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MINI Hatchback 1.5 Cooper II 5dr - Personal lease from 35 x £212pm and only one initial payment £212 @ EvansHalshaw
Found 6th JulFound 6th Jul
MINI Hatchback 1.5 Cooper II 5dr - Personal lease from 35 x £212pm and only one initial payment £212 @ EvansHalshaw
Only 1 payment upfront on MINI Hatchback 1.5 Cooper II 5dr 8,000 Miles Per Annum FREE UK Mainland delivery Road Tax included for duration Processing fee - £198 Inc. VAT
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mini cooper s r53


I always love lease threads and how emotive people get about their preference and how defensive people get to the extent they are calling others stupid. It's a personal preference, deal with it. Mine? In the words of drake, "Anything I got is not a rental, I own it *****************" :D


The missus bought a Juke on PCP (supposedly they hold value well). Even with a discount and a £3k deposit it still cost £9k over 3 yrs. This even takes into account paying the final balloon payment and selling it privately for more. Wouldn’t by new again. The £3k deposit basically covered the VAT. At £3k a year this deal and many other lease deals for better cars cost less. Admittedly it’s each to their own n all that.


Yet the context was in reference of long term planning in keeping his oil machinery at maximum production with low outages and the longest support from the supplier with a self interest in a long term view.


What a load of arrogant and ignorant rubbish. Any car out of warranty can run the risk of mechanical failure thus unexpected bills, knowing about cars doesn't mean you are guaranteed to avoid a pup. At least with a lease you know exactly where you stand and get a better quality ride as a result.

Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 GT 2dr £299 per month 39m £5,999 deposit 6000 miles per annum @ Evans Halshaw
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 GT 2dr £299 per month 39m £5,999 deposit 6000 miles per annum @ Evans Halshaw
Saving £2,838 - Personal Contract Purchase from £299 Per Month with £5,999 Customer Deposit Offer ends 30/06/18.

How can u buy a human with money? Pity money doesn’t come with brain (lol) how can u know that I live on benefits? So rationale and intelligent ;(


And yet ur finding vouchers/discounts here (lol)


Listen d1ckhe@d I can buy u with my money if i want. My tax equals your family's wealth. I drive a 2018 AMG car . I manage my finance with logic & rationale. Hence for a tr@sh like you living on the benefits to come and chat like this. This is just pure bull$h1t Fukc u


If 6000 is a problematic deposit figure for u, then ur looking at the wrong car.


I am happy with this used when it hits 15K, going at 50 mph on the A2, or the Blackwall tunnel at 10 mph.I do only about 4K miles a year anyways. Has anyone tried to stick a baby in the back seats?

Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 GT 2dr £299 per month for three years. £5999 upfront (total £17361) Personal Contract at Evans Halshaw
Found 3rd MayFound 3rd May
I know this will not be for everyone, but if you've ever wanted a car like this its a pretty good deal, especially as you can make a fair chunk of your money back at the end. But I… Read more
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You're right.. But the auto does sort of suit them, they just roll along quite happily. They feel most at home cruising and an auto is good for that. It's the other halfs car anyway, and she wasn't up for a manual (the manual is my car put her off, it's a horrible box; old Alfa). I did wonder how you got it so cheap... the manual was coming up £20 a month cheaper when I enquired. We got the shadow edition at 372/month with auto so sounds like we got a similar deal overall.


Manual. The way they should be! Unless your heart is absolutely set on an automatic, avoid it. The automatic gear box on them isn't the best either.


I got one with the auto box and I've been averaging 26mpg even with some lead foot action. Admittedly the new gearbox is lightyears better than the 2017 one that this deal is promoting, but it's also a lot more money. It sounds ace at low revs, town speed too. I've had lots of nice cars and the 'stang has drawn more compliments from people in the first 2 weeks than I've ever got in the rest of my cars combined! It's a lovely thing for the money, and if you're not doing a lot of miles.. why not enjoy yourself a little.


