer DLC - £8.49 - Blizzard Store
Found 31st MarFound 31st Mar
35% off the Necromancer DLC. Offer valid until 9th April. Return to the mortal realms with deadly new powers of blood, bone and essence. The Rise of the Necromancer Pack une… Read more
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Necro blood lance was so op in S11


I have played Diablo III since day one and put many hours in to it. It's my go to game when I sit there wondering what to play now. I haven't played for maybe 6 months and didn;t get this upgrade yet, so this will give me some new things to do over the Easter holiday while watching the football, so good deal to me HOT!


Why should be free? I paid £12 for diablo 3 + reaper of souls whole games and they want to pay £8.50 for one character? Good calculation!


Why should it be free? It is not like it was day one DLC it came out five after release. By your own admission it is a great class you can get plenty of hours out of.It does suck that it was such a lazy addition to the game though, Reaper of souls Improved the game so much, I wish they had brought out another proper expansion and built on that. Seems the game maybe going into maintenance mode though, no big patch last season and no Druid reveal still,If ever.


£8.49 for an extra character = complete rip off. It's a great class but Blizzard should be giving it for free.

[Xbox One/PS4/PC] Overwatch Free Weekend (February 16-19th)
Found 12th FebFound 12th Feb
[Xbox One/PS4/PC] Overwatch Free Weekend (February 16-19th)
There's another Overwatch free weekend heading our way this coming Friday. It will be available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC :) Attention, recruits! If you haven't already had t… Read more
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Same weekend as Rainbow Six. Shame. R6 deserves some attention. Great game


Hopefully. Could do with a second account


Nice! Good spot!


you could just.... buy overwatch?


It felt like it was time this popped up again. How about not playing those games I paid money for (thanks HUKD), and play a game that takes rather a long time to download the update for? By the time I have played it and got a taste for it, the weekend is over, and it's months before the next taster (see free weekend history). Due to time zone differences, you can play it until 07:59 GMT on the 20th Feb. Overwatch Reviews (critics love it, users more mixed): PC Metacritic: 91% (63 critics, 6.8 from 4644 users) Xbox One Metacritic: 91% (18 critics, 5.7 from 764 users) PS4: Metacritic: 90% (31 critics, 6.3 from 1633 users)

World Of Warcraft Discounts - World Of Warcraft Legion - £19.99 and others
Found 30th JanFound 30th Jan
World Of Warcraft Discounts - World Of Warcraft Legion - £19.99 and others
Probably because of the available pre purchase of World of warcraft battle of azeroth the previous games are currently on sale. World Of Warcraft Complete Collection (all games) -… Read more

yes, basically the 5 pounds pack includes all games before legion. You can buy the starter pack and play to 100 lv but then you will need the legion to acccess further content.


do you have to buy the world of warcraft £5 starter pack too when buying Legion for the first time?


There is one reason, if it does become free, because you get a free 100 upgrade which is cheaper than buying one. You can buy multiple and have them appear on your main account. I did it with the black friday sale and now have 4 100 upgrades which will soon be upgraded to 110 when the expansion hits.


Some people might want to play the new races now rather than wait so thats the first thing about buying the games now. Another thing is that if you buy them like this now you will get 2 boosts (i mean separately) this means the boost will cost you 20 pounds while if you wait for legion to merge with the battle chest you loose that and if you wait until then the battle chest will be 10 pounds therefore the boost will cost you technically 15 pounds at the moment. But overall yeah no real point in that complete collection.


I suppose it's for those people who want to play legion now before BfA comes out. But I agree with you. Good price, but better to wait, Legion will be included in the standard game when BfA comes out.

Blizzard Holiday Discount On All Games
Found 20th Dec 2017Found 20th Dec 2017
Blizzard Holiday Discount On All Games
Blizzard has started their discounts. Great deals for anyone missing any of those games.

Also all WoW content in the store is half price (pets and mounts) no monthly subscription discount (grrr!!)


Normally sale on official site doesnt get pass onto cdkeys. So if you want it, get it now


excellent!! cheers!!


