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Posted 30 November 2022

Europe Flights for Winter Megathread - Prices starting at £16 Return @ Skyscanner

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Thought I'd put together a little megathread of some of the cheapest flight deals, in case anyone wants to go on a winter break. Cheap breaks in ascending price order here (You might find some over £20). I've done ones up to £20 for a return, starting at £8 one way. I've used Skyscanner to find these, so have linked to that in the main deal link, but there are many other places where you can book from. The example deal prices are from 3rd party like Trip.com or kiwi.com you can get direct bookings from the airline for a few quid more.

Using the Skyscanner Calendar thing, you can see what dates are cheap (this is based on Milan)



There are many dates where you can get cheap flights. A price which is more largely available is £16 flights for return.

Here is an example



There are some dates which you can get cheaper flights. The one I found was £19.60 return here


There are loads of approx £17 return trips in Dec/Jan. One example here


Quite a few dates as £16/17. Depends on the dates and departure place though, Example here


Only flights from Liverpool are under £20. Example here


Some cheap flights available, mostly in January. Here is an example


Cheap flights available, most in January. December dates are around £40/50.

£32 example: Here

Hope it helps someone
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    Don't touch trip.com or another second wed site, they might think they are a couple of quid cheaper but put bags on and they are way more expensive, also if flight gets cancelled you loose most of the money you've payed as they are a broker and keep half or more
    Completely agree (based on majority of online reviews and there are plenty of them)!
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    Trying to find a Muslim friendly country for a weekend in December is really hard haha
    Morocco, Turkey etc.
  3. Avatar
    Loads of cheap flights to places like Gdansk and Riga where you can find great Christmas markets and well priced accommodation.
  4. Avatar
    Remember to only use Skyscanner as a search engine. Don't even think about booking in any way other than directly with the airline.
    Doesn’t Skyscanner give you the option of being directed to the airline website in their results?
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    What's the best way to look out for cheap flights from Newcastle for first six months of next year. Don't care where we go! Two people!
  6. Avatar
    Amazing thanks... It would have been great if it had Friday departure and Sunday arrival options
  7. Avatar
    London to Lisbon?
    Good call! Will add
  8. Avatar
    Can I ask, when it says 1 stop, can you actually get off the plane and visit the place or isn't that how it works?
    No, it means that you'd have to wait in the airport. Most times it's just an hour or 2.
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    Dublin is excellent for bargain cheap flights but the accommodation prices are eye watering.
    No doubt about it, Dublin has become a very expensive city to visit in recent years.
  10. Avatar
    Can’t afford to go anywhere staying home this Christmas , but have a great time to those who do find great deals and fly away
  11. Avatar
    Will get in early heat for the effort
  12. Avatar
  13. Avatar
    Would anyone have any suggestions on how to find reasonable flights to Tallinn from the South of UK? Looking to go a few days before Christmas for a couple of nights and the prices I've found so far are £400+! (Not a seasoned traveller I'm afraid so any help is great )
    Is it just you travelling?
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    Following for more info. ++
    Anything in particular? Let me know, and I can add
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    Suggest you also add driving options. Can get to Bruges/Lille easily from South East, and ferry return is £100. With a family of 4, well worthwhile! (edited)
    You mean Car-hire?
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    Just a question ~ apologies fro thread pinching.

    I have a trip booked for May 27th - for a week, Saturday to Saturday in Malaga - When would be about the right date to look for cheap flights, at present, they are very expensive. 
    I know it is school half-term week, but I can't change the dates 
    No worries. I would say best to book in advance, the sooner the better (cheaper) imho.

    How many people are going? (edited)
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    What's the craic with last second cancellations, lost baggage, and strikes these days?
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    Cheapest way/flights from Manchester to Frankfurt over Christmas period
    Best bet is to go from London as in here: skyscanner.net/tra…=01

    If you want to go from Manchester, seems that you'll have to stop-over for cheaper prices.
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    @Rmcstar oh wise one, do you just use Skyscanner or do you have other tips? im looking to go to South Korea in January, best I can find is circa £700
    I mostly use Skyscanner as a tool, as it has some price saving features. I'll have a look for your trip, what dates in January and how long?
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    if you like christmas markets ( Gdansk , Wroclaw , Krakow ) all really nice , cheap accomodations , really nice food BUT just watch out for food pirces on christmas market !! Example in bakery in Poland nice doughnut cost maybe 0.60£ and on christmas market stand 5£ !!! Regular jam doughnout . It's worth going but don't get 'scammed' on food prices on stands you fancy a nice pastry go to bakery better for you and your wallet ! Restaurants are even cheaper than christmas food stands there . Warm clothes are must , buy some proper winter shoes don't go in sneakers
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    Ooh, please find me something for 26th Dec - 30th, 31st or 1st. Need some inspiration for the school holidays. 😁
    How many people, and anywhere in mind?
  23. Avatar
    Any cheap flights from leeds/bradford for a couple days, maybe a weekend break?
    In January you can go Poland. This might help
  24. Avatar
    Which dates did you put in to get sub £20 flight to Paris from London?
    Paris prices have gone up, to around £40. Other places in France are nearer to £20 though.
  25. Avatar
    I know it’s not part of the thread, anyone spot any great winter flights to Turkiye 🇹🇷?
    Will take a look for you
  26. Avatar
    Any cheap flights to the Maldives 😁x
  27. Avatar
    Anything good from BIRMINGHAM?