LOL Horses for courses. Had a E46 M3 and my neighbour had a E60 M5. Don't really see the comparison of a 15 year old car though as they can't be compared to modern day cars. Although a cult classic it doesn't cut the mustard in todays world being a N/A V8 with a manual gearbox, especially as the my 'souped up' 4 cyl Golf is faster to 60. I also need an auto and it needs to be reliable and not cost the earth to run. Plenty of comparison


But this has a proper V8 engine,not the souped up 4 cylinder in your Golf.Or better still,drive an E39 M5 and then get back into your Golf.No comparison.............

Free car valet @ car store Shrewsbury £0
Found 23rd FebFound 23rd Feb
Free car valet @ car store Shrewsbury £0
free external valets to all customers. • Pre-book your preferred time slot • Arrive for your booked time • Drop your car off at the entrance with your confirmation email • We will… Read more
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Get a brand new car for only £89.40 a month plus £999 deposit - £2.8k final payment and this is not a lease deal so your own the car
Found 9th Dec 2017Found 9th Dec 2017
Get a brand new car for only £89.40 a month plus £999 deposit - £2.8k final payment and this is not a lease deal so your own the car
Im looking for a cheao car for school runs and saw this Dacia offer, love them or hate them, got to give it to them they offer good value cars and this is for the ambience sandero … Read more
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You grow up


Why would I care about your non-deals? Do grow up and learn how to spell before you spout more nonsense.




And who cares?


No, becuae i did 2 x sd cards, a drill bit and some batteries and they all went to neaely 400 degrees. As stated, most posts now aeem to get hot

New Ford Fiesta personal hire £114.90 per month + £3000 deposit - Term £8598.30 over 4 years @ Evans Halshaw
Found 24th Aug 2017Found 24th Aug 2017
New Ford Fiesta personal hire £114.90 per month + £3000 deposit - Term £8598.30 over 4 years @ Evans Halshaw
Found this new Ford Fiesta low monthly payments lease deal. New plate in September also
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Correct - It saves you from having to pay the shortfall between what the insurer covers and what is owed.


You are incorrect with regards to GAP insurance. GAP Insurance only covers the difference between what your insurer will pay out in the event of theft/write-off and what the finance company expects back. It does not refund you any rental payments.


For the lease price u can actually buy one Lol exggerating a bit but u know what i mean


Stay away from posting lease deals Emma - I would have you had got the drift from your previous MB deal.


TBH, I don't see the point of leasing unless it is 2yrs - the whole is the feeling of a continuously new car with none of the worries involved. Whilst MoT doesn't kick in until 3yrs and warranty will last that long, it loses its appeal against either buying new or buying used at 3+yrs (esp as 3rd year depreciation is much less), and the monthly cost is rarely much better.

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New Mercedes-Benz A Class £183.99 p/m 24 months initial payment £2207.88 processing fee £198 - £6821.64 @ Evans Halshaw
Found 2nd Aug 2017Found 2nd Aug 2017
New Mercedes-Benz A Class £183.99 p/m 24 months initial payment £2207.88 processing fee £198 - £6821.64 @ Evans Halshaw
New A Class for £183.99 a month best deal ive seen, lease deal for 24 months

Click on the link !duh


What's the milage and reg, is it diesel?


Boom, the old ones are always the best :P


Cold, like with most Mercs doesn't come with indicators!


Not sure is a good deal. Can actually get a class c estate for approximately £7600

Mercedes-Benz A CLass A180d SE 5dr - 24mth Personal Lease - 23 x £170.99pm + £1,025.94 upfront - Total £4958.71 @ Evans halshaw lease
Found 23rd Feb 2016Found 23rd Feb 2016
Mercedes-Benz A CLass A180d SE 5dr - 24mth Personal Lease - 23 x £170.99pm + £1,025.94 upfront - Total £4958.71 @ Evans halshaw lease
No of Payments 23 Monthly Payment £170.99 Initial Customer Payment £1,025.94 8,000 miles per annum No Admin fee FREE UK Mainland delivery Road Tax included for dur… Read more

