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Vice: Project Doom (Switch) free for online subscribers via the Nintendo eshop
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Posted 25th Aug 2019Posted 25th Aug 2019
Vice: Project Doom (Switch) free for online subscribers via the Nintendo eshop
This is a really good game that I thought was worth sharing if you didn’t know about it. Vice: Project Doom is a side-scrolling platformer with noticeable similarities to the Ninj… Read more
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One of the best games on there, bar the obvious classics. Streets ahead of random crap like City Connection and Kung-fu Heroes. Heat.




I know for a fact that you need to subscribe to Amazon Prime to be able to get that! #NotFree ! (popcorn)


(lol) (lol)


Well, you have to but a switch ;)

[HeadsUp] Core Destiny 2 to go free-to-play - launches September 17 (all platforms)
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Posted 6th Jun 2019Posted 6th Jun 2019
Not quite a deal. With the launch of the Shadowkeep expansion, planned for September 17 this year, the basic version of the game will change its name to Destiny 2: New Light and wi… Read more

Heat, worth a try even though you kinda need the dlc to do most things so see this as more of an extended demo


By going free to play?


Anyone who picked up the game free a while ago, the first two expansions are now available. Thank god I held off buying them


Ok £29.99 must be for the next expansion. Release date on steam is 17-Sept 2019


This will work on Xbox One, Stadia, and Steam - and Bungie has confirmed that PS4 is supported too.

Halo MCC coming to Game Pass September 1st £7.99 @ Eurogamer
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Posted 21st Aug 2018Posted 21st Aug 2018
Halo MCC coming to Game Pass September 1st £7.99 @ Eurogamer
While I know it’s not a deal as much I thought I would inform those who would be interested. Halo the Master Chief Collection is coming to game pass on September 1st and will have … Read more
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And worth every penny


That’s the monthly cost for game pass.


Why does it say £7.99 in the listing then?


Sorry to say but that’s not how game pass works. Think of it like a ‘Netflix’ subscription but only games. If you got to keep everything then everyone would use their free trial and download every game they could.


If I'm on the game pass trial and buy this, do I get to keep it after my game pass trial runs out?

Pubg for iOS and android available from China. Legally free.
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Posted 24th Feb 2018Posted 24th Feb 2018LocalLocal
Pubg for iOS and android available from China. Legally free.
If you don't mind playing with a bit of a poor ping, the game runs quite well with a great Mobile conversation. It's official too. The link takes you to Eurogamer which has the gu… Read more

Just tried, works surprisingly well actually. 8)


Clearly you never heard of google, microsoft and NSA. If you dont want to be monitored turn all any device connected to a network and sit in the corner with your tin foil hat on. Personally I would trust China a lot more than a USA run by Trump. In terms of the game I struggle to play it on a PC with mouse keyboard and wide screen monitor how on does anyone play this on a mobile :)


I personally use TuTu App: It too has the PUBG App plus other games not available in the UK right now, such as The Sims. It also features some lovely premium spotify that I'm sure it perfectly legitimate (cheeky)


will it work on NVidia shield ?


Tried Xbox controller and no joy. It might be in the options but I can't read them (lol)

FREE Darkwood game (PC) @ Eurogamer
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Posted 26th Aug 2017Posted 26th Aug 2017
FREE Darkwood game (PC) @ Eurogamer
"Darkwood - a new perspective on survival horror. Scavenge and explore a rich, ever-changing free-roam world by day, then hunker down in your hideout and pray for the morning light… Read more
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try this one... (it *defo* currently works in UK using Chrome, incl without using a VPN) like 'whack a mole' these PB proxies come and go... depending on how quickly the legalz can catch up with 'em btw, i wouldn't normally advocate using PB, but seems on this occasion we ain't got much choice!


Not working for me through epic browser. What URL are you using?


Try Epic browser, I just copied the pirate bay URL and opened in Epic and downloaded with no problem


I can't even access the pirate bay (or any of the proxy sites) Just get this error on Firefox: "An error occurred during a connection to SSL peer rejected a handshake message for unacceptable content. Error code: SSL_ERROR_ILLEGAL_PARAMETER_ALERT" And on chrome, the tab closes as soon as it opens. Both browsers work when I use my VPN. But does anyone know why? I've tried opening Firefox in safe-mode, and disabled my anti-virus, but still nothing.


not a bad idea, however... what is, is etc from personal exp, i would NOT generally recommend using the PB! it's *usually* ok for eg music/videos, but i stopped using it for software a *long* time ago... this is obv genuine tho (and the download scans 100% clean on Bitdefender!) otherwise i wouldn't of posted it!

