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Inspiron 24 - 5475 All-in-One Dell outlet New Unused Product - £340 delivered
Found 9th JulFound 9th Jul
Previously cold at £415 so this may heat up a little. Expires at mid-night code DOAIO2430 Dell outlet but New Unused Product Link probably won't work as its Dell Outlet so its unde… Read more

This pc would do for that, no need to spend £500. However I would recommend getting one with an “ssd” 120gb+ as they speed up the pc.


Yep, it has 1x hdmi in and 1x hdmi out port.


I’m in desperate need for a new desktop as my runs slower than a steam engine however I am not technical at all. Can someone help tell me what one is best please. I use eBay and browse the Internet. I don’t watch films or listen to music through it. I would like a large screen and recently saw the acer? Desktop package which looked good. Any help greatly appreciated. I wanted to spend no more than £500. Thanks


Actually - anyone know if you could connect another screen to this?


It'll do much more than that. Great price OP. Great way for me of getting 3x screens (with existing PC + 2 screens) neatly onto the desk.

12% Off on Dell Outlet for Home & Business Systems
Found 27th JunFound 27th Jun
72 Hours Only

Any new dell outlet codes. Want to order alienware R7 i7 8700. Thanks


I've probably had half a dozen or so systems from the Outlet (some for me, some for family) and have yet to be disappointed. Even the scratch and dent are in good condition (and at a decent discount). My advice would be to keep an eye and get a feel for prices. Some are posted at better prices than others and then the odd discount code can make for some really good bargains. I recently missed out on an Alienware Aurora R7 with dual 1080ti's for circa £2k delivered (there was a 15% code that took the edge off a bit!) - that was a cracking bargain!


I've had 3 desktops and 4 laptops from the outlet over the last 10 years or so - mostly 'scratch & dent' but I can only remember one laptop that had an extremely minor blemish to the underside. Not a single issue with any of them either.


I've only ever bought one, but it was perfect in terms of condition


I've bought maybe 15 systems for ourselves, family and friends. The first was in 2003/4. The certified refurbs have been as good as brand new in a plain box. The first I bought (as a student) was a scratch and dent, I was never sure, but I think it referred to an imperceptible blemish on the dell logo on the lid. All have been functionally 100% perfect.

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Alienware Aurora R7 - i7-8700 - 8GB RAM - 1TB HD - 6GB GTX 1060 @ DELL OUTLET
Found 9th JunFound 9th Jun
Scratch and Dent Alienware Aurora R7 Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-8700 (6 Core, 3.2 GHz, 12MB Cache, 65W) Windows 10 Home (64bit) 8GB (1x8GB) 2666MHz DDR4 Non- ECC 1 TB SATA3 512E Ha… Read more

Haha, thanks for the image :D


Enjoy your new alien computer...


I received the computer yesterday, and couldn't be happier. There is a small scratch on the right side of the case, but other than that it's immaculate. The Alienware still has the official wrapping on too. Thanks again OP for posting this deal!


I agree. I only have an rx 480 so not a lot of point worrying about which cpu, its all the same as long as its 'enough'. People keep banging on about intel gaming lead but unless you use a 1080 ti its little diff. I dont think 10 nm will be up to much before 2020 and even then I doubt its gonna be 'better' than ryzen 7nm. The lappy chips released so far are slower than 14 nm versions.. Intel have only just hired jim keller,thats how far away they are from a new arch. They are cannibalising the big xeons to combat thread ripper 2, (thats gonna be a loser,they are massive dies). No point upgrading a 6700K for years yet anyway. I like the non K 4770 at £125 ish cos the ram costs £40 for 2x8 (if you can walk into a cex and pick it) and you can get new cheap boards but other than that I would go with ryzen. If you settle on a big 7nm ryzen you will be able to get boards for YEARS.It will be many moons before another jump like that occurs. But we shall see. 1st gen ryzen 1600's go ~115 on ebay, maybe 155 with a b350 board. The 2600 new build is~£30 dearer than the i5 8400 build (but has a decent cooler). Laters.