Holy thread resurrection Batman. This thread is over six months old and what you have said isn't true. You are not the registered keeper of a leased car, at least not in the DVLA and legal definition of the term. The lease provider is the registered keeper and they remain responsible for taxing the vehicle and would receive any traffic offences notices, which they would then nominate you as the driver for.


it will be legally owned by the lease company but will be registered to you. for the purpose of speeding tickets etc


Ideally not, A class seems to have bad enough reviews for me to avoid though perks like Nav are cheap on executive versions but Audi/BMW preferable :)


Does that include or exclude ones with French derived engines!? :)


use google dude

Mercedes-Benz A Class A180d AMG Line 5dr 8k 2yr business lease deal £5464 @ Evans Halshaw
Found 19th Feb 2016Found 19th Feb 2016
Mercedes-Benz A Class A180d AMG Line 5dr 8k 2yr business lease deal £5464 @ Evans Halshaw
Business lease deal on a Mercedes A180d AMG Line for 2 years 8k with road tax included. http://www.evanshalshaw.com/car-leasing/mercedes-benz/a-class-a180d-amg-line-5dr-offer/2321… Read more
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The A4 also weighs 5% less and gets to 60 almost three seconds quicker. Must be all the fibreglass and stick on plastic weighing the Renault (I mean Merc) down.


Proper Mercedes? They went over 20 years ago. From the current range the only model worthy is the S class class range and real AMG range. Everything else is just company car fodder or white goods with a prestige badge aimed at self important debt monkeys with orange faced wives..


Yuk. The new A class is pretty openly targeted at people who can't afford a proper merc. And it looks crap as well.


This is the Mercedes AMG A class http://www2.mercedes-benz.co.uk/content/unitedkingdom/mpc/mpc_unitedkingdom_website/en/home_mpc/passengercars/home/new_cars/amg_showroom/a_45_amg/a-45-amg-2015/overview/model-li


You like what you like but don't buy a Mercedes thinking it's a 1.8 as it's only 1.5 with only 105bhp. The audi may be a 1.4 but it's 150bhp.

Vauxhall Mokka 1.4T Exclusiv 5dr £13632.16 @ Evans Halshaw
Found 19th Jan 2016Found 19th Jan 2016
Vauxhall Mokka 1.4T Exclusiv 5dr £13632.16 @ Evans Halshaw
Personal Contract Purchase Offer Only £162 Per Month with NIL Deposit after £2,500 Scrappage Allowance
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With respect, I disagree. The Mokka is classed as a small crossover vehicle, as is the Qashqai. The price range of the Mokka is 16-24k and the Qashqai is 18-28k. Retail price of the Mokka 1.4 exclusive is 21k, retail of a similer spec 1.2DIG Qashqai is 23.8k. These cars compete in the same market sector for the same customers and the Qashqai is able to command higher values because it is a better car. I'm sure the Lexus regard themselves as a direct competitor to Mercedes (certainly the early 90's models actually looked like S class Merc's). Whether the buying public regard them as Jap Merc's is clear by the equivalent Lexus being a bit cheaper. With my recent experience of Merc's however, I suspect you have bought the better car.


Different cars, different prices. I had one whilst I was waiting for my new car to be delivered. My previous car was a Mercedes and my new car a Lexus. I'm not going to compare the drive to these because they are in a different price bracket.


Would be a deal at 13k all in but at nearly 20k this car is way overpriced! I have a friend who has the Chevrolet version (cant remember the name but its almost identical) he paid 12.5k new pre-registered for his. Thats what these should be priced at. edit - Thinking about it I test drove an Antara (the Mokkas big brother) a few years ago and that was only around 13k brand new pre-registered.


Drive one back to back with a Quasqai and you can see the difference in quality and refinement. The specs are fine, just let down by the driving experience.


I'm not to sure why the negativity on the drive. OK it is a little under powered, however these drive OK. I quite enjoyed it, though the one I hired was a higher specification.

