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Up to 80% off @ Square Enix
Found 5th SepFound 5th Sep
Brilliant deals including classic Eidos games but ends at midnight today so get it while it's avaliable.
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The price is a joke


terrible deals


Far to expensive


Awful :/

The Latest Deus Ex : Human Revolution - Director´s Cut [PC Download] £2.60 square-enix
Found 5th SepFound 5th Sep
Brilliant under rated game with lots of reason to buy and now incredibly good value.
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Yes, I started playing it a few days ago and it crashed after 5 minutes. Aarghh!!


Yeah I played through it on PS4 a couple of years ago, thought it was great, was a shame to run into problems. I think there was a fix to do with GPU timeout delay (or similar), but I'd got just under 2 hours play time so thought best off getting a refund.


I had a fee issues when I played it before Mankind Divided launched. Had to tweak a few settings, even on the Directors Cut. Worth looking up how to fix it as it is a great game.


It's also broken, at least for me anyway. I picked this up for a few £ the other week and had to refund it through Steam. Constant crashes.

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Lowest Price found for the brilliant Deus Ex: Invisible War [PC Download] £1 square-enix
Found 5th SepFound 5th Sep
It may have a silly name and be a bit dated but everyone should start the Deus Ex journey here.
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I never finished de2! ;( it was flawed but it wasn't that bad a game as far as i got. Was geared hard towards the consoles, but part 1 was a pc game so far more controls/ settings etc


I actually like IW a lot. Seem to be one of the few original fans that do.


The Original Deus Ex is still my all time favorite game, I escaped into that game like it was a good book! I did enjoy this one too


The first game was better but it hasn't aged too well visually. There are some enhancements to be had for it though. This has probably aged a lot better in terms of graphics. It was highly demanding and very nice looking in 2003. The main technical problems were the streaming/loading times which isn't much of a problem these days. What was most incredible about this game however was the Xbox console version. It looked absolutely stunning and amazing how they crammed the whole game onto console.


Did you like HR or MK? I consider the original Deus Ex the best gaming experience I've ever had and don't think the newer games were not anywhere close to the same quality. I haven't even finished MK and I bought it at release.

Found 12th JunFound 12th Jun
Judging by Previous Kingdom Hearts collector’s Editions on the Square Enix Store these will hold there value or even go up in value. 2 Versions Available One For £79.99 & In… Read more
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Back in stock and just ordered. They also charge £5.28 delivery. Edit: Looked up the figures, for some reason I thought they were metal. They’re cheap looking little plastic toys that people say have QC issues. Just not worth the money imo. Cancelled and bought the standard version from base £39.99.


It's exclusive only for Square Enix Store. Same happened with FF XV Ultimate Edition. Exclusive and sold out in few hours.


365 games has the deluxe edition for £69.99


JUST Pre-ordered, although£5.29 for delivery. How hilarious, but what can you do.....


I'd imagine it's going to be an exclusive, but I wouldn't be surprised to see other variants at Game, Amazon etc. You only get charged on dispatch anyway so may as well pre-order now and then make your mind up later/see if there's different versions.

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[XB1/PS4/PC] The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Free on 26 June 2018 @ Microsoft, PSN, Steam - Now live on Ms Store
Refreshed 25th JunRefreshed 25th Jun
Source: Made by DONTNOD, creators of Life is Strange: Words cannot accurately express how excited we are to reveal The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit to you! This s… Read more
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Thanks for this. I’ve just found it (highfive)


Nope. Anyone that says they guessed that code is a liar haha. The locker was pretty straightforward.


Just finished this and enjoyed it for what it was. Definitely can't complain for free and gives me high hopes for the Life is strange 2 Agree with the phone code though, very stupid as it can't even be found anywhere and gave up after about half an hour so had to Google it (annoyed) Got the shed code though :{


Yeah how in the hell would anyone get that I don't know, had to look it up too. Combination lock in shed I worked out though


Did you actually guess the code for the phone because I had to look it up, was expecting 4 digits.

FINAL FANTASY® XIV ONLINE - COMPLETE EDITION £14.99 / £17.99 at Square Enix Online
Found 4th MayFound 4th May
This bundle is the most complete edition and includes: FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood [PC] £14.99 [MAC O… Read more

The deal is over. I had expired the deal, I don't know why it still active.


is this deal still on? I click on it takes me to the site where is full price


Seems like a good deal for all the content out (next expansion is about a year away). Heat added. For those who won't be putting in too many hours at a time I'd suggest starting with the trial and only upgrading to the full version once you hit the trial's level cap of 35, assuming you can live with the limitations of trial accounts.


