EUROHIKE  Mobile Mains Kit £29 - Millets

EUROHIKE Mobile Mains Kit £29 - Millets

Found 29th Jun 2014
RRP £70 down to just £29. Also another 15% off with code 15MORE

A bit like an extension lead, but studier and with built-in current protection - the Eurohike Mobile Mains Kit is essential for using electrical items like a fridge or lights, or for charging mobile devices, while you are at the campsite.The circuit breaker and RCD protects you and your equipment, while the 15m cable with 240v site mains plug makes it easy to connect directly to your site post. You'll wonder how you ever camped without one!FeaturesDurable and dependable mains power - simply plug into the site post.Can be hung up or clipped to a tent pole - allows you to keep it off the floor and out of the way.Three UK 3-pin sockets - splash proof IP44 rated with covers.Protects you and your equipment - with a 10 Amp double pole Mini Circuit Breaker and a 25 Amp Residual Current Device.Extra long lead - durable 15m orange lead with 240v site plug.Use it everywhere - great for tents, awnings, caravans, motorhomes or boats - anywhere you need power
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£28.64 inc code and p&p
Good deal.
I picked mine up for £24.65 today. I went to store and they matched the online price with 15% off, saved on delivery charges. You can get the item also delivered to store when you order online and that will also save delivery charges.
Good price, was never £70 though!
Also 6.3% TCB !
Tempted, thanks.
In Aldi bury for £15 reduced to clear!
Thanks Damo. Please provide some specifics. Is it like for like? Same model? Does it have RCD? Please share. Thank you.
Thanks have ordered one to store
Thanks could do with a spare.
Good Price for one of these kits.

Have some heat.
30% off code 'TRUST' works with this to make it even cheaper!
Sizzling steamy heat for this EHU unit!

30% off code 'TRUST' works with this to make it even cheaper!

Good spot. It says the code is for National Trust staff and volunteers only though but I guess they don't check. Maybe by using the code TRUST they think it will put people off being dishonest !
Excellent.. Just ordered... Thanks OP
Excellent price. The one mentioned reduced in aldi will be store specific stick clearance. You can get an adapter to run these off standard 3 pin plugs - great if camping in someone's garden or as garden extension for lawn mowers etc due to the RCD.
Free delivery to local stores too, so even cheaper!
Isn't this in the wrong section?
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