Vauxhall Insignia 1.8i VVT Energy 5dr  £16689.00 @ Evans Halshaw
Found 19th Jan 2016Found 19th Jan 2016
Vauxhall Insignia 1.8i VVT Energy 5dr £16689.00 @ Evans Halshaw
Hire Purchase Offer Only £209 per month with £4,000 Deposit after £2,500 Scrappage Allowance
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I loved my Insignia but the 1.8 petrol engine it had was awful. I admittedly drive pretty heavy footed but I was getting around 19mpg commuting to work.. needed your foot down just to make it move. They are nice cars with the right engine but not worth this much by any stretch.


Very heavy on fuel body too heavy engine performance isnt good I never got chance to drive diesel version but was not impressed with new astra or insignia


Not another duff Vauxhall on the same day. As with the Mokka, test drive before buying! The petrol Insignia is truly dire to drive, totally gutless and unrefined. The 2.0D ones are fine and make a great motorway cruiser. COLD at any price!


No no no not a Vauxhall


But it is a Vauxhall, really!!

Vauxhall Astra 1.4i 16V SRi 5dr £18408.00 @ evanshalshaw
Found 19th Jan 2016Found 19th Jan 2016
Vauxhall Astra 1.4i 16V SRi 5dr £18408.00 @ evanshalshaw
New Model! Only £98 Per Month on Personal Contract Purchase after £2,500 Scrappage Allowance
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just bought a brand new meriva £8700 o.t.r . with the scrappage


WhatCar - 4 Stars CarBuyer - 4.5 Stars Auto Express = 5 Stars etc etc... cant be bothered to copy & paste more


Yes if you read the reviews - The new Astra is a Golf/Focus Beater - The vast majority are giving it 4 or 5 stars.


Don't under estimate the new Astra - its an absolute cracking car - the best Vaux have made. Residuals should be good! - just looks at Golf residuals - bought a 2.0 GT CAB 3 years ago , 26K, worth about 10 now -shattered my illusions


Pretty sure you can get a 6 month old or even a one month old one for soo much less than £18K

brand new c3 contract hire 12 month  £1436.00 @ Evans Halshaw
Found 26th Jul 2015Found 26th Jul 2015
brand new c3 contract hire 12 month £1436.00 @ Evans Halshaw
been quoted on a brand new c3, 1.2l 12 month contract hire. £600 first payment, £76 for 11 months inc vat. Is it a good deal? It's valid til 31st July at Evans Halshaw Rotherham.… Read more
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thank you for the Feed back and comments, I will leave it for now then cheers


​ Preaching to the choir! Especially the Glasgow branches


Vowed never to use Halshaws again :( Customer service and after care are diabolical


I don't know anything about this either lol what's difference between contract hire and leasing a car ? looks the same to me :/


The OP had stated that their weekly cost was only £17 which would be cheaper than using the bus etc but what they'd forgot to include in that £17 was the £600 first payment (as commented by soniiic) and fuel, insurance (as commented by me) My comment had nothing to do with the hiring a car with fuel - wish some people had common sense rather than trying to look good.

FORD KUGA DIESEL ESTATE 2.0 TDCi 150 Titanium 5dr 2WD - 24mth Personal lease (10k miles) £6,176.71 @ Evans Halshaw
Found 1st Feb 2015Found 1st Feb 2015
FORD KUGA DIESEL ESTATE 2.0 TDCi 150 Titanium 5dr 2WD - 24mth Personal lease (10k miles) £6,176.71 @ Evans Halshaw
FORD KUGA DIESEL ESTATE 2.0 TDCi 150 Titanium 5dr 2WD Personal Leasing Price £212.99 per month Inc. Vat Price based on: 6 months advance rental followed by 23 payments. Annual Mi… Read more

Nice car, but Google kuga mpg, it's a LOT less than the stated, around 39 mpg for the diesel


the sport is an even better deal


this is a good deal


well done


Tell your Hubby to get rid of it then..... (_;)