It was around 20-25 pounds on black friday from a key not sure if it was cdkeys. But on blizzard it was around 30 again.


thanks for sharing :) I've been considering getting Destiny 2 on PC but this the first time i've seen it below £30. i wonder if it might get cheaper on CDKeys now?

Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
The holiday season is almost here—get ready to spread some epic cheer! From now through November 27, 2017, we’re offering some big savings around Black Friday on the following digi… Read more

Changed the picture although people may not notice the other games that are on offer as well.


D2 standard edition will not be worth or limited content right when new expansion comes out right? Comes out soon doesn't it. So pretty pointless getting standard edition now? Correct me if I am wrong


This is a more helpful comment ;)


Same...gutted :(


Agreed, came to the deal to check this. Would have got D2 at that price!

Overwatch standard edition PC £16.99 @ EUShop
Found 17th Nov 2017Found 17th Nov 2017
Overwatch standard edition PC £16.99 @ EUShop
Seen an email sent from blizzard promoting the overwatch free weekend and seen that they have dropped the price of the game! GOTY edition also available at £24.99

Cold - I got it on steam for £4.99 last week. </sarcasm> - heat added 8)


Reviews: Overwatch PC Metacritic: 91% (63 critics, 6.8 from 4586 users) You didn't quite get the link right:


Same price GOTY edition on amazon - also get the disk Overwatch Game of the Year Edition (PC)


This is a good deal. Heat!


Great first post :) Heat added. fantastic find.

StarCraft Anthology (StarCraft and it's expansion, Brood War) - Now available
Found 27th Mar 2017Found 27th Mar 2017
StarCraft Anthology (StarCraft and it's expansion, Brood War) - Now available
Now available! To celebrate StarCraft HD, Blizzard are somewhat generously giving away the original for free. StarCraft Anthology, which includes the original game and the Brood W… Read more

I started my 1.16.1 Starcraft, updated to 1.18, a long update, huge download, and it doesn't work... Bummer


Yep! I couldnt resist any longer so played the PTR. Hopefully i can transfer to the live. So for all of you that haven't, I'll quote a marine: "Go Go Go!"


Both available to download now.


The final, non-PTR version of the 1.18 patch is now coming out today:


Ah right, misinterpretation on my part it seems, I thought it was tied in with the release of the remastered version's release.

Overwatch (PC) £24.99 @ Blizzard EU
Found 20th Dec 2016Found 20th Dec 2016
Overwatch (PC) £24.99 @ Blizzard EU
Overwatch is a team-based shooter where heroes to battle in a world of conflict Overwatch features a wide array of unique heroes, ranging from a time-jumping adventurer, to an arm… Read more
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It's expired now in case anyone was wonder :(


Or not... back up again now :)


Still this price despite the website claiming it was only until 3rd Jan, for those still interested and haven't bought already.


Had to finally bite at this price! A little treat for me after Christmas :3


I don't mind the competitive aspect, for the reasons you say - I agree with it. However I've unlocked a lot of Summer Games, Halloween and some Christmas event items and losing everything I've unlocked would be hard. I've accrued over 3000 in game credits too and am fancying the Christmas Zenyatta skin, I'd have none of that if I switched to PC. Disappointing indeed, as you say, it's all linked via the same account - so WHY????

Overwatch Origins  £29.99 @ Battlenet PC/PS4
Found 19th Nov 2016Found 19th Nov 2016
Overwatch Origins £29.99 @ Battlenet PC/PS4
£32.99 for the XBone edition as far as I can tell. I would try it first as it is free to try this weekend. It's still expensive for my taste but an excellent game, recommended b… Read more

great game but I wish the normal edition had the current 40% discount the origins edn has.


How is the official site currently the cheapest place to buy this on PC, that's just not how the world works. Look for 2 copies of this but don't think I wanna pay £30 a piece, enjoying the free weekend.

Free Mechano Spider Mount for Heroes of the Storm
Found 1st Jun 2015Found 1st Jun 2015
Free Mechano Spider Mount for Heroes of the Storm
Go to the Facebook app page and follow the instructions to claim the free mount. Web site may be very busy as this was just announced.

