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Oppo F1 | Oppo Europe | £125 | Flash Sale (25% off)
Found 29th Apr 2016Found 29th Apr 2016
Oppo F1 | Oppo Europe | £125 | Flash Sale (25% off)
Oppo EU are having a flash sale at the moment. This particular model is down from €229 to €159. Oppo R7 is down from €349 to €262. http://europe.oppostyle.com/r7-flash-sale Oppo… Read more

Great price but no availability....



Oppo Find 7 approx £105.74 (134e) @ Oppostyle
Found 21st Apr 2016Found 21st Apr 2016
Oppo Find 7 approx £105.74 (134e) @ Oppostyle
Back in Stock Oppo Find 7 / Oppo Find 7a available again for ordering from EU store Buy 1* at 25% discount: €134 Buy 2* at 30% discount: €125 Buy 3* at 35% discount: €116 Specs … Read more
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Anyone got android pay working on this?


Have got mine for about 2 weeks now, installed the LP and merged the partitions.very impressed with this phone so far, snappy, everything just work and feels quite 'premium'. Battery isn't bad as well, I get about 3.5h screen time and all day on 1 charge. The charger is brilliant, it's really quick and 75% in 30min is not exaggeration.


Found this case on Aliexpress: LINK It is hard plastic like the Nillkin but covers the top and bottom bezels as well. Also makes the bottom buttons more visible.


I don't think it will as it looks like a discontinued model.


Yeah I have v2.5.1 and unified storage now as well :)

Oppo Find 7 €134 approx £105.74 at Oppostyle
Found 19th Apr 2016Found 19th Apr 2016
Oppo Find 7 €134 approx £105.74 at Oppostyle
Newly added to the flash sale, previously only in stock in the US/International store now in EU store. Find 7a also available for a little less. Also the more you buy the more yo… Read more
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Will these ever be back in stock?


I would just keep the 7's :D


Dealing with their customer service is a SLOW process ... Ordered 3 Find 7a's in white, received 3 7's in Black with someone else's packing slip ! Keep asking me to fill in an RMA - but there are missing autofill fields, so can't do that. Dealing by email takes c 24 hours for a reply - even when you reply within 5 minutes of their email to you it seems to then go to the back of a queue. So, at the moment, now got these unopened boxes for 3 phones I didn't order, and a supplier insisting they have picked my order correctly (but don't seem to understand there is a difference between correct picking and correct packing and dispatching !).


2 pin 'continental' plug. Travel adapter required.


Quick question does it come with a 2 pin plug or 3 pin? Did anyone ordered what did it come with in the box

oppo phones flash sale
Found 14th Apr 2016Found 14th Apr 2016
oppo phones flash sale
Depends on model you want the price varies

I can't believe they're selling the flash separately - most phones have them built in.


cold just for your lazy posting op....shame on you... ;)


Poor description really. Especially when comparing F1 to Xiaomi Note 3 Snapdragon 650 the Xiaomi is miles ahead, but also a bit more expensive (with a chance of paying tax). Not much worth afterall. Even the R7 is having Snapdragon 615 which is really slow for the asking price.,


I agree, very lazy posting. I would have gone for the F1 specifically. at £126 or there abouts for what it offers, it's easily the best pick of the bunch.


Who knows oppo, the description is enough

Oppo Flash Sale including the R7 Plus @ €322.00 (£248.46)
Found 9th Mar 2016Found 9th Mar 2016
Oppo Flash Sale including the R7 Plus @ €322.00 (£248.46)
Just got the following email from Oppo: Today, we are launching VOOC Flash Sale with huge discounts on R7, R7 Plus and the R7s. Customers of OppoStyle North America and Internatio… Read more
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I found this today by accident, said it was the last day. Had to vote hot considering I got an R7 Plus with accessories for £260. It comes with EU plug so grab an adaptor if required.


I've put up 3 or 4 of the Gearbest EU phone deals, but don't want to look like I work for them. But does seem good.


​whats the camera like compared to Samsung HTC etc?