Renault Zoe from £99 deposit and £144 per month @ evanshalshaw
Found 28th Nov 2014Found 28th Nov 2014
I think this is an amazing deal for a brand new electric car, only £99 deposit, then £99 per month plus the battery rental which is from £45 per month, I believe this is for 5,000 … Read more

[/quote] Zoe: No VED, servicing you state is £100, 12 months battery rental at £45 is £540, 7,000 miles excess mileage at 5p is £350, and the charging for all 10k at £2.50 a charge and your stated 70 mile range is a minimum of 143 charges, the reality will obviously be a lot higher as you're never going to get to 69.9 miles before you stop at a charging point, so £357.50 minimum. I make that to be £2245 to do 10,000 miles or 22.45p/mile (OUCH!). [/quote] So £100 for servicing plus £540 battery rental plus £350 excess mileage charge plus £357.50 comes to £2245? I make that £1347.50! Also the £2.50 per charge is approximate and is based on charging the car from empty to full charge, which in reality costs approx. £2.32 on my tariff, you only pay for the electricity used, not per charge. I used 69mpg for the Yaris, do you think you'll get that in the real world? There is no way the Zoe is an Aygo sized car, it is the same size as a Yaris, believe me, I have had a test drive in one. Furthermore, I did not switch it to a Leaf telling you it's cheaper at all, you stated a small petrol car is cheaper to run than an ev after you included battery rental into your calculation, I purely compared my Leaf's running costs, as I don't pay battery rental. You say I was conned, you are wrong, I was not conned, you say your figures prove me wrong, again you are wrong, you can't even do basic mathematics! Now I can't be bothered to respond to this anymore, so if anyone is looking to buy a new car, ask Avalon-One as he obviously knows his stuff!


So hang on, I shoot down the Zoe's deal and you switch it to a Leaf and try telling me it's cheaper, then when that theory is blown out of the water, it's suddenly not about saving money and back to the Zoe? You have to know that even by widening the criteria this just won't end well surely? I'll play along though, heck if i'm wrong i'm man enough to admit it, are you? Firstly the Zoe is a small ev city car, I should compare it to a Aygo/C1/106/Up/Citygo etc. in fairness but I went a class above. The only RAC figure quoted was the average distance a UK car covers each year as it was the first source with reasonable credibility, the mpg average is the published book value. The only reason the Leaf ever got compared to a Yaris was because you brought it into the conversation before I destroyed the 'my car (the leaf) is significantly cheaper to run' argument as i'm about to do on the Zoey. I specifically compared the real world running costs of a Zoe and a Yaris but you've chosen to widen the scope to full running costs which is fair enough, the more informed a person is then hopefully the easier it is for them to make a choice. I'd point out that several Yaris's have 200k and a few are now over 400k without significant issues, you won't see that out of a Zoe any time soon, the owner I know can't even get them to sort out his charging card for god knows how many months. Ironically he still preaches about the low cost per mile - sound familiar? The Zoey is £99/month and £45 a month for the battery rental, that's why your deal was edited to £144 and that lease is based on doing no more than 8.22 miles a day on average (3k/365) which kind of makes the whole need for a car dubious, but i'll go with what Renault seem to think the car is suitable for, they charge 5p per mile to go over that, your 10,000 comparison seems reasonable so here goes: Zoe: No VED, servicing you state is £100, 12 months battery rental at £45 is £540, 7,000 miles excess mileage at 5p is £350, and the charging for all 10k at £2.50 a charge and your stated 70 mile range is a minimum of 143 charges, the reality will obviously be a lot higher as you're never going to get to 69.9 miles before you stop at a charging point, so £357.50 minimum. I make that to be £2245 to do 10,000 miles or 22.45p/mile (OUCH!). Now here's where I start to disagree. Firstly the Yaris hybrid, it was literally an off the cuff remark, I didn't look at/mention the deposit or use it as a comparison, if I had the significantly higher mpg would have made the cost per mile even lower. I'm also not going to bother costing insurance, they're both low groupings so the cost should be broadly similar and as you suggest the same it looks like a moot point anyway. Yaris: No VED (since July this year on the 1.0vvti), servicing is zero for the first two years from the current offers as is zero % finance, fuel ... I know you've not been to a petrol station in 2 years but 121.9? I paid 117.9 the day I quoted the figure, Asda have knocked 2p/ltr off the going rate since then so it should be that or lower now, if my local Sainsbury has done the same it'll be 116.9. You already know from the above it'll come out at 8p/mile so £800 for 10k. Clear winner by £1345 is the Yaris. Purchase price, OK you went with the 'cheap' finance offer on a Zoe so £99 a month or £1,188 per year (we've already counted the battery cost above and i'm not about to count it twice), using your figure of £191 the Yaris it comes out at £2,292 per year so the winner is the Zoe by £1,104, again i'll just use your figure for simplicity rather than shopping it out for a deal. In summary: Zoe: £2,245 + £1,188 = £3,433 or 34.33p/mile. Yaris: £800 + £2,292 = £3,092 or 30.92p/mile or a saving of £341 :) Now surely you can see that even the 'cheap' Zoe is more expensive to run per mile and per year than a petrol car even one of the non base spec and widening the criteria/using the finance details you provided, obviously it'd be even more one sided in favour of the Yaris if you went with base spec, in much the same way it'd be cheaper with an Aygo etc. which i'd argue is more the market that the Zoe is pitched at with it's 8 miles a day average included in the battery lease.