As a deal hunter whose main use of their computer is gaming I'm in a difficult spot. The 9th gen CPU's are coming out soon (Q2/Q3 2018) which is ridiculous and, like you say, makes the current chipset obsolete and no value for money. At the same time, AMD are still behind in gaming Benchmarks but ahead in almost everything else - 7nm won't be out until next year though. However, Intels 10nm is superior to AMD's 7nm....if they ever manage to release it. Things are a bit too unpredictable either way for me personally to invest in either for the long term. I'm still using my 6700k 3 years later. I honestly think the best bet for a budget builder at this point may be to look backwards rather than forward, going down the Xeon Route or just an older i7 3770k if you can find them cheap enough. That, or build a very cheap "This will do for now" Ryzen 2/Coffee Lake. I don't know why I'm even worrying - I game at 4k so my CPU is almost irrelevant for my frames lol

DELL Inspiron 15 - 5579 2 in 1 Touch Screen - i7-8550U Windows 10 Pro 16GB RAM 512GB SSD UHD GFX Backlit KB 15.6" FHD IPS £564.96 @ DELL OUTLET
Found 9th JunFound 9th Jun
Certified Refurbished Inspiron 15 - 5579 2 in 1 Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-8550U (Quad Core, up to 4.00 GHz, 8MB Cache, 15W) Windows 10 Pro (64bit) 16GB (1x16GB) 2400MHz DDR4 Non-E… Read more

You whole point is to take offence on behalf of someone who gave me a like for my comment. I wrote, "This is an ignorant statement." I did not not call others ignorant. You are a liar because you said, "My whole point was that you should be less combative and quick to call others ignorant." I did not use the first person. As an analogy: "This is a long statement." This does not mean that I said the person is long. A dictionary definition of this "ignorant" as an adjective for the noun "statement" is: lacking knowledge. The statement was ignorant because it lacked knowledge (W/Hr and duration). I dislike your malice intensively and moreover, I dislike your allegation that I was combative, your statement is better used to describe yourself in having a go at me unfairly in the first place, especially the tone of you referencing that £900 laptop.


My whole point was that you should be less combative and quick to call others ignorant. The link was merely a demonstration of laptops with similar specifications but a better battery life; ensuring that people know it is possible, since your comment implied it may not be. The lack of research regarding the battery life of the laptop I linked was due both to the fact that it was obviously far better than the battery of the laptop in the OP (even if 10hrs is generous) and because I was short on time. Thanks for filling in that blank for me -- potential buyers should always read trustworthy reviews before making a purchase as large as this. While I was not endorsing the HP laptop, I'm glad anyone interested now has one suggestion of a review to help keep them informed.


It would be terrible if you misled buyers here into thinking your recommended PC has an average battery life of 10 hours. It is an i7 quad core CPU running at TDP Down: 10 W Up: 25 W Typical TDP: 15 W . Can you point us some reviewers' test results to backup your statement of "an average battery life of 10 hours? I know that 10hrs is stated on the Amazon UK web site, but few would be so ignorant as to use this figure and rely it without some verification. If battery life is your goal, I think it is foolish to spend £900 on a longer battery life, according to the reviewer for this review it says about 7hr (not 10 hr average) In my opinion, 7hr is very good, but £900 for a bigger battery as an aim, no thanks.


It is terrible battery life in the context of all laptops though. Moreover, nobody on the thread had mentioned the battery life before sazal so contrary to being an ignorant statement, it was actually a very useful highlight of a potential drawback of this machine that less experienced users may not have noticed. Stop trying to discredit another user's valid criticism. And this may blow your mind, but: i7-8550u, 15.6" 4K IPS screen, 2 in 1 with an average battery life of 10 hours.