I bagged an R7 in the recent Amazon flash sale for £99 and it's a fantastic bit of kit. Superb build quality, great screen and fast. The downside is Color OS, which I actually quite like. However I understand a lot of people would prefer a standard Android OS, and the R7 is still on Android 4.4.4 (or the Color OS version of it) with no update in sight and apparently no custom roms available. If you are ok with this then you won't be disappointed - it's my first China phone and I won't be returning to the established brands.


​Good find! Have you posted this on here I'd definitely vote hot!!

Found 26th Nov 2015Found 26th Nov 2015
oppo BF sale upto 90 Euro off , an OPPO R7Plus which comes to around 238 cheapest deal by far . also the N3 as well as R7 also on sale also extra 10% off with code BFSUBSCRIBED. n… Read more
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Oppo r5s direct from oppo €200 2 days only £150.00
Found 25th Aug 2015Found 25th Aug 2015
Oppo r5s direct from oppo €200 2 days only £150.00
Was expired so relisted 200 euros approx 150 it's supose to be out today r5s same as the r5 but has 3gb of ram instead of the 2gb and 32gb storage non expandable over the 16gb in t… Read more

The vodafone smart ultra 6 is still a better deal as it has the same camera sensors same processor full uk LTE support., 16gb rom 2gb ram and larger battery for only. £125, vodafone also provide a 24. Month warranty so you get the peace of mind unlike dealing with an overseas seller


For £150 this is a very nice buy considering it's from a very good manufacturer. Color OS not for everyone but it's certainly find foot most regular users. Likewise if the battery drains just boost it for half an hour and you're back to 75%. I already had one via free upgrade from the R5 flash sale and picked up another. Silly price for the spec compared to other plastic/8gb/1gb or budget manufacturer alternatives.


I think this is very good price for this phone. It has got its problems but for 150 is it worth paying just for it looks:-)


Looked at it but no roms an colour os put me off. Looks nice but no cm or aopk is a bummer.


back in stock now, if anyone interested.... I am put off by battery capacity though

Oppo r5s direct from oppo €200 pre order release date on the 25th of August
Found 25th Aug 2015Found 25th Aug 2015
Oppo r5s direct from oppo €200 pre order release date on the 25th of August
200 euros approx 150 it's supose to be out today r5s same as the r5 but has 3gb of ram instead of the 2gb and 32gb storage non expandable over the 16gb in the standard r5 good spec… Read more

In stock unexpire


bought R5 + voc flash charge battery bank for £140 on the Amazon deal. Happy with the phone. I think the difference bewteen R5 and R5S is the ram and the storage and the color. But be aware, you will not get any further system upgrade(Android L) for this phone as the engineer said that the phone is too thin to load Android L because of the overheat problem.


That battery... Ouch


It's not out yet this model is to be out today it has been like this for a few days Coming soon on August 25th!


Sold out!

Oppo R5 - £169 @ Oppo Style
Found 7th Aug 2015Found 7th Aug 2015
Oppo R5 - £169 @ Oppo Style
Oppo R5 Flash Sale. Down to EUR 239. BASIC PARAMETERS Operating System ColorOS 2.0 based on Android 4.4 (KitKat) Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 MSM8939 Octa-Core 1.5GHz RAM … Read more

I'm not trolling anybody but believe what you like. For some reason that I can't understand SU6 buyer seem to be extremely loyal to that device. The Moto G 2013 and 2014's were a real bargain for what they were but the SU6 is not.


spark. you are now trolling


Those phones are in a different league to the SU6 tbh. That's like comparing 2 types of caviar to a Findus microwavable lasagne.


I would rate the ele p7000 or xiaomi mi4i as good buys. for similar cost as the su6


It has been updated to a new build of Android since it was launched I believe. Sorry about the resolution. I saw this picture and thought it was a 1080p display. I'm sure you wouldn't struggle to find a similar model with a 1080p display for the same money though. As I said earlier, it was just a quick Google search to find that and I think my point has been proven. Incidentally, there is no advantage of Qualcomm over MTK AFAIK. In fact a lot of Qualcomm's suffer from overheating, lag and battery drain issues.