No I have not been conned at all, I knew exactly what I was buying and the figures that came with it, I didn't buy my leaf to save me money on a petrol car, (I traded an Audi 1.8T Cabriolet in for it), I bought it because I needed a car that would transport a dog. So I went and test drove a few cars and fell in love with the leaf, it is fast, silent, comfortable and lovely to drive. I get free parking and free charge in the council run carparks, I've never been to a petrol station in 2 years, I work some nights, so in the winter I can pre heat my car using my phone, 5 minutes before I finish work and it's lovely and warm, with all the windows free of ice. I also got a whopping friends and family discount from Nissan. I'm not saying to people go out and buy a leaf, but I am saying it was perfect for me and as for the RAC 2013 figures, they're comparing a Yaris and Fiat 500 to a leaf, the leaf is a Focus size car with a brilliant spec, so the comparison is unfair in my opinion. Now on to you proving me wrong about the running costs of an ev compared to a small ice car, firstly you compared the price of a bottom of the range 3 door Yaris to a Renault Zoe, which is a 5 door car with a very good spec, so even with the bottom of the range Yaris 5 door, putting a £99 deposit down, brings the monthly payment to £191 per month, you quoted a Yaris Hybrid for £169 per month from Toyota, that's with a deposit of £4710, so that blows that out of the water, granted these figures are for 10k per year, however, put the extra approx £30 per month on the Zoe price to cover the extra 7,000 miles and it'll still be cheaper and that's without the fuel saving. Then there's the extra cost of road tax and servicing. Now if you intend to buy a car and keep it after the initial term, then of course the ice makes more sense, however over the 4 year term, you'll find the Zoe to be the cheaper option. Zoe Yaris Insurance £250.00 £250.00 Tax £0.00 £30.00 Servicing £100.00 £150.00 Fuel/Year £358.00 £819.00 Payment £174.00 £191.00 Total Cost £2,796.00 £3,541.00 Per Month £233.00 £295.08 These figures are based on 10,000 miles per year, fuel at £1.21 per litre and electric at £2.50 per charge and are based on giving the car back after the rental term. The insurance and service costs are approx and are taken from my experience of servicing an ev and an ice. So to reiterate, I posted this deal so that if someone is looking for a cheap new car, here is an option, I am not saying go out and buy an ev at all, go and test drive cars and work out the figures and the deal that suit you.


