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Posted 12 February 2024

Eufy Video Doorbell E340 with chime

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- Dual Cameras, Double Security

- Colour Night Vision

- 2K HD

- Battery or Wired

- Wireless Chime

- No Monthly Fee

- 8 GB Local Storage

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The eufy E340 Video Doorbell with chime combines security with convenience and requires no monthly fee to access its full features.

With dual cameras, the eufy eliminates the bottom blind spot to ensure extra security. Package, human and face recognition are all included in the S340. With 8 GB local storage included, the E340 doorbell is easy to set up and use, straight out of the box.

Dual Cameras, Double Security: Two cameras work together to deliver advanced viewing. The front-facing camera focuses on people, while the downward-facing camera fills in the gaps with a view of the floor in front of your door.

Color Night Vision for a Clear View : Introducing the industry's first dual-light system paired with an advanced light capturing and processing algorithm. Less blur than previous iterations of night vision and a significantly increased clear nighttime viewing distance of up to 16 ft (5 m).

See What Matters in 2K Full HD Clarity: 2K clarity reveals more details. Get clear and detailed visuals of your doorstep and anyone who drops by.

Battery or Wired, Your Choice: Choose battery mode for easy installation or choose wired mode to eliminate charging altogether. Comes with a quick-release battery pack, keep a spare for quick swaps and to avoid any downtime due to charging.

Wireless Chime with microSD Expandability: Hear the chime throughout your home, receive real-time notifications when someone rings the doorbell, choose from 8 sounds, and add a microSD card up to 128 GB for storing footage.


Resolution: 2K
Night Vision: Color Night Vision
Smart AI: Human, Package, Face Detection
Audio: Two-Way Audio
Power: Rechargeable Battery or Hardwired
Connectivity: 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
Local Storage: 8GB
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  1. s2bounce's avatar
    Rubbish doorbell with many issues
    1- battery drains away rapidly if you have the led lights switched on when it detects movement in the evening
    2 - lots of false detections especially in the evening
    3 - Eufy have tried to push through various different updates and they have failed to fix the issues
    4 - detects passing vehicles as human movement and drains battery
    5 - detecting packages is bollox as it doesn't detect 99% of the oarcel that have been left on my doorstep or been delivered and eufy tells me it is because the parcel was not the correct shape

    I've been part of a forum where we all had the same issues, the doorbell fsils to detect movement in the detection zone 90% of the time.

    The 1080p battery doorbell I had was a lot better.
    richie147uk's avatar
    I don’t have any of these issues…
  2. FIREDEALS's avatar
    Anyone on RING pay monthly subscription prices are going up to a fiver a month in March. Cancel the subscription asap and buy 1 year plan for £34.99 will work out £2.91 rather then the rip off fiver a month from RING
    cynikill's avatar
    Or just cancel it totally and tell ring to shove their 42% price increase up their ring.
  3. SeanRTK's avatar
    DKB07's avatar
    Absolute legend, thanks for tagging me, now to find someone with a membership
  4. andysmith69's avatar
    Also £120 at Currys if you don't have a Costco membership.

    Russatmos's avatar
    That looks to be this E340 but I was unable to see a model number in the specs. It's the same though is it?
  5. ps3ud0's avatar
    What's the privacy/security issues now like? When I was last looking for a video doorbell this had just come on the market but we scared away.

    SeanRTK's avatar
    I think with any device you connect to the internet you're going to get privacy/security issues. As long as you're not making love on your doorstep most nights I think you'll be fine.
  6. richie147uk's avatar
    I have this and am really pleased with it. Mine is wired in and the response times are impressive with hardly any delay. Records to an SD card within the wireless chime. Shows caller… and if they have left a parcel. 2 way audio…. and most importantly No Subscription Required!
    3LeggedDog's avatar
    Does it capture a few seconds before someone comes to the door?
  7. bargains496's avatar
    Is it available in store? Or just online?
    Bargain.Queen's avatar
    I just called local store.....full price instore.
  8. The_Kurgan's avatar
    Anybody have any experience of getting this wired in, where no wiring currently exists? I understand you need to buy a 24v transformer for this, so I'd be grateful for any recommendations. I'm in touch with an electrician too. Alternatively I've seen you can plug this into a standard socket using a power /transformer supply. Dont really want to install and rely on the battery
    tmahmood4810's avatar
    I suggest getting the Ring Plug in Adapter, currently £20.99 on Amazon
  9. wubba-lubba-dub-dub's avatar
    Great, gone for it! From research, it looks like I can combine it with homebase 3. So will look out for a deal on that now.
    SeanRTK's avatar
    If you download the eufy security app and make an account. Then search through the deals on there you can get it for £105, I got it last week.

    hotukdeals.com/sha…332 (edited)
  10. garlick_bread's avatar

    I currently have a ring wired doorbell

    Does anyone know how easy it is to change it to this eufy wired doorbell?

    SeanRTK's avatar
    Very easy I'd imagine. Isolate the power, take old one down, install this one, reinstate power. Download eufy app, pair device, job done.

