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Gilets Jaunes/ Yellow vest - £4.19 @ Euro Car Parts
Found 3 h, 58 m agoFound 3 h, 58 m ago
Don’t let the french have all the fun with 17% off ‘this high viz vest at Eurocarparts
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Gilets Jaunes. Yellow vests in french


What is a GJ?


The English version of the French protests, is to write a strongly worded letter to the Editor of The Times newspaper. XD


No Deal - here... ;-)


How ironic it would be to follow the French, they chose these yellow vests as practically everyone in France already owns one as it's French law to have one for every person in a car. What a load of sheeple the Brits would be to follow the French. I live in France and the majority of people I work with and socialize with think the GJ's are idiots, France has one of the best living and health care systems in Europe yet all the GJ's want is to have the whole baguette without having to pay for it.

RAC travel First Aid Kit. £1.20 including delivery. Use code MIDMONTH @ Euro car parts
23/02/2019Expires on 23/02/2019Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
This RAC Micro Travel First Aid Kit is ideal for travelling abroad or for keeping in your vehicle at home. It is very compact and can fit easily in your bag, pocket or glove box. … Read more

Thanks, just ordered, heat added


Thanks (y)


I made 3 separate purchases.....otherwise the total was £3.01!


Thanks ordered


Agreed and you will be so glad you got it with all the extras, you will need the scissors and tape to use the dressing.

CarPlan Deicer 300 ml BOGOF £1.79 EuroCarParts
Found 7th JanFound 7th Jan
CarPlan 300ml deicer x2 for £1.79 (BOGOF) Euro Car Parts using code FREEDEICER

Thanks ordered


Working as intended. Just have 1 when selecting quantity, it automatically adds another then input code


or get a 600ml can for £1 at the poundshop.... :/


Just used the code. Make sure you just add one deicer and then add code which will add the free one automatically.


Or use a watering can of cold water from the kitchen tap, which is what I've done every time I've had frost on my windows over at least twenty years.

Mobil 1 FS Engine Oil - 0W-40 1Ltr £8.75 @ Euro car parts
Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
If you need this premium motor oil for your car then buy it now while its 50% off. Half price for next 2 days using Code SALE90. Very slightly cheaper per litre if you buy the … Read more

It may be economies of scale as they won't make as much or just "some people have too much money" premium. I have friends in Finland and at this time of year it's a good day if it gets above freezing and they use 5w30. If you live right in the north a engine pre-heater is far more useful than fancy oil.


Good point. My car takes 5w30 albeit still fully synthetic. Perhaps there's a premium for a lower 'cold rating' (0w instead of 5w)


It's £40 for 5l on Amazon (Supplied by eurocarparts). The cheapest I can fine Shell Helix Ultra 0w40 is £31 (eBay). Don't think I have seen 0w40 below about £26. Never as low as £20.


My car needs 4.3 litres for an oil change. I would need 5 of these costing £43.75 which seems expensive compared to the Shell Helix Ultra i use. I can normally get a 5ltr jug of helix ultra for around £20 either on eBay or Euro car parts (with a code)


Just use a funnel then you don't have to worry about spillages ;)

Magnetic Windscreen Cover + Free Ice Scraper Package Includes:1 x Magnetic Car Screen Cover With Free Ice Scraper £2.67 @ Euro car parts
Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
Object Magnetic Windscreen Cover + Free Ice Scraper, Package Includes:1 x Magnetic Car Screen Cover With Free Ice Scraper. Original price was £7.45. Can't go wrong at this price wi… Read more

Yep me too and I am using the windscreen cover as a boot liner


Wish I'd read this before ordering. Sorry OP, had it 2 days and i actually hate it! Definitely will knacker the paintwork if you are not very careful/lucky. Oh well, got an ice scraper out of the deal!


10 days later it didn't arrive... Called Euro car parts just now to be told it's oos anyway, so wouldn't be arriving (I know its as cheap as chips but I've been charged for it and its a matter of principle) :/ . Let's see if the refund appears?


back up to a tenner ;( Are the magnets not even covered? What kind of lame product is that :D


Hopefully the design of this one here provides the right protection between Magnet and paint work (y) This was the culprit here which damaged mine. Think I paid around £15 at the time too.

