Euthymol Toothpaste 75ml - £2 @ Asda

Euthymol Toothpaste 75ml - £2 @ Asda

LocalFound 18th Feb 2014
This is a heads up more than anything. 6 months ago it was taken off the shelves because it didn't conform to some new EU regulations so had to be reformulated. Since then it's been going for around £10 for one tube on eBay. Well... over the past week or so it's finally begun reappearing in supermarkets with the new formula, so figured I'd post this in case people still plan on paying way over the top for it on eBay!
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Cheers OP. I've been hunting for this for the past month and wondered why no one appeared to be stocking it
Thank you, glad it's back on the shelves!
The only toothpaste my mum will use! thank goodness its back, its cost a small fortune over the last few months. Thanks op.


GF will be happy
Has the taste changed?

Has the taste changed?

Nope, tastes exactly the same, the texture is ever so slightly different though. It has menthol added to the ingredients from what I can see. And I can only assume whatever the EU banned couldn't have been a good addition!
My main worry was it would come back with fluoride in it...
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so it still looks, smells and looks like Germoline X)

What's so special about it.

What's so special about it.

People like the strong medicinal taste, and that it's fluoride free...
If you look at the ingredients more carefully, you'll find some interesting changes in composition. One needs to check out those mysterious numbers listed among the ingredients, and then read what substances they stand for.

The old formulation contained a dye coded as CI 45430. This stands for "Erythrosine". Apparently, this is used in many countries instead of the kind of "azo dyes" used in the US, which have been banned in the EU. Erythrosine has been seen as safe by Europeans, but the US has banned it, at least partially. Now, in the new formulation of Euthymol they seem to have replaced CI 45430 (Erythrosine) with an "azo dye" (CI 14720 -- which is "azorubine", also called "carmoisine"). Now, go and read what Wikipedia says about "azorubine" and its possible health effects. One of course doesn't swallow toothpaste, but the change in dye doesn't look very healthy.

Also, it's interesting that the manufacturer seems to have gone for the American FDA view - so, one could ask whether Johnson & Johnson have some US supplier agreement/interest.
Other changes in the formulation seem superficial to me. (They have now hidden the whitener, titanium dioxide behind a code number, CI 77891, so that you shouldn't know that it contains the pigment used in paints and varnishes.)

So, if you want fluoride-free toothpaste with clearly listed and explained safe ingredients, try "Kingfisher" fluoride-free toothpastes (they offer types with fluoride as well), which you can get online. No artificial flavourings or sweetener or dodgy stuff. I had been a Euthymol enthusiast, so I have chosen very carefully to find something which can replace it, and I am very happy with Kingfisher (I have no connection to the company whatsoever).
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