DELL Inspiron 15 - 7570 - i7-8550U Windows 10 8GB RAM 1TB HD 256GB SSD 4GB 940MX GFX Backlit KB 15.6" FHD £537.50 @ DELL OUTLET
Found 9th JunFound 9th Jun
USE CODE DO12HOME to get it for £537.50- 12% off all Home systems. Expiry 10th June 2018 Certified Refurbished Inspiron 15 - 7570 Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-8550U (Quad Core, up… Read more

It's not an older processor? It's literally one of the latest ones out.


Oh definitely. I think some buyers look at this and go "wow" what a powerful computer at a lower price. You and I both know that it's an older processor bottle necked by a crap GPU. Marketing is great 'aint it.....


I brought a brand new one for £970 with 16gb ram and 512 ssd thought it was a good price for new and sealed. At shops its priced at 1500.


I reported it OP :D


All 7 gone...

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refurb Dell Inspiron 5570, Core i5-8250U, 8GB DDR4, 4GB DDR5 gfx, 256GB SSD, FHD. £426 @ Dell Outlet
Found 17th MayFound 17th May
Looks a decent laptop at a decent price, latest gen processor and dedicated graphics with SSD should handle MS office and a few games, 5 in stock at time of posting. Inspiron 15… Read more
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could you tell us how you were able to get the option for rescheduling the delivery? I only got the Syncreon tracking link and dont have the UKMAIL link.


Thanks for getting back. One the same spec was on the Outlet this week for £409 including VAT. I did not bite as I was still researching. I have come to the conclusion that most laptops today are very unreliable in that they all have something wrong - weak battery, loud fan noise, dim screen, etc. It seems to be the same whether you spend £400 or whether you spend £1500 - you just get more expensive angst with the latter. So I think the idea of one of these attached to a decent monitor to use as a desktop and have some portability if needed is a good plan. I think Dell, Lenovo, HP, etc, are taking the mick now re their prices, especially as there is 'Dell Hell' when it comes to those very expensive XPS models. Thanks again. Enjoy your laptop.


Hi sorry for delay! I have decided to keep the laptop, I know I'm not going to get anything near this spec for the price and am getting over the screen issues. HD Netflix streaming has been good and even the speakers sufficient. As I'm also going to dock this to use as my PC it's saved me a fair amount in the long run


Thanks for the info. Yes, the screen is often the criticism of them. I have seen quite a few Dells with dim screeens or look as if they have a veil over them though. I saw a £1100 Dell gaming laptop with a very dull screen in Currys last month. I think it is also fair to say that lots of cheaper laptops - anything under £700ish - tend to have dim screen these days. I think all the firms are cutting back the corners to make a profit. I had a 17 inch one of these a few weeks back when a neighbour asked me to look at a problem that its owner had. That one came with an AMD GPU and also the on-board Intel CPU GPU. That screen was also blurry. I upgraded the AMD drivers and it was surprisingly still blurry. So I updated the Intel GPU driver, switched over to it as the default GPU and suddenly the screen came alive. One other thing is the awful Windows 10 scaling that results in blurry screens - there are a few options to change to make the icons and text on the desktop look sharper. I forget what you have to do but there are some articles and videos at the below google link: Let me know whether you decide to keep or return it please.


Laptop has arrived but sadly I've had little time to test it out. From limited usage it seems pretty snappy to turn on and perform browsing and video playback. I must say however I am not at all impressed with the screen. It looks permanently like there is a blurry glaze. Viewing angles as expected not great, however I've pumped brightness up past 100% which helps, plus I'm pretty much always straight on. Keyboard seems decent, no back light doesn't bother me in the slightest. Form is nice and slim but I was used to much older laptops, doesn't feel "premium" but definitely not cheap feeling. Haven't decided if the screen is bad enough to send back yet but I am genuinely 50/50

30% off Alienware laptops at Dell Outlet
Found 1st MayFound 1st May
30% off Alienware laptops at Dell Outlet with code DOALLAW30