Fully Synthetic Shell Helix Ultra Professional AJ-L 0W-30 - 5Ltr £20 Euro Car Parts
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
For those who do their own oil changes, you will know that 0W30 oil tends to be really expensive, so I reckon this branded oil with free delivery is an absolute bargain. I'm stocki… Read more

Interesting stuff, I never seem to stop learning about oil even after twenty years of driving and servicing vehicles! I had Cobra sports springs on Monroe shocks on my Carina II, she never stepped out at the rear but then again I never lifted off on the twisties in her due to the epic handling. Golf GTIs got in the way in the corners with their high CoG and silly high mass 8)


The first (W) number has a knock on effect on the second number. It's not easy to make a perfect oil that tries to thicken as it warms up and there are always tradeoffs and it will somewhat affect how the warmed-up oil reacts. Manufacturers try to combat this using higher quality basestocks but typically the farther apart the winter grade is from the warm grade the faster the oil molecules will shear. This has been made worse by the removal and reduce on of all the helpful non-environmentally friendly constituents in oil such as zddp etc. 0W oils are now prescribed for identical engines where 5W oils used to be needed, this is not for better protection but to reduce manufacturer average CO2 emissions. There are not to many in the UK driving about in -20oC temperatures that will benefit from the flowability of 0W oil. Somebelieve 0W circulate better at start-up but equally the lighter oil clings less than thicker oil so there will be less 0W oil in the head of your engine when you start it the next day as more has drained back to the sump. Is any of this really relevant, probably not. As your chassis will not out long before your engine wears out if you change your oil on a regular basis. Just stick a fully synthetic in that meets the needs of your emissions equipment on your car.


Sounds about right! And you're actually applying thought to it too which most people don't. Beyond the temp/viscosity ratings the other stamps like ACEA etc. do cover things like stability and additive quality, emissions, but I'm not overly knowledgable on those points. One thing to possibly consider is engine mileage too (I do anyway!) As miles/usage goes up, wear in valves and passages has taken place, increasing the size of cavities the oil flows through. Thicker oils may now be considered to ensure the speed/pressure of your oil flow is maintained. Almost as an opposite to this, my car likes thinner oils at startup, so I went from 5w to a 0w. The thinner oil gets thrown through the engine quicker on startup meaning my very brief 'rattle' noise (if the car's been left a while) is now much less prominent, but the 40w for running temp ensures the viscosity is regained/maintained as the engine warms up. Listening to your car and is probably one of the most important things anyone can do to be honest. Fully synthetic is pretty much a no brainer across the board I think - much more stable and longer lasting acriss temperatures and extended periods of time.


I thought the point about 0W oils was the lower viscosity from cold, meaning that lubrication is more effective when the engine is first started compared to, for example, a 10W oil, resulting in reduced engine wear. The second rating (the number after the W, e.g. 30/40/50), I thought, relates to the viscosity at running temperature and therefore efficiency due to resistance. I thought the ACEA ratings were related to ash, service life and viscosity stability at higher temperatures. New smaller, lighter engines will be more prone to a reduction in efficiency due to a higher high temperature viscosity compared to older large heavy engines. I use 0W30 in my newer small engined car, according to the manufacturer, but the older big engined diesel gets 0W40 to extend engine life.


Same code bringing 5L Mobil 3000 5w40 down to ~£25 too. 0w40 different story however! :) EDIT: Petronas 7000 0w40 at similar price with code for those wanting 0w40 - never tried the Petronas stuff though so can't vouch for it.

Breakdown test kit at Euro Car Parts for £9.99
Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
Breakdown test kit, has jump leads, some fuses, screwdrivers and a few other bits. On offer at £9.99 should be £29.99 (apparently).
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Cheap jump leads are false economy. Buy a good set and don’t waste money on this junk


This tat was voted hot a few months ago: This site never fails to amaze! (lol)


I own this terrible quality. Bought for about £5.


Not sure how this toys will help you? I admit that the fuse and the jumper cable could become handy but the rest is more or less garbage quality.


The tools in this kit are worse than Poundland I mean terrible but lucky enough the jump leads worked . Convenient as I had my first break down days after buying them. They are short though so you'll need to be right up to the cars nose.

TRIPLE QX 5W-30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 5Ltrs £16.74 @ Euro car parts
Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
I've used this for a few years running on my old Toyota when changing the oil and filter. Works a treat and for less than £17 you can't lose. Use code SALE90 for 50% discount and… Read more

Eurocarparts have always got a sale on, that oil is £27 after today's discount


Just looked at the price increase! (horror) Don't think I'll be getting it again lol


I use Shell Helix Ultra Professional AF 5W-30 5Ltr, paid 14.99 last time. What's the difference?


Just ordered, but coming to £18.25 currently. Still a decent price (y) 🏽


Is this any good for Peugeot 107 auto?

