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Posted 19 December 2022

eufy security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, 2K Resolution £89.99 @ Sold by AnkerDirect UK & Fulfilled by Amazon

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eufy security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, 2K Resolution, No Monthly Fees, Local Storage, Human Detection, Wireless Chime Requires Existing Doorbell Wires and Installation Experience, 16-24 VAC, 30 VA
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    I don't know why anyone would buy or use one of these now after the recent admission that they're uploading everything virtually unencrypted to the cloud even if you say no and despite them saying that they didn't.

    Eufy cameras can be remotely viewed without authentication, …Images and associated user information is exposed on publicly-accessible servers, …Encryption keys are exposed in unsecured API calls, and …User data does not seem to be deleted off the publicly-accessible systems after notifications are delivered—or indeed even after the account is deactivated/deleted! (edited)
    Are there any alternatives you can recommend? Was considering a Eufy due to not needing a subscription but these issues you mentioned are alarming for something supposed to help improve security.
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    I dont know how to wire these things si I will never get one....sad
    There's little to wire with this one, just need to thread the power cable to the outside of the property (it ends in a standard UK plug) and then connect wirelessly to the router. DM me if you have questions, more than happy to help
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    I have this door bell:

    It rings
    Stores locally with no charge
    Can set proximity
    Battery capacity is okay
    Video recordings at night are okay quality

    Doesn’t work with Alexa , android tv or google nest (as far as I know)
    Slow connection - if I’m out and some one rings, they’re long gone before my phone connects to speak with them.
    Also noticed, that the notifications don’t always come through when someone rings, often coming in a few hours later
    2K, model T8210 Works with Alexa Show 8 (2nd) also 4K Firestick.
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    I know it is better that Ring, but is it possible to stop sharing videos with eufy and watch them over a home vpn or something instead?
    Even though this is more reliable than Ring pro, it's still doesn't always capture people coming right up to the front door plus the motion sensor don't detect movement IE people etc at end of path by gate, even on highest sensitivity at approximately 5 to 6 meters. Which Ring pro usually picked up!
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    Throw away all your Eufy cameras right now
    (The company is now deleting its privacy and security policies)

    tbh there's no point. If you've already got them they know everything they need to know now. They know the layout of your home and have scanned enough facial pictures to already add them to the database with enough confidence, might as well just carry on using them.
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    Imagine walking through town where you are tracked and followed by several dozen CCTV cameras, whilst using web searches on your mobile phone that is filled with trackers and location monitoring, followed by a post or 2 on public social media, only to come home and be overly paranoid about your doorbell. (edited)
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    Does this still have the issue where if someone pushes the reset button on the doorbell, it deletes all the locally stored videos?
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    For those considering a battery version over a wired one, if WiFi is limited then the battery ones won't work anywhere near as well as this will, because transmit power is so limited that even 4 Metres from the hub can mean intermittent or even no connection at all when trying to use the doorbell and it gets even worse when using cellular data.
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    Got this as a replacement to my ring pro which lasted only 2 yrs. It only catches half of the motion detection and is slow to load up compared to ring. It also misses out the first 5 seconds of motion for the recording. (edited)
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    I’d be wary about buying Eufy now because of the weak security. I have one and I used to value it but with the recent security lapses, I’m thinking of moving away.

    Also, like others have said, it does seem to miss things.

    There’s no control over the facial recognition settings and it seems to now tune my family out. Maybe that helps with storage but not for family to check if we’ve got home safely.
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    Had one of these for over a year, started off fairly well but now it catches people walking on the path infront of the house (10m away) but completely misses people walking up to the door unless they press the bell.
    Eufy support are utterly useless as well. I suspect it’s something to do with their AI, there’s about 1100 events and the AI has filtered around 1050
    U can tune it in settings