Ideally anyone buying from the outlet should be knowledgeable about laptops really know the specs they are after. The specs are well laid out to see. Also easy to check if deal is good by looking at ebay dell re-sellers that tend to similar specs slightly cheaper. The inspirons tend to come up cheaper on ebay and you still get the 1yr warranty (but check). The Alienware not so much as I have been hanging around for an AWR3 with GTX1060 for teen


Be aware of the graphics card on some of the Alienware "gaming" laptops too. There were a couple of old - i.e. pre-10.xx series - cards in laptops and the rest of the specs were none too impressive and they wanted about a thousand quid for them. (lol)


It depends which aspects you are looking at. A lot of artists want, well an Apple product, for whatever reason they justify. (Though the given reason normally isn't "all my friends in the trendy wine bar have one" :P. Alienware systems will be heavy and screens will likely be predisposed to speed over colour reproduction. Some aspects of digital art will benefit from the speed and graphics card - a pro graphics card will be better, but probably won't offer you better value with the prices these are up for. As discussed - they are big and heavy compared to some options.


Be aware the ‘generation’ of the processors - some are 6th generation . New laptops are now 8th Gen, 6 th Gen are a few years old now.


I agree with a lot of that. Just sold my 4 year old XPS 15 9530 in preparation. Love the fact it's a laptop not a table top like most others..

Dell Outlet Sale - Dell Inspiron 17-7773 £710 with voucher code
Found 26th AprFound 26th Apr
Dell are offering additional discount on a range of their outlet products, for both Home and Business. I managed to get a Dell Inspiron 17-7773 2-in-1 with i7-8550U processor, 512… Read more

Hi! I bought one of these with this same offer (actually before this post was made - I would have created a post here for it, but Dell's outlet site indicated that they only had one such model available). 3 questions: when I ordered, it said that there was a scratch and a dent, but when I got it I couldn't see either (and despite multiple attempts have since been unable to). Was the one that you ordered also listed as such? And is your's also scratch-less and dent-less? I was a bit (lot) stupid in not reading through the description before I ordered it (I was incredibly short on time) so didn't realise it didn't include a DVD drive. Have you found a good slim and lightweight external DVD drive (writer & player) that can be used with it? Des


Direct from Dell. I'd missed out on the previous dell promotions and was about to buy one from the outlet when I thought I should check the main site. I was going to post it as a deal but the voucher stopped working when I checked after my order was confirmed.


Where did you get it at that price?


Guess there are none left?


Not bad a bad price, I bought it two weeks ago for £749, new. Same spec. Good laptop. Not as heavy as you might think, either.

Dell Inspiron 15 - 5570 - i5-8250U - 8GB DDR4 - 1TB - FULL HD - 12 Month Warranty £370.97 @ Dell Outlet
Found 10th AprFound 10th Apr
If the link doesn't work just go on the Dell Outlet site and there you will find this model. Currently 14 in stock and many different variants! Also Student Discount can be used fo… Read more
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Another laptop of the same spec (from original post) appeared today (Thursday 12th April) at £370.96 including VAT, so I grabbed it (same model is at £579.99 at Currys). Dell 5570, i5 8250u, W10 home, 8gb, 1TB HD, 15" 1920x1080 monitor The one that appeared today was only a single one of that spec, but I am sure more will be added so keep checking. It is worth checking every day, often more than once a day, as new laptops are being added (and purchased) all the time. There are variations of the Dell 5570, some with SSD instead of hard drive, some with DVD drive some without etc. There are also Dell 3567 laptops, Dell 5567 laptops, 13" screens, 17" screens etc so plenty to choose from.


I've just got a Dell 15% student code but missed this one, any recommendations for around £500 (max) for a laptop to travel with work demonstrating online software, PowerPoint presentations, emails etc. I use a desktop PC for everything unless I'm travelling for work.


I wouldn't want this clown near my old laptop never mind a brand spanking new one.