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game beta keys.
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Posted 6th Feb 2017Posted 6th Feb 2017
Gwent: The Witcher Card Game beta keys.
Eurogamer gives away Gwent: The Witcher Card Game beta keys. The keys are for redeem at or XBOX. {EDIT} If Eurogamer run out, the keys are also for grab at http://www.pcga… Read more
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Thanks! Managed to grab one today.


Is this the sequel to Newport?


I agree - loved the game in Witcher 3 but soon gave up on the beta. It has a very steep learning curve as you start with very basic cards and even the AI opponents will suddenly come up with a card that knocks out half your own cards at a single stroke. @Marra - kegs are basically card packs and the premium content of Gwent. You can earn in game currency to buy them by winning against human opponents but I never found the matchmaking worked well enough to earn many kegs :(


Man, I sucked at Gwent in game... what makes me think I'd be good in a stand alone version? :-P Heat for the freebie anyway.


More available here Click the image on the screen

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Titanfall 2 FREE multiplayer weekend (PC/XB1/PS4?)
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Posted 29th Nov 2016Posted 29th Nov 2016
Titanfall 2 FREE multiplayer weekend (PC/XB1/PS4?)
Titanfall 2 will be free this weekend on Xbox One, PC and presumably PlayStation 4. The free period will kick off for EA Access / Origin Access members on 30th November (tomorrow)… Read more
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Had tons of fun playing over the weekend playing this!!


thanks for the free weekend respawn confirmed I'm now glad I didn't get a copy for 20 quid at HMv, this game is not for me!


I have got to say, I am enjoying this game X)


Sorry me again. Multiplayer mode says Launch but when I click it does nothing. Install progress is at 70% of 37gb. Do I have to wait until 100% to start multiplayer mode Thanks in advance


Man this game is so good. Everything feels so satisfying to use especially the titans. Honestly this game isn't just my favorite shooter this year, it isn't just my game of the year but its also one of the best games i've ever played. Its basically a badass simulator. Seriously if anyone is on the fence about buying it just buy it, its worth every penny.

Get the Division Beta NOW.. For free!
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Posted 26th Jan 2016Posted 26th Jan 2016
Get the Division Beta NOW.. For free!
Download The Division Beta now for free just follow the link, basically you have to order and pay via PS4/PC nothing will come don't worry then search the division again and the be… Read more

Beta extended to Tuesday 11am


My beta key just arrived from psn, better late than never!


Quite a few people I know have obtained PC The Division Beta keys from here About 26GB to download.


Beware, this is from Ubisoft, i lost alot of trust in these guys so prepare to be disappointed in the actual game


it's not available no more

Free Steam Key for Might and Delight's Pid at Eurogamer
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Posted 18th Aug 2015Posted 18th Aug 2015
Free Steam Key for Might and Delight's Pid at Eurogamer
Eurogamer are giving away 300,000 steam keys of Pid. "The giveaway allows one entry per Facebook user, so you may be asked to log into Facebook when requesting your free code. It'… Read more





+1 heat even thow i already have this game just gave it to a friend


Thanks! However now can't find the 'app' on facebook to get rid of it...


Awesome thanks. Cal23, why not just make a fake account if you don't want hassle from peeps?

Free Micro:bit Computer For Year 7 Students
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Posted 7th Jul 2015Posted 7th Jul 2015
Free Micro:bit Computer For Year 7 Students
The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized, codeable computer - and one million have been earmarked for every 11 or 12-year-old child in year 7 or equivalent in the UK for free. The name… Read more
Avatardeleted646063Get deal*Get deal*

The I.T curriculum is changing. I think they're starting to realise that most kids can do all those simple things without being taught. Now it's more about coding and stuff I and many others have never come across before.


U better draw your own conclusion. I am for any good campaign which adds value to children but certainly against bullying the vulnerable to forcibly extract money from them ro splash on their lavish unaccounted for life/waste and trying to justify it with these campaigns.