Oppo Find 7a £180, Oppo Find 7 £205 - Oppostyle.com - Official EU Seller
Found 14th Jul 2015Found 14th Jul 2015
Oppo Find 7a £180, Oppo Find 7 £205 - Oppostyle.com - Official EU Seller
The Oppo Find 7a and Oppo Find 7 had dropped to a new low price as Oppo are changing strategy to a Applish model. Oppostyle is the official EU reseller. Both are excellent phon… Read more
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Anyone have a problem with a selfie image being "reversed" Check one with writing in it and see if it shows the wrong way around, or is corrected when processed.


Find 7 (no 7a) is back in stock again as of 8th August 19:33


I asked the same question, was hoping to get a UK VOOC charger but just got an EU->UK adapter. Not too worried.


Mine just said adapter, but yeah I got the same charger as above (https://europe.oppostyle.com/vooc-flash-charger-mini-uk-plug) and I'm sure you will too!


When you got the email saying they were shipping did it describe it as a universal adapter for uk socket? Just wondering if I'm going to get the 3 pin charger or just a standard adapter.

Oppo Find 7A with free screen protector, case, 32GB SD card, and a bluetooth headset £251.43 @ oppostyle
Found 9th Mar 2015Found 9th Mar 2015
Oppo Find 7A with free screen protector, case, 32GB SD card, and a bluetooth headset £251.43 @ oppostyle
Oppo Find 7A with a screen protector, a flip cover, 32GB SD card, and a Bluetooth headset for 250 quid, not a bad deal imo Specs: Operating System: ColorOS based on Android 4.3 (… Read more

Oneplus One is an incredible bit of kit. OxygenOS (lollipop) released last Saturday and CM12 released to the press last week, due for general release in next few days apparently. Sure you might get a bad one, but all payments handled by PayPal, so file a claim and buy a replacement in the meantime, and you'll still have spent less in total than for a Nexus 6, plus you'll get your initial £270 back from PayPal within a couple of months.


Yes, it does. I bought my Oppo Find7 from these guys...they're the official Oppo supplier for Europe.


I just signed up but it says it's invite only except on Tuesdays. How can I get an invite?


Lg G3, next listing on here, 30 beer tokens more, a no brainer and its the 3gb ram


Flip cover is useless as it does not stay shut so switches screen on in pocket. Have had this phone 7a from launch, I like it. Positive points; Fast charge, great screen, removable storage and battery. Phone last around a day with Bluetooth/WiFi on all day. Negative points; Software support is slow and plenty of promises on new official roms that seems to take forever.

Oppo N3 - The ultimate 16MP rotating camera selfie phone - Preorder with free VOOC Power Bank and 32GB MicroSD Card €549/£430 @ oppostyle.com
Found 5th Jan 2015Found 5th Jan 2015
Oppo N3 - The ultimate 16MP rotating camera selfie phone - Preorder with free VOOC Power Bank and 32GB MicroSD Card €549/£430 @ oppostyle.com
I know MOTO G folk will hate the price and apple crowd will vote cold just because it's not apple. As usual with preorders of new Oppo phones you get some freebies. This time you … Read more

Other than the camera it is worse specked than the One+ for nearly twice the price.


Would prefer OnePlus


Lazy link info http://europe.oppostyle.com/n3-preorder PS comes with an EU plug BASIC PARAMETERS Operating System ColorOS 2.0 based on Android 4.4 (KitKat) Processor 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Quad-Core (MSM8974AA) RAM 2GB LPDDR3 933MHz Storage 32GB, Expandable with microSD Card up to 128GB Battery 3000 mAh Li-Po battery Colors White DISPLAY Type LTPS with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Size 5.5 inch Resolution 1080x1920 FULL HD 403 PPI CAMERA Sensor 16-megapixel OmniVision OV16825 Aperture f/2.2 Video 1080p@30fps, 720p@120fps in slow motion, HDR Features Motorized Rotating 206° camera, Dual LED Flash, Ultra-HD, Auto Panorama, Colorful Night, Slow Shutter, Expert Mode, Beautify, HDR, Audio Photo, GIF, Double Exposure, Raw, Super Macro, After Focus, Tracking Focus, Raw FEATURES Sensors Gyroscope, Digital compass, Dual Microphone, Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Magnetic Sensor, Gravity Sensor Others Motorized Rotating 206° camera, O-Click 2.0 Remote Control CONNECTIVITY 2G/GSM GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900MHz) 3G International Version: UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA/HSPA+/HSPA+42 (WCDMA 850, 900, 1900, 2100MHz) US Version: UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA/HSPA+/HSPA+42 (WCDMA 850, 900, 1700, 1900, 2100MHz) 4G/LTE International Version: FDD-LTE Bands B1/3/7/20, TD-LTE Band B40 US Version: FDD-LTE: Bands B1/4/7/17 Other NFC, Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n (802.11n 2.4GHz and 5GHz), Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth 4.0 PHYSICAL SPECS Dimension 161.2×77×8.7mm Weight 192g IN THE BOX Inthebox OPPO N3 VOOC Power Bank 32GB microSD Card In-ear type earphones O-Click 2.0 Remote Control Micro USB cable VOOC mini Rapid Charger

