Eurolines Paris return tickets for £20
Eurolines Paris return tickets for £20

Eurolines Paris return tickets for £20

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Eurolines turns 20 this October - bringing you great value, hassle-free, environmentally-friendly travel to Europe's most exciting destinations for 2 decades.

Eurolines have decided to treat you to £20 return fares to Paris.


Sounds too good to be true?
Anyone used them before?

Misread this and thought it was Eurostar!

London to paris by bus . 6hrs.14mins. 8am earliest depart. 11pm latest return for day travellers.

6hrs by bus, think I'll pass thanks ;-)

good price though


checking - weird link should be eurolines.co.uk/Des…cfm

Satisfied with PM reply - amended link

whatta travel


Anyone used them before?

Yes to Paris, once, in 1991 and never again. Perhaps the most incompetent company I have ever dealt with.

Remember the ordeal as if it was yesterday. We left Victoria Coach Station about 15 mins late and it soon became obvious the driver didn't know London as we ended going through Peckham and Lewisham arrived at Dover around 2.20pm for a 3pm sailing (cutting it fine to begin with). After waiting 10 mins in a queue of coaches, the driver then decides to fill up with fuel and we have to go to the back of the queue again and finally get cleared at around 2.45pm. However the driver gets told we've missed our sailing and because it was a Friday of a Bank Holiday Weekend, the chances of spaces on later ferries are not good.

Anyhow we park up near a building what resembles a motorway service station and some people leave the bus. Anyhow I'm sat on the front row of bus (just behind the driver's seat) when some official looking guy comes up and asks where our driver. We assume he's gone inside this building to contact his bosses but the offical says if we get everyone on the bus in 5 mins, they've got a slot for us. So me and two other people race into this building, can't spot the driver but they allow me and a woman who can speak French to use their tannoy system and we get everyone back on bus. Everyone that is except the driver !! He's disappeared, we even check the loos !!!

So I then go back into this building and phone a number on the back of my ticket and eventually get to speak to someone. This was now 4pm and they were totally unaware we had missed our sailing. After coming off the phone, I learn another space has been found for us on a different ferry but yet again the driver was no where to be found. We miss that too.

Driver finally arrives back at the bus with a manager from Eurolines at about 4.30pm and then says to everyone he can't drive to Paris because he will go over his tachograph hours. Eurolines manager tells the driver he has got no other options and if he refuses to drive, his company (which we now learn had been subcontracted by Eurolines) will be responsible for compensating us. Driver then swiftly agrees to drive and we arrive in Paris about 3 hours late.

What really annoyed me was no-one from Eurolines could be bothered to meet us at Paris (now 12.15am) and this excuse of a firm hadn't even bothered putting any notices informing people that our coach would be late (remember this is before the days of mobile phones). Fortunately I had left a message with a flat mate in London of what was going down at Dover so when the friend who was meeting me had waited over an hour, she phoned up where I lived and discovered I would be late.

However I am sure not all their journeys end up like this.

I used the service in August. I won't ever again. You are made to feel like a second class citizen. Customs are the worst, you all have to get out of the coach and go through a little portacabin. Several of our party were searched. Next on route the driver got lost blaming his SAT nav all in all several hours late.
Pay the extra go by train, plane or drive yourself.

OMG sounds horrendous!
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