In a little while anything up to a million of these will be on Ebay.


And that's a bad thing because...?


Take a look at this example computing yearly plan, for a Year 4 (8-9 year olds) and see for yourself.

Get more than 50% off EGX (Eurogamer) Early bird tickets - £8.75 for Virgin Media Customers (Upto 4 Tickets)  [25th - 28th September 2014]
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Posted 2nd Apr 2014Posted 2nd Apr 2014
Get more than 50% off EGX (Eurogamer) Early bird tickets - £8.75 for Virgin Media Customers (Upto 4 Tickets) [25th - 28th September 2014]
25 - 28 SEPT 2014 EARLS COURT LONDON With discount Early Entry 10am - 7pm £8.75 (Should be £20) I suggest you get the early ticket and be there at least 90 mins before doors o… Read more

the virgin offers tickets sold out at the end of Friday, got my ticket full price for the Saturday :-)


I've been both times of year in the past and i've never known it to not be busy, less so than May because of usual bad weather, but it's always packed.


I posted, you guys rose to it... These are facts.


ugh I went on there to buy a ticket, how are all 5000 tickets sold already, what greedy fat nerds!


"Unfortunately our allocation of Virgin Media tickets has now all been allocated. We apologise for this, but 2014 has seen an unprecedented demand for these tickets." So yeah, it's expired now. But it's really annoying since Early Bird tickets were open to everyone last year. This kinda takes the biscuit.

Full Spectrum Warrior PC Full Game (Legal) download
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Posted 14th Aug 2013Posted 14th Aug 2013
Full Spectrum Warrior PC Full Game (Legal) download
Full Spectrum warrior full game free to download (legal) AD supported game! - FinderOfDeals

Don't like the sound of "ad supported" though


Cheers! *EDIT* And not cheers - didn't install on Windows 7....:(


Thanks (_;)


i think it maybe trying to connect to a server that does not exist anymore, try the below, backup hosts file first, This fixed my stuttering, lag and hanging. The game was trying to resolve the above address hundreds of times and failing. Add this line to your hosts file right at the bottom: directory of file C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts line to add; C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts


Can't seem to get it running. After downloading the installer opens fine but when the games installed nothing. Tried compatibility mode, installing with and without A/Virus. Will get back if anything changes, was looking forward to it as well :(

Xbox 360 marketplace sale - Hitman: Absolution £8.99 and more
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Posted 5th Jul 2013Posted 5th Jul 2013
Xbox 360 marketplace sale - Hitman: Absolution £8.99 and more
Hitman: Absolution £8.99 Tomb Raider and XCOM: Enemy Unknown are both £14.99 Some of these prices are pretty bad (e.g. Bioshock), but some of them seem worthwhile. Full list of p… Read more

I like the way you think! :) looks like i need to get creating my hungarian alter ego and nab a few bargains, 110% no brainer, thanks :)


Awesome reasoning. Things cost more in Britain because sellers/manufacturers think that they can get away with charging more.


it's called economics and there is nothing devious about it. if you want to pay the lower prices then go and live in Hungary or such place. why do things cost more in britain? its because things cost more in Britain. a games console may cost more because. the cost of marketing is higher, the cost of deliveries is higher, packaging, production, promotions, etc. it all costs more thus increasing the cost of the product itself.


couldnt care less if they earned less,i earn enough but the UK always gets charged more which is wrong,even when compared to other countries that are paid same as us


reposted yet again?? wtf? BioShock overpriced by £15!!

Free Playstation Plus 30 days subscription for NEW members only.
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Posted 21st May 2013Posted 21st May 2013
Free Playstation Plus 30 days subscription for NEW members only.
All relevant info on page. I tested this myself and it's 100% working. Here are the catches: 1) These codes will not work if you have previously subscribed to PS Plus and let it ex… Read more

nice one thankx


HOT!!! Got it... thanks :) 1. Register on the site 2. Open the same URL again (from this post) 3. Click on 'Get code' ... Done


weres my key


I have registered but where is the key ?


Many thanks!

Extra 90 days of Playstation Plus if you join or renew before 10th April
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Posted 22nd Mar 2013Posted 22nd Mar 2013
Extra 90 days of Playstation Plus if you join or renew before 10th April
According to the website.