Oppo Find 7 / 7a + free extras with Christmas Pack -  £379.00 approx (479 Euros) @ Oppostyle
Found 7th Dec 2014Found 7th Dec 2014
Oppo Find 7 / 7a + free extras with Christmas Pack - £379.00 approx (479 Euros) @ Oppostyle
Another good offer from Oppostyle. If you want to buy Oppo Find 7/7a from Amazon maybe beeter buy it direct from Oppo with additional free gifts. Oppo find 7a £315.00 approx (39… Read more
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nothing like the yotaphone. did you even read the specs?


yotaphone 2 price is definitely overpriced, I'm 100% agree, but Oppo Find 7 got flagship spec so you need to pay for it.


Not worth such a money...same as yotaphone 2,which is more interesting and has 2 screens...but also overpriced.


With custom rom it can be upgraded to lolipop 5.0.1 with Cyanogenmod 12 http://forum.xda-developers.com/find-7/find7-development/rom-cyanogenmod-12-7-t2942248 Oficial ColourOS based on lolipop?? I dont think so, but maybe...


Can it be upgraded to KitKat or lollipop?

Oppo Find 7 or 7a + 5 free accesories and €80 voucher Cyber monday deal
Found 29th Nov 2014Found 29th Nov 2014
Oppo Find 7 or 7a + 5 free accesories and €80 voucher Cyber monday deal
Oppo Find 7a (€399) or 7 (€479) with 5 free accessories: - Bluetooth Headset - Easy Cover (white or navy) - Screen Protector (gloss or mat) - 32GB microSD Card - Extra Battery (+€… Read more

The Find 7 and 7a are the same size and design, except that the Find 7 has a 2k screen, 32gb of memory and 3gb of ram. The find 7a has a 1080p screen, 16gb of memory and 2gb of ram. Both have 5.5" screens and 4g capability and 13mp cameras and the option of an sd card. The Oppo N1 has a 5.9" screen, an option of 16gb or 32gb models but no sd card option. It has an awesome 13mp rotating camera. But no 4g Capabilities. I have the Oppo find 7a. It is fantastic!


No you don't. You return it to a warehouse in the UK.


Official reply " During the Black Friday Promotion you can not redeem any coupon as the promotion is not accumulative"


I've got a find 7 and I really like it. Before that I had a oneplus but had issues with it crashing. I haven't yet tried Oppo's support but Oneplus were particularly useless. Eventually I got a refund but only as paypal refunded based on Oneplus not responding to them or me. The biggest issue I have with the find 7 and I think the find 7a is that the storage is not unified. It has 3gb available for apps, I have a fair number of apps and so hit the limit. At that point you can't even update the apps you already have. It is fixable though and I managed to fix mine using this link http://forum.xda-developers.com/find-7/find7-development/test-custom-storage-partitions-v1-oppo-t2930576 but if you have a lot of apps and don't want to tinker with it then I would not recommend it. Also Oppo took a long time to upgrade to Kitkat based OS, again you can get roms already for lollipop but if you want to keep the ultra hd camera then you have to wait for oppo to release an upgrade - probably be a very long wait.