Look at my previous reply in my previous post. I have added a m2 ssd as well as an IPS screen. The screen of this laptop is basically not comfortable for eyes


Great deal I got one about 30mins ago. Ended up with the 256gb SSD and the 4gb 530 for £387 which seems great. Got a code from Dell chat for 10% off to get to that price, great

Dell XPS 13 - refurbished - £616 with code @ dell outlet
Found 4th AprFound 4th Apr
Dell XPS 13 £616 inc when using voucher code DOXPS935025 XPS 13 - 9350 Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-6560U (Dual Core, 4M Cache, up to 3.2 GHz, 15W) Windows 10 Pro (64bit) 8GB M… Read more

Anything with a Thunderbolt 3 port can be docked and drive 2 4K monitors, have an external GPU etc so while you're right most people will not use it for anything resource intensive it is entirely possible to do so. Personally when running chrome, slack, containers and a heavy IDE my RAM disappears pretty quickly while my CPU is mostly idle once everything's spun up. 16GB of RAM would have been handy and a pretty good pairing for the CPU. The lack of it is ultimately why I retired it for an office desktop.


I'm sure you are correct, I was comparing to my 2 yr dell xps which I guess must be another generation older than this (I had i7 then). I too was dissapointed with the 8gb ram and had intended to increase only to discover it's soldered!! I also have a HP envy with I5-7200U and that is a dog to use, it's soo slow compared to the 8th gen so I can't find any reasonable argument to buy this which is even older.


Yes, it's the QHD Touch... Personally I would have preffered 1080p for the longer battery life as I have my screen scaled to 150% anyway but they don't do 1080p in touchscreen.


dual core 6th gen processor?? you having a laugh at this price aren't ya. good price several years ago maybe but not now


I have a Latitude 7370 with a Core M7, 8GB RAM, 1TB SSD and the only major bottleneck for me is the RAM. I think it's because web browsers have increased their memory usage a lot over the last 3 months or so partly due to the Spectre/Meltdown mitigation. Prior to this 8GB was fine. Some more CPU grunt would be nice at times but not often.

DELL 7570 - 8th Gen i5 - 8250u , 8gb Ram , 128 M2 SSD, 1TB HD, nvidia 940mx, Full HD at Dell Outlet for £458.18
Found 30th MarFound 30th Mar
A rather good Easter deal from Dell Outlet , premium metal body laptop for a bargain price. Enter code doeaster15 to remove 15% off from the listed price. Absolute bargain BUT :… Read more
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You must be talking about different model, 7570 always comes with gpu and ssd. Havent installed it yet , but I dont think there will be massive improvement in day to day tasks as ssd is plenty fast already, I bought it cause it was good deal and liked the idea of having the latest tech, it might make it age better.


Thats good to hear. Is it worth the expense to get for eg the NVMe 256GB at around £100? I also missed out putting an extra 20% code in my original purchase of the model without gpu&ssd. Maybe a chat with Dell may help.


No its regular m.2 SSD , but the slot supports NVMe.


Hi, is the 128GB M2 SSD a NVMe type?


Glad you got it working, I agree its a lovely machine, I am super happy with mine too although it costed me £160 more I still think is worth it. Now next step it to install 960 EVO NVME over the weekend and its gonna be top notch :D

15% off on all home computers with code @ Dell Outlet. Inspiron 13 - 7370 i5 8th Gen 8GB 256GB £525
Found 30th MarFound 30th Mar
15% off on all home computers (desktops and laptops), using the code "DOEASTER15" For instance, you can currently get the very nice Dell Inspiron 13 (7370) laptop for £525 (certif… Read more
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How is the battery life. I bought the 2 in 1 version of this when it came out and I only got about 3 hours when new which quickly fell to about an hour.


yes, I ordered mine on Friday 30th March and it was delivered a week later, on the 6th April. The delivery timescale quoted at the time of ordering was much longer.


Anyone who ordered off here had their item dispatched yet


UKMail have always been excellent for me. The guy delivering around here has been the same for ages and he's really good at his job.


The touch screen one is 7373 model. I have this.