Shell Helix HX8 ECT 5W-40 - 5Ltr, £14.99 at eurocarparts with code
Found 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
With code, free delivery. Specifications APi SN ACEA C3 MB-Approval 229.31, 229.51 BMW LL-04 GM Dexos2 License No. D20142GH014 Renault RN 0700, 0710

if it's that hard to change the oil: you can buy an oil sucking device that sucks out from a tube poked down the dipstick pipe and tests show it removes more old oil right down the sump. Really isn't that big a deal some cars dont have an oil drain plug


Stop start traffic and not warming the engine up fully doesnt necessarily shorten the life of the oil, but will shorten the life of the engine as parts are starved for oil. It also doesn't get thin enough to properly lubricate everything in that short time. It does still need to be changed every year though as oil breaks down just being sat there too.


With all due respect. .. A diesel run all day doing motorway miles is not the same as Mrs Miggins driving her small hatchback petrol car , cold start first thing taking Johnny and Jemima one mile to school then going home then six hours later the same thing. Regular short journeys never off the choke, stop start traffic, all of these and other factors can effectively shorten the working life of an oil.


I disagree with all due respect. It's not extra care but lack of knowledge I would call it. A good quality fully synthetic oil could last for even more than 12000 miles. Manufacturers are not daft. I never changed oil at least until 18000 miles and driving same 1.9 turbo diesel for years since near new with current mileage at 199700+


Top of the linked page :) Biggest Ever: END OF YEAR SALE USE CODE: SALE90

Top Tech Folding Warning Triangle in Case £4.99 @ Euro car parts
Found 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
Top Tech Folding Warning Triangle in Case A Must have when traveling aborad or in the UK, Supplied in handy storage case to avoid damage. E and CE Marked for use in the UK and Euro… Read more

Clicked hot because we should all have something like this in our boot at all times ! (y)



If you’re happy to purchase from ebay, search for ‘warning triangle’ and there’s the exact same one for £3.25 (free postage).


thank u

Rain X Rain Repellent 200ml at Euro Car Parts for £4.99
Found 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
Rain X Rain Repellent 200ml Rain X rain repellent improves wet weather visibility and safety by creating an invisible hydrophobic coating that repels rain sleet and snow. Simply … Read more
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Not recommend. Doing that will destroy wiper resin in no time. If you have the wiper squeaking/smearing issue, this has nothing to do with Rain X- just replace wipers, as time has come. And I have found, that wiper blades last 3X longer when windscreen treated with Rain X. Again, this has been tested by myself. Not like by some "pablomalin", who has no idea what he's talking about, and looks like he never had a car too-just watching youtube clips and trolling here...


To those that have the wiper squeaking/smearing issue, I've read that you're supposed to coat the wiper blades themselves with Rain X as well as the screen. Someone should try it and let us know :D


I used car wax on our shower door. Works a treat especially as we’re in a hard water area


haha mate, watch this vid aand hear that squeaky noise I was talking abiut earlier. If you find rainx useful then it's alright but it's not 100% perfect.


Looks like you can't read....really sorry for you!

Am-Tech 60pc Mini Precision Drill Kit £14.99 @ EuroCarParts
Found 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
Am-Tech 60pc Mini Precision Drill Kit Versatile tool tackles all kinds of craft and D.I.Y. jobs 8000-18000rpm With easy on/off switch Voltage 9-18V DC Kit includes a rang… Read more

Cheaper online if you just check so was never 40+ lol


Someone bought me 2 am-tech tools once, the first broke the very first time I used it, the metal was like Swiss cheese, the other tool barely worked and has only ever been out the box once I found them very poor quality and would never buy any tools made by them.


Same price on ebay


Whenever I see that link I always read it as carpets 4 less.

joyf4536 £12.99

TRIPLE QX Xtreme  -75c Winter Screenwash (1 Litre) - £2.99 @ Euro Car Parts
Found 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
I've been a critic of eurocarparts £2.99 screenwash that is 'concentrated' at a laughable -5c. i.e diluted is useless. However this appears to be much better and is actually far be… Read more
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-60°C = normal winter apparently?! We’re in for a rubbish summer too it would seem (flirt)


Your screenwash might be OK at minus 75 but your car wouldn't work and nor would you.


Strange....they appear to have accepted my order for the highly dangerous screenwash.... :/


yeah same here.. can collect but 50 mile round trip for screenwash aint happening, good deal though if you can get it delivered


"Summer Conditions = 25% % (1 Part Screenwash / 3 Parts Water) (Estimated Freezing Point -10C)" What sort of summer is it that may need -10C?! However, for winter 4L -10C for £3 is not bad

Streetwize Keyless Signal Blocker at Eurocarparts for £2.49
Found 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
Streetwize Keyless Signal Blocker Criminals often use special signal amplifiers to maliciously gain entry into your car. You can protect your vehicle from theft with this signal b… Read more
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I’m sure that depends on the car manufacturer, I know for a fact that BMW have different hardware and software modules and keys between comfort access cars and normal cars so they are not the same system. Garages don’t stock parts such as this, they are ordered in so it’s not an issue.