Maybe they hate game online


Can someone explain why this is cold please? Debating buying it

Final Fantasy VII for PC | £4.99 | @ Square Enix Store
Found 3rd MayFound 3rd May
In Midgar, a city controlled by the mega-conglomerate Shinra Inc., the No. 1 Mako Reactor has been blown up by a rebel group, AVALANCHE. AVALANCHE was secretly formed to wage a reb… Read more

You should replay it and fight the 2 weapons and breed a gold chocobo


Ruby was pretty easy/ish if you went in with two dead, I remember doing both on PS1, Emerald took forever 1M hit points, using Knights of the Round with HP/MP swap and havin Phoenix on final stand I think that's how I did it


Ruby/Emerald Weapon??


No I didn’t , I was not leveled up enough for the final battle so literally was hanging there for an hour back and forth before eventually beating him!! Amazing game along with Witcher 3


Hahahah amateur. I guess you never bumped into emerald or ruby weapon.... They were the real battles.

Mini Ninja - Steam (Free) with code at SQUARE ENIX
Refreshed 11th MayRefreshed 11th May
100% off by using the voucher code at checkout. The story in Mini Ninjas is one of magic, heroism and the importance of fellowship. Hiro is a young Ninja and the last person that … Read more

Apple geared their desktops/laptops away from gaming. Windows is the gaming OS. I thought most Mac users didn't care/had accepted this.


...click on instructions should release the code.


Had it on Xbox 360. Played for 30mins. Still. It’s free so thx OP got it again.


Got the Game, will let it on how I fare with it.


key takes a while check back in 10 minutes and then key will be there :)

Found 27th AprFound 27th Apr
The SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDER - ULTIMATE COLLECTOR'S EDITION Pre-Orders have sold out but they now have a waiting list! Also in Xbox One: https://store.eu.square-enix.com/uk/pro… Read more
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Not sure if anyone has noticed but this was available for order again earlier today. They are producing more of the ultimate edition


Square Enix is garbage due to the fact you only released the Ultimate collector edition on your site for Shadow of The Tomb Raider and is not allocated to retail shops like Best Buy or Gamestop! Companies that pull these shady scalper tactics to release there collector edition only on their site instead of allowing any customers that want to buy it now because its not sold out in that region cant import it to the states even though its the same item from a euro site. That is crappy business! Companies that operate without having a sense of their true fans dont deserve to be in business. Game companies that keep catering their collector editions to scalpers are horrible because if you made it more available at reatilers to pre order and not just your Square Enix website where many customers didnt know thats the only place the Ultimate version would be available is just a slap in the face to long time fans... Game companies you are getting worse at releasing these collector edtions and dont blame me when I show up at your office with Fire and a pitchfork! Your team that markets the collector editions are garbage and stop making millions of different versions of the packaging when fans all want equal collectors editions to be available. Its unbelievable this Ultimate editon is not offered at a store like Gamestop instead of your horrible Ubi website.. Learn not to cater to scalpers! You wanna be heartless with your collector versions then, so will I. I will lower myslef even lower and not give any concern about your company


I feel so sorry for your parents (lol) (lol)



Eh? Both other Tomb Raider games were excellent, this was very hyped up

[Steam] Mini Ninjas - Free - Square Enix
Found 27th AprFound 27th Apr
Enter code MINININJAS at checkout :) The story in Mini Ninjas is one of magic, heroism and the importance of fellowship. Hiro is a young Ninja and the last person that any… Read more

Just a heads up, this deal will be live again on Monday - https://www.reddit.com/r/GameDeals/comments/8fap8t/square_enix_na_mini_ninjas_free_giveaway_w_coupon/dy2rhe0/?context=2


Thanks for original OP in going to the effort of posting it. Unfortunately Sqare Enix screwed this up completely, barely any dowloads available and then the door was shut for some wierd reason (despite a downloadable game not really "going out of stock" in real life!) I sense that this was a PR exercise for us to notice the new Tomb Raider game, pithy really. But dont blame the original poster that Buzz gauy he wasnt to know it was a sham. I wont buy anything directly from Enix ever again now.


My annoyance was it lasted such a ridiculously short amount of time when they advertise a date it runs to being in a few weeks time. So they clearly didn't intend on providing anywhere near enough free downloads to last that time or severely underestimated how many people would want it. But the biggest frustration was their site worked fine allowing you to register but wouldn't work at all to let you get to the deal. My email link asking for confirmation of my account wouldn't work either saying the token was already used. It was a mess all round other than happy to take my details with no issue. I actually wanted this game as it was something one of my children really enjoyed years ago on the xbox when it first came out and I thought it would be good to have on the pc.