This got some really high end specs

Oppo Find 7/7A + Free Bluetooth, PowerBank or Extra Battery - €399
Found 23rd Sep 2014Found 23rd Sep 2014
Oppo Find 7/7A + Free Bluetooth, PowerBank or Extra Battery - €399
Just received this via Email. For every purchase of an OPPO Find 7 or Find 7a, you will also receive an accessory bundle that includes; 1 Easy Cover, 1 Screen Protector and 1 Micr… Read more

I was just gonna post this. good deal. have been toying with the idea of buying one of these since april... a friend of mine has recently bought one and so far so good.


find 7a vs iphone 6 plus http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOx157Cu8zk&list=UUO_vmeInQm5Z6dEZ6R5Kk0A


7a seems basically the same as the OnePlus One but with micro SD and rapid charging. The OnePlus One is cheaper, if you can get hold of an invite that is...


bargain for the hardware. I'm happy with my m8 though.


I am selling my 7a cannot justify keeping it have a m8 and a lg g3. I had a yellow ting on screen so I sent it back last week so I have a new one now and its time to sell on. It is a awesome phone and is up their with the best if them. Their is also cm mod now for the phone. If anyone is interested on it pm me.

Oppo Find 7 (Not 7a) 2k screen 32GB and 3GB RAM - £395 approx (479 Euros) from Oppostyle
Found 16th Jun 2014Found 16th Jun 2014
Oppo Find 7 (Not 7a) 2k screen 32GB and 3GB RAM - £395 approx (479 Euros) from Oppostyle
This is for a pre order of the new Quad HD screen find 7. Seems to be the 32GB version with 3GB of ram - the first 1000 pre orders receive an iLike power bank - not sure what that … Read more

Here is a good solution to the europe plug! It converts it to UK and also makes the cable longer (if like me, you find the VOOC charger too short) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/271448620025?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649


Cheers for the tip bisto, a great idea.


I use Dolphin browser on all my android devices. Works well for me. Did have a blur issue on Windows 8.1 with Chrome, had to disable DPI adjustments I think? not sure if there are any DPI settings (hidden or otherwise) in Android chrome. I think most, if not all, the browsers use the same basic browsing functionality built in to Android? Effectively, they are just skinned and have additional features added by the developers.


I found that when I open web pages from chrome, most pictures are blurred. The same pictures on samsung galaxy s5 or xperia z2 browsers are perfect.(A friend was comparing mine with his) Are the pictures blurred since oppo has a qhd display? Is there any tip I can use in chrome to avoid this? Or even a better browser?


One little tip for those that have not already found it (thought I was the first, but lot's beat me to it :) )Buy a better euro to UK adapter, unless you like your fast charger to protrude 3 feet from the wall/floor! X)The one Oppostyle supply does not allow the shoulder of the fast charger to recess inside the adapter and it all gets a bit 'wibbly wobbly' The one I use has a screw to clamp the adapter in place so that it remains as one unit with a smaller and more stable footprint - much better.This is the type I use - about £2 - £4 on Amazon or eBay;[image missing][image missing]

Oppo Find 7a Available for Pre Order Again - EUR 399 (Approx £330) @ Oppo
Found 28th Apr 2014Found 28th Apr 2014
Oppo Find 7a Available for Pre Order Again - EUR 399 (Approx £330) @ Oppo
The Oppo Find 7a is now back on pre-order for delivery on 16th May. A lot of people were holding out for the OnePlus One, though it looks like it will be another month or two befo… Read more

pm sent


Sounds good how much... Send me pm?


i have my nfc back if you want to but the back cover let me know


Yes I'll have it. Thanks


If you want you can buy mine as iam thinking of buying the nfc one? If your interested let me know? I have only have 1 and had mine for less than a week now. If you want when I get mine I will send it out to you? Let me know

Oppo N1- now reduced and in stock from 369 euro / £304
Found 19th Apr 2014Found 19th Apr 2014
Oppo N1- now reduced and in stock from 369 euro / £304
Now for few days both versions (including cyanoagenmod with additional back cover) are reduced by 80 euros. Price in title for 16gb. 32gb is for approx. 328 pounds. For conversion … Read more

I have a discount code for this phone but I don't know if it will work for you guys since I believe the code is linked to my account.