  11. nc2022's avatar
    Is there an app for this, working the same way the ring doorbell does to view footage remotely or is it just you connect to it via Bluetooth to view the footage?
    SeanRTK's avatar
    There is an app yes. Works the same way as ring. Lots of useful videos on YouTube to watch where they show you how to install and use them, some videos even compare them to other doorbells like ring etc.

    Here is just ones example but there are loads on there...

  12. Justsuperman's avatar
    Think I’m gonna buy this and cancel ring as this seems a better deal to me
  13. 1VR46's avatar
    Probably gonna cancel ring and get one of these
  14. bargains496's avatar
    Mine has arrived and installed. Cancelled Ring subscription right away.
  15. Starman's avatar
    Good price for those who want to take the plunge! - However just checked my Ring doorbell my annual sub renews 03/03 whereas the price increase starts from 11/03 so I think I'll do another year out of my Ring and look for a replacement later in the year. (edited)
    SWERVE_79's avatar
  16. The_Kurgan's avatar
    Fantastic price. Was expecting it to drop to £119 but this is even better. Ordered and used a £10 voucher they gave me for a previous cancelled order to get it for £99. 😁
  17. Quicklite's avatar
    Ahhhh just got it (without the £35 chime) last week from Amazon at £119.

    Edit: after installing, it has a built in chime inside. But annoys the neighbour more than it's effective as a standalone one would be chime wise. Guess will have to get a S380 hub to be the chime. (edited)
    Bargain.Queen's avatar
    Can you return the amazon one within the 30 day returns policy? (edited)
  18. wubba-lubba-dub-dub's avatar
    Thanks, I found it. I have bought the Eufy airtag things before, so guess that qualified me. I'm looking forward to getting rid of the nest app now. Good product, but too expensive (£12/month for me).
  19. jonspurs's avatar
    For all those on the fence, watch this review (and check out his other thorough doorbell reviews) to decide for yourself:
  20. DudleyDualFlush's avatar
    Showing as oos at the minute
    SeanRTK's avatar
    Still available...

  21. JamesD86's avatar
    Currently showing as out of stock. Fingers crossed for some more stock in
  22. GapsOfTheGod's avatar
    Cheaper than I was expecting it to be! Thanks, been waiting for this one.
  23. Toomsey's avatar
    Hopefully Amazon price matches soon. I don't have a Costco membership
    danielwhicks's avatar
    You can get an online only for £15 if worth it for you, chime alone would be £35!
  24. chetspar's avatar
    eufy 2K Video Battery Doorbell with HomeBase 2 16GB Local Storage

    Where is the difference (edited)
    wendy07's avatar
    You can add more stuff to the homebase.
  25. jasonq794's avatar
    What's the difference between all the difference Eufy Doorbells? I looked at the comparison on their website, and other than 1080p or 2k video, battery or wired, they all seem the same. They can all hold footage locally with an SD card
    J4m3s.B0nd's avatar
    There's also the new dual cam doorbells.
    Inbuilt storage on the device or you can store via SD card inserted in to the chime or use the appropriate homebase.
  26. SubPop's avatar

    Exactly what I was looking for.. Does this allow you setup zones so it only alerts when someone is walkiong to your house rather walking past your house? (edited)
  27. turbocat's avatar
    benfromlondon's avatar
    Congratulations - not sure about second Eufy one, but you can use Amazon Echo devices as a chime. (edited)
  28. Chrissybh0y's avatar
    Doesn’t work with Alexa does it ? Also hear it lags
    benfromlondon's avatar
    Pretty sure it does work with Alexa. I have the 1080p battery version and use Echo Dots as chimes and echo show to image. Echo show is a pretty slow though.
  29. lucyferror's avatar
    Looks tempting but night vision is poorly (only 2 max 3 meters) and bottom camera which supposed to recognize parcels only works with brown boxes (amazon) so a bit pointless :/
  30. jungleboy123's avatar
    hot uk doorbell deals this week..... Bring on the HUDD! (edited)
  31. Benneh's avatar
    Thanks, bought one!
  32. Hcrom's avatar
    I’m currently on the previous model of Eufy doorbell, has anyone ungraded to this and can comment on whether it’s worthwhile ?? TIA
  33. XYZ787's avatar
    Could this connect to the Homebase 2?
  34. aviva's avatar
    Wouldn't touch Eufy with a bargepole. Full of flaws, hacks and security loopholes.
  35. Rocketronnie7's avatar
    I have the blink doorbell and the flood light cam at the front cam and an outdoor out the back polus a normaql one in the hallway for the chime.

    The only cam that is instant is the hall way one... I have a 200 quid gaming router but it only connects to 2g and internet is 900 down 100 up.

    Alll the cameras are slow to connect 30 secs ish the delivery driver has already gone lol...

    Been thinking whats my best soulution?
    jonspurs's avatar
    Get a wired solution.
  36. Turbonav's avatar
    Good deal
  37. suniil's avatar
    I would like to know the same as well. If anyone tried the POE version of Reolink?
  38. Karamazov's avatar
    samela's avatar
    Not true, the chime(mini homebase) is expandable via SD card up to 128gb. (edited)
  39. SeanRTK's avatar
    Mine has just arrived
  40. hamspam's avatar
    I ordered this a few days ago before it expired, but it still says processing order. Anyone one else had this issue with Costco?
's avatar