Your thinking the way the keys and car generate and sync the rolling code is different, its not. What's different is how the car reacts to that code, . The difference is if the code is initiated by a button press or by the car polling the key. The underlying cryptography that is in use is the same and so subject to the attacks by both. Its also old. A car may have a production life of 10 years, the same key verification module that is fitted on day one of the production line will almost certainly be the same model fitted to the last car of the production line, It would create a lot of issues if garages had to stock and troubleshoot different locking modules and keys during the life of a production model., A bag like this is useful to reduce risk, but it does not reduce all risk, you cant keep the key in the bag all the time to it wont be able to talk to the car. These are useful but does not fully eliminate the risk of theat, as others have said putting them in a metal biscuit tin when at home has the same effect.


I’m going to give up now, the article you link to is key cloning where you scan a key fob and replicate the code into a new key allowing you to take the car later on, nothing to do with relay thefts at all. Relay theft is purely where the signal is amplified from a key in your house to the car on your drive, nothing to do with when a car owner presses anything. People also seem to be confusing keyless entry with keyless start/go and comfort access. E.g. my car has keyless start, I can keep the key in my pocket and drive off, but it doesn’t have keyless entry so I can’t have relay theft done to me.


Possibly, if the entry is keyless, i.e. you just have to have the fob in your pocket and don't need to touch it for unlocking the car.


I’m a little confused still as I have a 15 plate GTD without keyless start but last year had someone unlock and enter my car overnight to have a rummage. They obviously couldn’t start the car but they managed to get in, I’m assuming with some kind of relay device. Would this product stop that from happening again? I was actually relieved that I had just swapped it from a 1-series that had keyless start.

Top Tech 150pc Tool Box with Tools at Eurocarparts for £39.99
Found 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
Top Tech 150pc Tool Box with Tools Our Top Tech Tool Box is great for use at home or on a car as it's stacked with 150 various tools. Everything from sockets to spanners all suppli… Read more

Just not worth it at all.





For occasional use, with the tool box, good deal. But don't think you are going to rebuild engines with is low quality kit. The inclusion of imperial sockets will be great for those driving 1970s cars.

Buy 1 get 1 free on Triple QX car cleaning kit @ Eurocarparts (online) - £9.99
Found 27th Dec 2018Found 27th Dec 2018
Morning all, First deal here - I am sure this is far from the best gear on the market; and wouldn't do the job for preparing your pride and joy before japfest. However, it should… Read more

Anything that stops people using fairy washing up liquid is a bonus for me. I know that's good value for the money but most wouldn't pay £17 in one go for shampoo alone. It looks like the more people spend on cars; the maintenance and care costs reduce :( . Could blame PCP and lease deals for this but I think we would be opening an entire new can of worms.


If I was on budget and didn't care for detailing the only product I would have is Bilt Hamber Surfex HD. £17 for 5L, dilute as necessary and 5L will last ages. This stuff makes a great pressure wash shampoo and has so much cleaning potential.


I never suggested these products damage cars? What I am saying though is from my experience with these products, they just aren't up to the job.


That was kind of the point. I can't see many Skyline R34 owners buying this. If you didn't give a damn about your car you wouldn't wash it, which would be worse for sure, yea ? The fact your suggesting these products would damage your car is just idiotic though. It will serve a purpose. I have 4 cars and there ain't no way my company car or my runner is getting the G3 treatment, and that doesn't mean I don't look after them, but they don't need to be show room condition.


Meh. All this cheap stuff is awful. Fair enough if you have a cheap car and couldn't give a damn but for anyone else who actually cares about the look/condition of their second most expensive purchase, buy stuff which gets the job done. I can recommend a few products for anyone looking to extend their car wash weaponary.

Shell helix 5l 5w40 fully synthetic oil for £14.99 using code BOX80 @ Eurocarparts
24/01/2019Expires on 24/01/2019Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
Cheap price for 5l of shell fully synthetic oil. Grade is 5w 40. Use code BOX80 to bring price down to £14.99 Delivery is free.

This takes the Castrol Edge FST Engine Oil - 10W-60 - 4ltr down to £37.50!


In somes cases thats true, but 14.99 after discount for 5l of any oil is good and this is Shell Helix which is better than most.


It does but on too many of the products they have inflated the initial price making the discount code redundant.


I think this promo code applies to all items on the site, but I've used it to get some Helix oil and a new filter