Evan Almighty [HD DVD] - £4.99 delivered @ Zavvi !

Evan Almighty [HD DVD] - £4.99 delivered @ Zavvi !

Found 26th Jun 2008
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Steve Carell (The 40-Year-Old Virgin), reprising his role as the polished, preening newscaster Evan Baxter of Bruce Almighty, is the next one anointed by God to accomplish a holy mission in the hilarious new comedy Evan Almighty. Blockbuster comedy director Tom Shadyac (The Nutty Professor, Liar Liar, Bruce Almighty) returns behind the camera for this next episode of divine intervention. This time, however, his cast grows two-by-two. Newly elected to Congress, Evan leaves Buffalo behind and shepherds his family to suburban northern Virginia. Once there, his life gets turned upside-down when God (Morgan Freeman) appears and mysteriously commands him to build an ark. But his befuddled family just can't decide whether Evan is having an extraordinary mid-life crisis or is truly onto something of Biblical proportions...



didnt like the film, good price though. Hot

£3.99 on Play.com, so cold, sorry. Don't forget Quidco.


£3.99 on Play.com, so cold, sorry. Don't forget Quidco.

shame its not in stock there, and they seem to have stopped selling it, maybe you should check things b4 voting

Yes, quite a few items are going O/O/S so if you want any HD-DVDs at these sorts of prices, buy 'em before they all go!

My card has been taking a real hammering lately:thumbsup:

Good price, but a truly lousy film..... I made the mistake of renting it.

I liked it and I'm an atheist!
I thought it was just a nice family film. Sometimes you just need a dash of nice.

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Amazon.co.uk Review
Giving Steve Carell a long-overdue leading role in a mainstream Hollywood comedy, Evan Almighty is the sequel to the huge Jim Carrey hit Bruce Almighty. And while Carrey isn’t on the cast list this time round, director Tom Shadyac and Morgan Freeman are among the many returnees. The focus of Evan Almighty switches to Carell’s Evan Baxter, last seen as a newsreader but now an elected official, who is chosen by God (Freeman) to build a new ark. And this ark needs, as you’d expect, to hold two of each species on the planet. Naturally, all the people around Evan think he’s gone mad, and this proves a healthy comedy mine that’s well exploited.
Evan Almighty isn’t without a few problems, though. The focus of the film isn’t always tight enough on generating the laughs, and Carell is surprisingly under-used. He’s on form when the material allows him to shine, but its often (admittedly impressive) special effects that end up taking centre stage, an odd road to choose for a comedy. That said, Evan Almighty is still an enjoyable family comedy, and it’s not without rewatch value. It’s a fun little movie, and one that deserves extra credit for promoting Carell to top billing--that's a move long overdue. --Jon Foster

Sorry got to be cold from me - dont think this film is worth a fiver!
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