Posted 2 January 2023

Eurostar London to Paris / Brussels / Amsterdam / Rotterdam - £39 each way (£78 return) - various dates January to April @ Eurostar

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10/01 - More dates now available to book 23/01/2023 and 24/03/2023 iincluding weekends
London to Paris, departs Sat 15th April, returns Tue 18th April
Eurostar More details at Eurostar
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    Pretty standard offer, often cheaper flying though
    Huge carbon footprint increase, less comfort, luggage allowance, risk of disruption and safety just to save a few quid at most?
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    normally £29.99 this time of year
    hoping this offer returns soon!
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    No way will you be door to door in an hour flying to/from Holland.
    We queued for 3 hours to get through security coming back from Schiphol in September.
    People were queueing out of the terminal and snaking around the car park.
    The only reason we didn't miss out flight, was because Easyjet delayed by an hour due to late incoming flight.
    If you add on travelling time to/from the airport at each end, because planes can't land in the city centre!
    Flying can easily take 6 hours out of your day, even though you are in the air for less than an hour.

    Eurostar to Rotterdam in 3 hours 13 minutes, and to Amsterdam in 3 hours 52 minutes.
    Not 4 1/2 hours.

    I'm not aware that E* trains get routinely cancelled.
    It is quite common for flights to get delayed or cancelled for all manner of reasons. (edited)
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    What happened to £29? Each way!
    What happened to Spangles?
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    Cheers OP, was looking to go to Amsterdam end of March but was £200 each last time we looked!
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    If they start using Ashford International again I'd be on board.
    Wow, I didn't notice they'd ditched that station - that's a bit of a blow
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    I think it’s a decent price. I missed the £29 recently
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    Any idea when the next flash sale will be?
    Easter I think I’ve seen some
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    I still haven't used tickets from the previous promo. Moved them from December to Easter.
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    Really nice deals if travelling alone.
    But I'm heading to france with the GF so it makes more sense for us to drive.
    I did that once and just thought for a little bit more getting the train was way less faff and I haven’t looked back since
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    Can these fares be booked one way?
    Yeah. these prices are for one journey.
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    Can we travel from Ashford these days pls?
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    With the strikes I bet I need to pay a taxi to get to London
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    Saw this start of Dec
    Oof, don't say that, you'll incur the wrath of the deal posters around here!

    Almost as popular as the guy that says "got mine" on a misprice when everyone else had their's cancelled
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    Can anyone recommend a place to stop with secure parking outside/around London. Really fancy a trip on the Eurostar but can’t escape Manchester on the train without it costing a limb! Was looking to drive down and leave the car somewhere secure.. 🏼
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