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Posted 13 February 2024

Eufy X10 Pro Omni Robot Vac and Mop Via App

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Due to be release soon at £799, but can be purchase now for £599 via the Eufy app (see pictures) for a massive £200/25% discount! For those who are not on the app, then a voucher acn be purchased from Eufy for £1 which can be redeemed up to the 9th April 2024.

Make sure you subscribe as a member on their site too in advance of purchasing the robot vac/mop and also get 2 free bottles of Eufy Floor Cleaning Solution (worth £25.99) and double eufyCredits when you buy X10 Pro Omni.

Product specifications:

It's a robot vacuum designed specifically for pet hair and dust.

This isn't just any vacuum, it's a MopMaster robovac. It has a whopping 8,000 Pa suction. That's a lot of power for such a small machine.

One of the best things about it is the hands-free cleaning. You can just set it up and let it do its thing. No need to keep an eye on it all the time.

It's also got AI obstacle recognition. This means it can navigate around your home without bumping into things. It's pretty smart, right?

If you've got pets, you're going to love the Pro-Detangle Combo. It's designed to handle pet hair without getting all tangled up.

And it's not just for pet hair. It can handle crumbs and even deep carpet debris. It's like having a professional cleaner in your home.

So if you're looking for a powerful, spotless home, consider upgrading to the X10 Pro Omni. Say goodbye to pet hair and hello to a cleaner home.
Eufy More details at
Eufy has currently £40 Off a £200 spend, plus the referrer gets a £40 Amazon gift card campaign, if you want to use it you can do so from this .
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  1. goretex's avatar
    Tempted but spending a £600 robot vac with no reviews is like buying a pig in a poke!
    k9plus1's avatar
    eufy is a respectable make - i guess you could assume at the very worst it performs as other average robot mops.
  2. Jeimu3u's avatar
    I’m trying to register for the double cleaning fluid but I keep getting a 429 error?
    Jason's avatar
    I had the same problem and it turns out i'm registered with Anker and the login is shared. If you try to login it should show you this way.
  3. Kompressor's avatar
    Hands up if you clicked on this because you thought it was a water-cooled sega megadrive...
  4. daf00's avatar
    How would this handle navigating about upstairs where there is a an open staircase and a spindle-less bannister (so it could fall either down the stairs or over the edge where the bannister is)? (edited)
    Cyb's avatar
    It has zero legs. There will be no navigating upstairs.

    Your stairs sound super scary but I imagine it has inbuilt sensors that can cope with suicidal thoughts.
  5. agitatedclimax's avatar
    "It can handle crumbs ..." Wow!
    Godspeed's avatar
  6. Ik65's avatar
    I've reserved this previously but good tip on registering on the website
  7. Cyb's avatar
    A MOP? Be still my beating heart!
  8. Cyb's avatar
    Thanks OP. I can't afford it really (waiting on 32 cookers to be delivered) but I've reserved it for £1.

    Enjoy my free £1 Eufy.
  9. lfcfooty71's avatar
    Can anyone recommend one of a similar spec plz guys
    heygee's avatar
    I have only started to look around at getting one myself and those of a similar spec are almost double the price! I Went ahead and reserved the £200 voucher for now and still on the market for one so would be interested if you do find one better before I bite the bullet and purchase this in April
  10. Optom's avatar
    I have Evovacs Deebot Omni T20.
    I think very similar spec. But it's a great addition to my home. It's on schedule to hoover and mop every night.
    Well worth the money we spent. We've had it since September 2023.
    DealHunted1988's avatar
    When you say hoover...do you mean on hard floor or carpet? I'm looking for one that would be great on carpets but not sure if something will have the same power as a proper vacuum for carpets.
  11. kharma45's avatar
    I am quite tempted by this. The idea of it actually being able to mop is quite appealing.
    Cyb's avatar
    I take it there are safeguards in place to stop it from mopping your carpet? Or is this appliance just for floorboards?
  12. Jason's avatar
    Comparing this to similar items, this seems to me to be a great price. The 8000Pa looks really good.

    I've decided to reserve for £1 in the hope i'll still be as keen when I can preorder.

    Thanks for posting
  13. Akama's avatar
    Still running my eufy 11 (one battery change) after 8 years. Pop The Who pinball wizard on the stereo and off it goes bouncing off walls to the perfect soundtrack. But always collects the dust. (edited)
    Cyb's avatar
    > Pop The Who pinball wizard

    Took me about 7 reads before I figures out what that meant
  14. Grazz0r's avatar
    Personally I prefer seeing reviews of things before I buy them, as it's a gamble buying something which could potentially be poor or defective (unless you can return it of course).
    chinds's avatar
    Video reviews are available on YouTube.
  15. ruffedgrouse's avatar
    "Due to be released soon at £799" - Yeah but for how long will it actually stay that price before they reduce it? They might even keep the £200 "discount". Typical marketing tactic to create artificial price anxiety and increase fear of missing out.
    furi0n's avatar
    Going by other comments even at £799 it’s significantly cheaper than competitors for similar functionality.
  16. SexyKris's avatar
    How does this compare to the Deebot?
  17. Edwardee's avatar
    It looks like the latest deebot x2 , squard shape and similar design. 599£ is a deal
  18. mrbg07546's avatar
    I’ve got the x9. What’s the diff
  19. Milek's avatar
    I am tempted to get this one. I want to keep omni base downstairs, can I take robot on it own upstairs to do cleaning and moping?
    Jason's avatar
    The details for the X9 say you can do this but you need to take the station up to the floor too to do the initial mapping.

    I guess you'd then just place it in the mapped area and it then does its thing by recognising the area.
  20. guyvan's avatar
    Here for the replies.

  21. WhoSaidThistoyou's avatar
    I was about to buy the RoboVacs T20 but now this has come on the market....which one!?!?
    ChelseaRae's avatar
    I’d go with the Eufy - £300 cheaper and 2000Pa stronger suction, so it’s no brainer IMO! As a bonus I also think it looks nicer but that’s personal preference. 
  22. Timothy_Evans's avatar
    How do you buy this through the app? Which Eufy app is it? Can't see an option to buy?
    WhoSaidThistoyou's avatar
    You cn only pre order it atm
  23. Mentos's avatar
    If you only have hard floors and tiling is this still the best bang for buck?

    Im wondering if I’d be better of focussing on the Mop function. Perhaps save some money. As we also have a Dyson V11 so crumbs/spills get collected straight away, meaning there isn’t much debris to be picked up.

    Also I presume this would be able to map 3 floors? And I could just take it upstairs and set it off when the kids are at school. (edited)
  24. e_aussie's avatar
    anything good but affordable without moping function?
  25. Jason's avatar
    They've announced this new S1 Pro model which looks really good and without the lidar on the top might make going under sofas etc much better.

    Anyone seen prices yet?! eufy.com/uk/…pro
's avatar