Yes, music unlimited. It was on offer for 12 quid for 14 months last Christmas.


How do you get free music? Do you not need another subscription?


It won't be Shenmue, although i long for the third one to come out. It's more than likely going to be something like the new Yakuza game, which for anyone who hasn't played a Yakuza game yet they are very similar to Shenmue.


If its Shenmue 3, you can say goodbye to my Xbox.


I doubt that, given the amount of fan demand, Sega would release Shenmue purely for Sony consoles because of the outcry from the other 2/3 of the gaming population would be so great. People have been campaigning for years to get that game, it would make no sense to ignore the majority of the fans in favour of pleasing the minority. Especially when there are no hardware restrictions these days. The games on the ps3 could easily run on both the 360 and Wii U.

Euro gamer expo 2013 cheap early entry virgin media tickets and 20% off all other tickets before May 1st
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Posted 1st Mar 2013Posted 1st Mar 2013
Euro gamer expo 2013 cheap early entry virgin media tickets and 20% off all other tickets before May 1st
Virgin media are sponsoring the euro gamer expo again this year so that means all day early entry tickets for 7.50 if your a virgin media or mobile customer. It's a great event and… Read more
Half price Eurogamer expo tickets for virgin customers
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Posted 1st Mar 2013Posted 1st Mar 2013
Half price Eurogamer expo tickets for virgin customers
Virgin customers can once again get half price tickets to this year's Eurogamer expo. Not only that, but the tickets on offer include early entry to get you in an hour before ever… Read more

£85 a night for a double room. Not too bad if it's being split with someone, and I'm sure my other half is going to appreciate it more than some of the run down rooms that I was coming across whilst searching (some of them were even charging more than the Hilton!).


Strange still showing as £45 a night for me. Just out of interest how much was the Hilton?


Thanks mate! Unfortunately the prices for EasyHotel this year weren't too kind. Managed to book at the Hilton for cheaper than everywhere else were offering - not complaining though!


Stayed at easyhotel last year @ £45 a night. Very basic room though, but clean. So as long as it's just to sleep 'tis great plus cinema close by. Literally 5 mins away from expo.


Anyone recommend a decent budget hotel nearby? Fulham Travelodge prices have shot up.

30 day free trial of Playstation Plus @ Eurogamer - New customers only
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Posted 28th Feb 2013Posted 28th Feb 2013
30 day free trial of Playstation Plus @ Eurogamer - New customers only
Eurogamer are currently giving away free 30 day passes to anyone who registers an account with them. It looks like it will only work if you haven't previously held a Playstation Pl… Read more

Its all a big con to get people to join


You can't redeem codes for trials if you have an active Plus subscription.


I already bought a one year sub for plus if i get a one month trial code if iput it in will it add a month on or not work?


Yeah I figured that out, eventually ha! Cheers


It doesn't you create an account/log in, go to that page and click the button at the bottom to claim your code.

Defiance (PC) - Beta Key giveaway @ Eurogamer
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Posted 14th Jan 2013Posted 14th Jan 2013
Defiance (PC) - Beta Key giveaway @ Eurogamer
Only 500 available so won't last too long. Need to be registered to Eurogamer Defiance is an MMO shooter set for release later this year on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. What sets it apa… Read more

NDN2-GDY7-L6C6-3KCW-FR2Q i got you a key :)


thanks i just got a code :)


Register/login at GamesRadar for a free code.


Looks like all the keys have gone :(

Xbox live Marketplace deals 18th-31st December
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Posted 13th Dec 2012Posted 13th Dec 2012
Xbox live Marketplace deals 18th-31st December
Just saw this go up via someone on Twitter. No prices as of yet, but worth noting any items on there that you might be interested in, and what day they might be on sale! I'm defini… Read more

All 5 eps of The Walking Dead for a total of 800msp, bargain. ^_^


Yeah super cheap! 200msp per episode. Make sure you grab it people!


Just bagged the remaining 4 episodes of The Walking Dead for 800msp! Bargain!


Glad I can access the deals via the website as I am without Xbox Live. Got reminder set for Walking Dead tomorrow!


Wow thats Bad. I was hoping for 1200 or max 1600 so that everyone of the 4 dlcs would be 400. Guess ill have to wait now until they will be on sale individual.

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