Thanks OP, got mine.


Comment I don't know if you're joking or not. You enter the code at


Just got my code now and no issues. Cheers!!! :) If I ever stop playing Heathstone, I will see how this HotS mount looks. Where do I enter the code in Steam? :{


I grabbed it this morning, no problem at all :) I'm a casual lvl 21 playing QM, only been playing about 2 weeks, but I'm a pretty good Muradin :D Although will be trying out the new free rotation later :P If you're up for a couple of casual games in the evenings, drop me an add? I'm just enjoying the game, win or lose, but it's all about the teamwork! :D DragonChris#2765


A lot of people are experiencing problems with it atm (including myself) as I think everyone is trying to do it at once, but hopefully it should work properly once the rush dies down...

WoW Hearthstone @ Bilzzard Ent
Found 17th Mar 2014Found 17th Mar 2014
WoW Hearthstone @ Bilzzard Ent
Found this game yesterday. Did a search on here for Hearthstone and could not find anything so I though I share. Blizzard have released a game called WoW Hearthstone. Probably f… Read more
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Just noticed, now available on ipad, and it's a very good comparison to the PC version.


I agree!


i get my ass kicked on this!


You can get it in casual as well.


Easy to learn but really hard to master it. For any WoW players (who didn't know already) you can get the Hearthstead mount which can be obtained by winning 3 matches in Ranked or Arena as the game has come out of beta

Warcraft Mists of Pandaria Online Upgrade 50% off £14.99 @ blizzard
Found 21st Sep 2013Found 21st Sep 2013
Warcraft Mists of Pandaria Online Upgrade 50% off £14.99 @ blizzard
50% off until wed

"Peaked with WotLK" means it's gone severely downhill since, so my comment still stands regarding this "deal"


So its your opinion that you shouldn't let opinions cloud your judgment ;)


The game peaked with Wotlk, the highest sub base, the most highly regarded raid, some of the best seasons of arena it's ever seen and a plethora of content. Tbc was fantastic, vanilla wasn't, don't let nostalgia and other opinions cloud your judgement. OT: Cold, extortionate price for a declining expansion.


Didn't vote either way.


As above..

WoW Warcraft  Pet: Cinder Kitten in game pet 25% reduction £6.75 @ Blizzard Entertainment
Found 30th Aug 2013Found 30th Aug 2013
WoW Warcraft Pet: Cinder Kitten in game pet 25% reduction £6.75 @ Blizzard Entertainment
For Wow gamers only - I really like the look of this companion pet, usually £9. 25% reduction on until next Wednesday. Not a bad price if you're into collecting these things.

brrrr its chilly in here! if only there was some sort of cat on fire I could spend my money on to warm me up...


As i said for WoW gamers only. It's a 25% reduction, whether you think it's silly/stupid/pointless is besides the point


Not really I put the FF post up for other people, I actually work and play football so not really time for Games like that.


Each to their own... Not my cup of tea so not voting. Final Fantasy XIV might not be considered a deal to all, but you seem to think so, 25% reduction is a 25% reduction. Keep on track.


£6.75 for a Virtual Cat REALLY???? ! Some people seriously need to get out more.

Full World of Warcraft Account for £25 Inc one month game time usually £8.99
Found 18th Jun 2013Found 18th Jun 2013
Full World of Warcraft Account for £25 Inc one month game time usually £8.99
Full World of Warcraft account for £25 and one month free game time. Always good for the Refer a friend option or if you fancy trying it out cheap. Remember its Deal and not if y… Read more

don't sell u will regreat it


If you're lucky you can find MoP in HMV for £8


I know I though that but some people may not be able to locate it. For the ease of buying online and having straight away I thought its not a bad price.


Thanks guys my mistake its been a long day ... I will change the price now :)


Good deal.. Pandaria isn't such a good deal as I got the boxed version for under £15, but the battle chest (for refer a friend) and cata. are a bargain at £4 each. And yeah, its £25 total :p