Aggressive probably (wasn't) the best term to use, but I don't understand the point mate. I didn't register specifically for this freebie, so any data they intended on harvesting they already had because I signed up to them quite some time ago. It's quite evident an allocated number of keys were assigned to this promotion and that soon exhausted. Take into account that this was mentioned heavily on Reddit and on various other websites (have a Google). I appreciate that the promo was to boost shop traffic, but I'm sure that's all it was.


I'm with you there. It does frustrate me that people register (and will possibly get spammed), to not benefit from the deal. The date clearly says closes on the 15th May, so even more frustrating. Plus I don't think you were being agressive at all.

Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
Direct from the website is the cheapest it seems: Relive the haunting music from NieR with this exclusive box set featuring four vinyl LPs with a variety of tracks (35) selected… Read more
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You can definitely play Automata without playing Nier, it's not a direct continuation of the storyline. There's even only a couple of returning characters, so you'd get more out of their story lines, but it's no way essential to have played it.


its been on the website from about nov last year, at this price .....


I'm not too bothered, if there's nothing I'd really miss - I loved the Witcher 3 having played neither of the other two.


I think SquareE said if Automata sold well they would consider it (which it sure as hell did) but the last I heard all they'd done was print a few more PS3 copies. But as someone who considers the 1st game one of their all time favourites, despite its flaws, you won't actually lose much context in Automata by not playing Gestalt, there are roughly 3 big references to the 1st game (besides the musical throwbacks), one of which is optional.


Amazing vinyl. Got it a couple of weeks ago

Final Fantasy XIV (14) on PC £17.50 @ Square - Enix
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
For newcomers to FINAL FANTASY XIV Online, this bundle is the most complete edition and includes: FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn Create your own unique FINAL FANTASY hero and… Read more
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Elder scrolls online and WoW rest are just meh atm.


You kinda made it a statement with the morons remark.....


I pay for netflix, psn and xbox live gold. It's just an opinion, you don't have to take it personally. (skeptical)


Yet the idiots demanding a monthly sub are raking in the cash. FFXI is the most profitable Final Fantasy ever and 14 is making good cash. I don't play this anymore but never felt cheated paying for it. I guess the world is just full of idiots paying for monthly subs for this, wow, spotify, xbox gold, psn+, netflix, wwe network, amazon prime and so on. Enjoy your high horse.


Sorry, no game in this world is worth paying monthly for. These buffoons are on crack demanding and expecting a monthly payment in this day and age and the morons who pay it are equally idiotic.

Square Enix Collectors Edition Sale - Star Ocean, Hitman, Tomb Raider, Just Cause, FF ETC
Found 19th Dec 2017Found 19th Dec 2017
Square are having a pretty decent sale on some of their Collectors Editions, some of which are OOS elsewhere or can only be had through their store. Just Cause 3 is particularly ch… Read more
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It got delivered to wife's shop (easier..sometimes) Awesome set Jackanape cheers for the find (y) game looks cracking on my X


I'm sorry for causing you marital woes. I took mine into the house and hid it before the wife got back from work, ha ha.


Tomb Raider turned up today. It is freaking massive. No sneaking this one past the wife...


Say no to Assassins Creed deal and feel all smug about my willpower....and order Tomb Raider (poo)


Ordered Tomb Raider. Love the statue, shame about the delivery charge. Heat added.

Square Enix Sale - FF6 £4.49 FF7 £4.99 FF9 £7.99 for PC on steam
Found 15th Dec 2017Found 15th Dec 2017
Sqaure sale, this time including the better Final Fantasy game, i.e 6, 7 and 9.
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Thanks for the indepth post, really appreciate this, thanks man. I've just set my ps2 up again so going to look into getting the FF games on PS1.


7 & 9 are my favourites, though playing them without the benefit of nostalgia could be a challenge.