Dell Outlet Inspiron 5570 £346.95
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
Dell 5570 system identifier E6VDRYRT i5 8TH GEN 8GB RAM no ssd but fingerprint reader onboard graphics seemed cheap.
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Damn you VAT! Not in my price range after all!


Inspiron 15 - 5570 Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-8250U (Quad Core, up to 3.40 GHz, 6MB Cache, 15W) Windows 10 Home (64bit) 8GB (1x8GB) 2400MHz DDR4 Non-ECC 256 GB Solid State Hard Drive Tray load DVD Drive (Reads and Writes to DVD/CD) AMD Radeon 530 4GB Full HD £329 plus VAT - scratch and dent on there if you are quick...


Some decent deals on the other laptops also


SSD is a shame can you add one? Still a decent price never the less! Heat

72 Hour Dell Outlet Sale Inc. XPS 13 9360 R (refurb) for £657.90 at Dell Outlet
Found 21st MarFound 21st Mar
New outlet coupon codes posted this morning including 25% off Inspiron 5570's (15 and 17 inch), 20% off ALL XPS 13 models and 14% off ALL XPS 15 models: For example you can pick … Read more
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Mine arrived today so well ahead of the advised delivery. Laptop looks pristine and comes in a no thrills brown box.


Grrrr. Come on Dell, use a 21st Century Courier! Just been given a delivery date and no option to change it. Have to wait until the delivery fails and then you can re-schedule. What a waste of time and travel for the courier and an unnecessary delay in the delivery. Unfortunately there's no possibility to instruct them to leave it in a safe place (possibly understandable) but also no option to deliver it to a neighbor! All you can do is collect from the depot or specify an alternative day (with no indication of what time of day the delivery might be). Depot is 45 mins drive from where I live so long drive or take a day off work (no option for Saturday delivery, even if you offer to pay extra).


Initial delivery date always seems very pessimistic. Normally received within 5-6 days. This does however still seem slow compared to most suppliers these days who will do next day delivery for items in stock. Dell's couriers also seem very inflexible with no option to re-schedule the specified delivery date and no actual details of tracking until the day you receive a text telling you that the delivery will be 'today'.


Just a quick question as this seems a good place to ask. For anyone who has dealt with the Outlet before, how have you found their delivery times? Placed an order on Friday and the estimated delivery is currently 06/04. Just wondered if Dell tends to be quicker then the estimated? Thanks :)


Hi it was £283.63 including VAT

Cert Refurb Dell Inspiron 15.6” i5 8250 8gb Ram 4gb 940mx 256ssd - £509.20 @ Dell Outlet
Found 18th MarFound 18th Mar
Thought I’d throw this out there. £509.20 includes 15% student discount but 10% new customer discount makes price about £540. Is it not a pretty good price? What is the snag? Not… Read more
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Decided to take a punt! 8th gen Processor , ram, SSD and throttled video seems good for £500is


The only Inspiron I could find at JLP at £599 is an Inspiron 5000 series, the one in the OP is a 7000 series.


Got a link?


Don’t think this is a good deal. JLP selling new one for 599 with 2 year warranty.


Ah yes sorry thought it was all inspirons

15% discount today on all XPS 13 @ Dell Outlet. For example, Dell XPS 13 laptop ultrabook - Core i5 - 256GB PCIe - QHD+ (3200 x 1800) InfinityEdge Touch Display - £682
Found 18th MarFound 18th Mar
15% using the code DOXPS1315 (only valid until tonight) Example: XPS 13 9350 @ £682 delivered Core i5 6th Gen, 8GB ram, 256GB PCIe - QHD+ (3200 x 1800) InfinityEdge Touch Display… Read more
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Same experience here. I had xps from work and was ok 1st year. But later it was a mess and crashed and usb port had problems. Company now uses macbook in 2 years and not a single slowdown yet.


