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Posted 5 December 2022

eufy security eufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit Security - £129.99 with voucher sold by AnkerDirect FB Amazon

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eufy security eufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit Security Camera Outdoor, Wireless Home Security System with 180-Day Battery Life, HomeKit Compatibility, 1080p HD, IP67, Night Vision, No Monthly Fee
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    I watched a tiny bit of the LTT stream a few days ago, they claim they have found another researcher who found a short url that shows lots of Eufy customer camera links and at a click of a button you have a live view.
    How true that is I don't know but I'm sure LTT would have checked this up considering how wrong they was at the start..... then again they was wrong at the start haha
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    I bought the 2 Pro from a previous offer.
    These are outdoor cameras, so from a security aspect even if someone hacks in to them all it will show is:
    Front camera : neighbours dog pissing on my car

    Rear cameras: neighbours cats fighting in the garden over dead pigeons.
    Seriously guys, these are a good deal and if I did not buy the previous offer I would jump at these.
    If someone hacks them, that's a backdoor into your home network. Be careful with cheapo internet devices, especially from companies you can't/don't trust.
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    Wouldn't recommend right now.

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    Eufy have a great security flaw which is apparently as designed so will not be fixed. If you reset the camera from the camera it deletes all the videos it has stored automatically, no user intervention or protection.

    Burglar can simply format your footage (from that camera) from outside your house with just his finger, no hack, not knowledge needed. If they then take the camera or simply prevent you from adding it back (break it) that's all the footage gone.

    Personally having footage locally or on the cloud should be safe from this sort of action.

    This is outside any cloud data or face recognition legal issues

    An update seems to be rolling out to fix this. I think Eufy is in PR panic mode right now and fixing all the vulnerabilities they can. Even if they’re issues that should have been fixed years ago when they knew about them.

    In any case, a Reddit user just posted this image so I imagine we will see this update soon in our cams.

    Comments seem to indicate it’s only for outdoor cams. I think indoor cams are less of an issue but still, why not just apply it to all cams?
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    Eufy have been caught lying to their customers.
    They store images and videos online and it's easy to access for people who know how.

    Until they fix these issues and get audited I would avoid Eufy
    Well I'm sure the auditors will inform you personally when the investigation is over,,as they will be worried, what do you think Alexa? (edited)
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    Would not buy anything security related now. Android central have removed them as a recommendation due to the security flaws.
    Linus Tech tips removed it too
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    It’s worth noting that that the battery life should be taken with a pinch of salt , mine don’t last anywhere near what is claimed , even the one in an area that sees hardly any movement, app is quite good. While there is some debate over the hack / methods used the fact is Eufy lied about it. (edited)
    I have to say, I’ve had landscapers in for about 2 weeks and I’m shocked it’s basically been recording half of every day non-stop and still got some battery left!

    But you’re right, the battery claims are a huge stretch. That said, I still get about 4 months out of my 2K 2 Pros and that’s with the longest recording time and 5s retrigger. It’s still pretty impressive.
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    Most electronic products have flaws and can be compromised. And in reality the Eufy system can be compromised, but it is not easy.
    However, with this it's down to do you trust the manufacturer? (edited)
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    I wouldn't get this anymore after reading this. They upload feed to the cloud and it can be accessed remotely by anyone if they try to hack in.
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    If giving as gifts, remember to make note of the serial number of each camera and the key ZXSecurity17Cam@ and then you can view the live stream at anytime, anywhere in VLC:
    github.com/Fuz….md (edited)
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    Does the homebase give you the ability to arm/disarm cameras based on geofencing?
    Yes it does
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    To be honest, I think people are just venting, there is alsorts of skulduggery going on around us, we know about this one, think about the ones you don't, and believe me, there have been many, even with some of the big players, so to be honest, something or nothing, your choice, I dread to think what all the companies are doing with the data, it's there wet dream.
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    living on the edge

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    Very good deal
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    Can footage be deleted from your hub if the cameras are registered to a new hub?
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    I think it's a brilliant unit. I have 3 cam and the door bell. Was going to get the security alarm and contacts but house came with its own. Brilliant item and have ebeen using for 1658 days. Notification are spot on and works a treat where ever I am in the world.. Geofencing will arm and dis arm system but I manually choose home or away myself and what unit to activate is away.
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    Bear in mind that the Eufy home base does not have an integrated battery. So if you were to buy additional Eufy stuff to use as a house alarm, all a burglar needs to do is find the home base and unplug it. Eufy have since released a battery add-on, which can also be unplugged just as easily.

    For comparison, the Ring home hub has a (up to) 24 hour integrated battery, the Yale smart alarm has a 8 hour or so battery backup
    Hide it lol
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    Honestly, it's hilarious to look at all these "what if" scenarios, because the common burglar or thief is tech savvy to know what they are doing.

    Some crackhead off the estate is pinching stuff from a house but hey they are going to take the time to turn the homebase off or steal the doorbell or press sync or whatever, so you lose all recordings.

    Eufy's track record on security for their security products is patchy - owner of the Dual Doorbell here. It doesn't bother me too much about the news that came out lately, but I would be lying to say if I wasn't concerned ever so slightly.

    They definitely need to fix their unencrypted API calls as well as come up with a better way to avoid using the cloud for the push notifications with images.
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    Thanks OP, this is a great deal. I have six cameras and 3 base stations, working flawlessly and great battery life (several months on default video settings). That said, I'd highly recommend the solar panel add-on for £35 per camera, which work really well: amazon.co.uk/gp/…3W2

    Personally I won't touch the Netgear Arlo range again, due to incredibly short battery life, random disconnects and no more than a few days up-time between charging. (edited)
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    Well. One day you come out of your house and surprisingly knew that the catalytic converter of the car had been gone. You should ask yourself why we let the thief easily to steal it and where the police patrol around our area. Then, I would buy any of these crap things just to sound the alarm when motion is detected. Believe me you will not care about the security flaw of the camera if your converter is stolen.
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    Does the home base need to be physically connected to your router or does it connect via WiFi?
    Sorry I've no idea about how these work
    A heads up, eufy have been implicated in some extremely serious privacy violations. So if you aren't sure, try to steer clear if them