The very early ones (1-3) are quite rough around the edges and even the remade 3 isn't the best in terms of an interesting story with well developed characters. These were NES-era games. IV, V and VI are more from the SNES era and when the games really start to find their footing as excellent games in their genre, with VI often considered the best in the series - certainly it is argued that it has the best story and possibly best bad guy - definitely the best of the era. IV is still a bit rough around the edges, while V is a solid good game in itself. For many people, their first FF game was one from the PlayStation Era - so VII, VIII or IX. VII regularly is held as the best in the series as well (it's a bit of a competition) overall and if I'm honest, it's my favourite - so that's a great one to start with. The story is still great, it's got a ton of side content and things to explore and it has (arguably) the second-best bad guy of the series. VIII is quite a good game, but controversial - some people hate it, some people love it. IX wasn't my favourite, but some people seem to really enjoy it. This generation is arguably when the series hit its "peak". After this, the series starts to go in a different direction somewhat. PS2-era X was the first to get a direct sequel (X-2) and many people loved the game, but some hated the voice acting it brought. XI was an MMO, so skip that. XII was polarising as it was a very different game to previous FF games, often described as "An MMORPG without the MMO", the battles become realtime instead of turn based and you have to manage your party differently. Again, some loved it and some hated it. If you start off in this generation, I'd say start with X. Xbox-360/PS3-era XIII sort of brought the series back to its roots, but dropped a lot of the exploration that made the games great. The first 2/3 of the game are extremely linear and it feels a bit like playing an interactive novel at times, with battles dotted throughout. Not a good one to start the series with. XIV is an MMORPG that's still going strong today - give it a go if you like MMO's, but it's nothing like other Final Fantasy games. XV is the latest in the series, so reviews are still fresh for the game. It has some fans, but still doesn't hit the "magic" of the earlier games. TL;DR Start with VII or VI, VII if you want awesome (albeit dated) CGI cut scenes and the best gameplay, or start with VI if you want what's possibly the best story. NONE of the games (Bar the direct sequels) relate to each other in any way.


As someone who has never played final fantasy whats a good one to start with? Or should I start witg the first and play all the way up to the latest one?


VII will always be my favourite, could never get in to the junction system on VIII. FFIX was an awesome game too, put the fantasy in final fantasy. If you have a ps vita they are normally on sale for 3.99 for all the games. Another great jrpg series is suikoden they normally go for less for the first two games around £2.50!

Square Enix UK/EU Store Relaunch Sale (Steam Games, merchandise)
Found 18th Oct 2017Found 18th Oct 2017
Lots and lots and lots of games, merch, DLC for sale. No pre-orders though. I don't know where or what to begin listing. Old (classic) games from £1.25 Sleeping Dogs definitive e… Read more

Heat from me, they got Play Arts Kai Kat n Carter from Halo Reach for a reasonable £23 each. Jun still £35 though.


While not necessarily a deal, I noticed a way to avoid the horrendous postage! If you bundle items which are released currently with a pre-order item in your basket, you get postage Free! - Though yuo will have to wait until the Pre-order item is released before getting all items. What I did: I bought the Final Fantasy VIII Vinyl set on sale & also bought it with my pre-order for the NieR Replicant/Automata Vinyl set coming out in December. In doing so I avoided the £5 Postage, but in having it packed with the release of the NieR Set, I will have to wait until December for both products... which I don't mind really. Heat from me (embarrassed)


Seen some Kingdom Hearts things I’m DEFINITELY going to purchase! Heat


I have spent over 2 grand on their webstore I swear ;.;


"Sale" is terrible, but the site itself is much worse.

HITMAN - Play the beginning for free (PC/PS4/Xbox One)
Found 20th Jun 2017Found 20th Jun 2017
Try HITMAN for FREE and become the Master Assassin! Play everything in the first location from the game. Experiment, Improvise, try things and have fun: Welcome to The Playground… Read more

​That's not true. I played the demo yesterday and it's in my cart ready to buy now and it's in the sale.


Please help a bruvva out, I can not for the life of me find the DL button!




Free on Xbox anyway


Man I miss free demos. Waiting each month to get the Playstation Magazine and playing each game on it till death.

Square-Enix Discovery and Friends Easter Bundle Sale from £3.99 for Bronze Pack
Found 15th Apr 2017Found 15th Apr 2017
Another Square-Enix Steam Easter Bundle coming with the promise of buying one pack and receiving an extra 10 additional codes. Considering each pack is 8 steam games, I am not sure… Read more

actually i got lucky and went around the system. ordered 15 bronze packs per 1 voucher code. giving me 150 steam keys.


Dunno why this is cold, its not like square would give you 88 seperate game keys for as little as £3.99 surely? So it makes sense theyd give you 11 steam keys for bundles of 8 games. If money is tight why not split the cost of £3.99, £6.99 or £13.59 between 11 of you then? Seriously i dont get this site sometimes.


Incidentally, if anyone is willing to trade some codes for ones from other packs (admittedly not same value, but help each other out) I am game. Just PM me!


Ok. So Steam keys appear to be a single steam key for all the games in one. Then you receive a series of coupons which you can give to others. They can redeem this using the following link: https://store.eu.square-enix.com/w/discovery-sale/redeem And then redeeming the code as long as you have account and haven't bought before. Amusingly you can actually redeem all the codes through 1 account that has not bought the product before.