They do need to sort the Quality control out in China. 2 different series laptops sent to me both with misaligned lids. Technician came and repaired ( twice) only for it to slip out of alignment again. Bought in December and it’s been the most stressfully customer experience I’ve ever had at every step. waiting for a refund now


If this was 15% off the XPS15 I'd have snapped it right up. :(


To interact with the laptop. Same as any other input.


I've had this laptop for a while and would thoroughly recommend it. I'd say an XPS 13 is the best laptop you can buy right now.

Dell Inspiron 13 (5378) 2-in-1 laptop £253.27 at Dell Outlet
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
I bought one of these from the Dell Outlet last week as a small laptop to travel with for work use. The Inspiron 13 has some mixed reviews but those are mostly considering the spec… Read more
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I went for this due to my many cables, usb drives and the like - a nice quality and lovely fit for this laptop:®-13-13-3-Electronic-Accessories-Protective/dp/B01MRRVAPC/ref=sr_1_3?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1521911772&sr=1-3&keywords=icozzier+13.3


A Certified Refurbished one. Just the cheaper one - like you I guess I wasn't really in the market for a new laptop (quite yet) and not really in need of slightly faster processors. I have a work laptop which is replaced every 12 months with the newest version - this is just for videos on flights, private email and browsing. I wanted a 2-in-1 if poss and a large HD (again prefer capacity to speed), good screen and the icing on the cake was the backlit keyboard - easily pleased I know :) but for £250ish I have everything I wanted and in perfectly new condition to the untrained but obsessive eye :D


I got the 4415U myself (scratch and dent), very happy with it myself after swapping out the HD for a SSD. I've also just got hold of this case - it's a very good fit:


@Lakeside - good to hear you're pleased with your laptop. Did you go for a 'scratch and dent' or 'certified refurbished' model? Also did you opt for the 4415U or the i3 model? I ordered a 4415U certified refurbished last night but still in two minds if I still really need it.


Just to report - I ordered one of these and 48 hours later I a really pleased with it. Might be lucky but it looks 100% new, I can't find a blemish on it at all.

Dell Inspiron 15 5570 i3 8GB 1TB for £322 Refurbished / Oulet with -20% Coupon
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
Code for discount - DOINS20 (20% off Inspiron Laptops in the Oulet) Was looking for a nice Dell laptop and came accross this new -20% coupon code for the Outlet Inspiron models. I… Read more
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Is this laptop ok to play football manager on?


Good offer But fantastic offers finish very quickly


Well..I think it's a very good deal. Don't know why this doesn't have more hotness :)


Is it just me or the website is borked when clicking on the banner with this offer?


Aggh, typo code is DOINS20 . Still going to ha e to wait for my 17 5770

Refurbished Dell Inspiron 15 - 5570  i5-8250U 8GB 1TB Fingerprint £322 @ Dell Outlet
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
A very good laptop although the screen is a bit outdated. It has another free m2 slot which you can plug in a M2 2280 Sata SSD. In addition, it also has another sata slot for the o… Read more
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i bought the ram off facebook market place same with the nvme ssd screen was used but perfect condition it is glossy though. amd gpu`s do get hot, to the point they desolder themselves from the board, hence i stayed with intel seen too many failures.


You did well mine was 311 in the end but that includes a 256 GB ssd and a GPU which makes it hotter than the sun after an hour of far cry 3. 23 quid for the IPS screen was good going, I couldn't find anything near that price. £25 for ram sounds good too. Do u have a link?


i paid £261 all in after arguing over discounts. just changed the screen to an ips one for £23 my god the old one is terrible 2018 and they still make carp like that. so £261 + £23 screen + £25 8gb ram + £46 256gb nvme minus what i sell the old screen for.


They wanted screen shot that the 20% was still active and that it applied to the 5570. The invoice doesn't show the percentage discount but it is reflected in the price.


You mentioned screenshots? What did Dell CS want? I would need to be able to answer what the code I missed using when they ask me questions. When did I see the code? I did remember putting in a code but my visa statement only show the same invoice price which only includes free delivery.