A time machine?


go for the one plus one or the find 7 both fit your bill. IMO the reduction needs to come down on this phone further to make it more viable i say £250-£280. this phone is amazing IMO large but you get used to it but like said the other phones probably fit your bill better


Aaah I remember this, it was actually a really interesting phone but at the end of the day I'd be upgrading from a nexus 4, so I gain no RAM, the snapdragon 600 is a rebadged S4 Pro so there's no CPU power gain, I do get a bigger screen which is always nice and a better camera. The touch panel on the back gets mixed responses because it's apparently in a slightly awkward place... Oh and I don't gain 4G or anything like that unfortunately (Three has rolled it out to a few places and I live in one). So, nexus 4 to this I gain 1) the cool factor 2) camera 3)bigger/higher res screen 4) battery life I think? Reportedly pretty gargantuan on this phone.... I don't think I'd personally buy but it's a pretty awesome thing, hot for the price reduction from me. *edit* though my finger is still hovering over the buy button, the problem is I can't think of a phone with proper A15 or better cores (so snapdragon 800/801 isn't right, and this is more about future-proofing than actually needing it now before you leap to its defense) with 4G/LTE, and ideally fairly good stock android/cyanogenmod support.


What if the person doesn't want or care about 4G? they should get a 4G phone so they can 'future proof' for something they won't care for? they might just want the phone because they like the look of it or has features they want, they may even just be waiting till 4G is widespread and cheaper or 3G is good enough for them. There's plenty of people who buy budget phones which don't have 4G, there's also plenty of people who still have 2G phones, different people have different needs, just because you have a need for 4G, others may not.

Pre Order Oppo Find 7a Smartphone (2.3 Ghz Quadcore Snapdragon 801, 5.5" FHD, 13MP Cam, 4K Video, 4G)  and get free 32GB SD card,Spare battery and Easy-Cover £330 @ Oppo
Found 7th Apr 2014Found 7th Apr 2014
Pre Order Oppo Find 7a Smartphone (2.3 Ghz Quadcore Snapdragon 801, 5.5" FHD, 13MP Cam, 4K Video, 4G) and get free 32GB SD card,Spare battery and Easy-Cover £330 @ Oppo
UPDATE : GET 10% STUDENT DISCOUNT, REDUCING PRICE TO £297 The Oppo Find 7a packs a 5.5" full HD display, a Qualcomm MSM8974AB Snapdragon 801 chip with a quad-core 2.3 GHz Krait 40… Read more
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Cheers, did look at the z1 as that's exactly the sort of size I was looking for but some of the reports mentioned the camera wasn't great and that's somethign I use a lot. I'll take another look anyway.


probably z1 compact hows small or big your looking for ?


I've been very tempted by one of these but seeing photos in real life I think it's going to be a little too big for me, anyone able to recommend a smaller phone with similarly impressive spec and price point but a slightly smaller form? I'm sure someone else asked the same question ealier but I can't see to find it.


I'm using this Nillkin case I bought off eBay. Fits very tightly & all cut-outs well aligned: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nillkin-Matte-Hard-Back-Cover-Case-Screen-Protector-For-OPPO-Find-7-X9007-/331174180034?pt=US_Cell_Phone_PDA_Cases&var=&hash=item4d1b84f4c2


Tpu case cheap here www.ebay.com/itm/360921461861?redirect=mobile

Oppo r819 dual sim 2 handsets, 2 case, 2 screen protectors £331
Found 7th Feb 2014Found 7th Feb 2014
Oppo r819 dual sim 2 handsets, 2 case, 2 screen protectors £331
Please forgive me if this is posted already, I find this deal interesting as there are 2 phones at 331, so each phone around £165, they are dual sim, free delivery, WIn!! http://e… Read more

Just go on here and you will find the deal http://europe.oppostyle.com/


Here: http://oppostyle.com/content/20-r819-sweetest-couple


I get the follow error when I follow your link:


I used to have an oppo DVD player. didn't think they were Chinese thought they were Finnish or Norwegian


So we're posting deals from worldwide sites now