I'll be honest I just went to the Nissan site and looked at the options it gave, they seem to be less open about outright purchase, but a little google goes a long way and I can now see why. After your post I hit google and found this which suggests you can pay FIVE GRAND on top of the car cost for the battery and own it. Keeping with the Yaris example (or the Fiat 500 - the numbers are the same for mpg) and say you do 60k using today's figures, that's £4800 for petrol or £5,000 for the battery before you're off the forecourt, then you need to charge it 857 times at £2.50 a shot, that's another £2142 according to Steeleez figure. So 60,000 miles in a Leaf costs £7232 (12.05p/mile) vs £4800 (8p/mile). Again I don't see that as any kind of win for en EV. If yu scale it up to 100k it's £8,571 in a Leaf and £8,000 in a Yaris. Before you get too excited and extend that to break even over 100k remember that the Leaf battery will have gone through an absolute minimum of 1428 charging cycles using the real world experience of Steeleez and won't be capable of holding the same capacity as it did when new after that kind of duty cycle, that means more charges and the real world usage unlike a petrol car where you use it till you need to fill it up you aren't likely to do 70 miles exactly between charges so top up charging is inevitable meaning that the the real life number of charges required to hit 100k will be significantly higher than the optimum figure. So taking all of the above into consideration and using the RAC's 2013 figure for average miles of 7,900 here's the pitch to part you from your cash: If you a) Do less than 70 miles at any one time b) Plan on keeping the same car beyond 100k (12.6 years at average miles) c) Have a location available to install a charging point d) Believe the battery will last at least 12.6 years (at average miles) without developing a fault or significant performance hit e) Have a crystal ball and know it won't get written off Then just maybe your cost per mile might be lower, yes you still paid 10k+ more for the car in the first place vs a similar petrol car, but potentially you could save a few pounds on fuel over 100k :)


You're wrong, that's the flex models. You can buy the battery outright.

New Citroen C1 1.0 VT 3 dr £5995 at Evans Halshaw
Found 8th Jun 2014Found 8th Jun 2014
New Citroen C1 1.0 VT 3 dr £5995 at Evans Halshaw
Good price for a brand new budget car, basic spec and I think it's only in red at this price. Normal manufacturer's 3 year warranty. Equivalent deal to the Peugeot 107 also posted … Read more

But then you'd own a VW and not a Toyota ;)


I'm all fairness I've lived in hot climes for the majority of the past 20 years and have to say I think AC is a "must have" when I buy a car these days. In all of that time, I've owned one car that's now 20 years old (in Florida) which is a Nissan 240SX (S14) all that's ever needed to be done to the AC system is a quick recharge on 2 occasions, and we've owned that car since 2001. Each recharge was between $6~8 using a DIY "R134a" refill can from the local car parts store. On the other hand my mums 2004 Kia Picanto needed a replacement condenser a couple of weeks back. The condenser was sourced on eBay for £83. I would have installed it myself (I was on holiday at the time) but I only had one day left of my break and didn't want to squander the last morning. The part was replaced by a local garage for £80 then the gas was refilled by ATS for free as it had only been recharged (for the first time in it's life) during the winter (@£27). So £160+£27, over 10 years isn't really that bad is it? Some people pay that for a car service, which really only involves a £15 oil & filter change... I've never had any issues with AC regarding sore throats etc., but do know of people who think they are affected by it. That might just be down to the drier air or suchlike? Another friend of mine just had her 2002 Honda Jazz AC system recharged last year (for the 1st time) but she got some sort of combo deal on the AC and MOT that was somehow less than the price of the MOT alone with a coupon. (<£25). The funny thing with car AC systems in the UK is that it's very expensive to buy the DIY kits for recharging the system, it's much better/cheaper to wait for a deal at Kwik Fit/ATS etc., and let them take care of it. Hint: Get the system recharged or serviced in the winter when there is little or no demand and they are happy to have extra business out of season. :{


If you wait a year and get something like a up with brake assist bet the insurance will be even cheaper and you would also get a car that does well in crash tests.


I'd rather chop my cock off with a rusty spoon than deal with evans Halshaw again. I bought a £400 extended warranty from them which wasn't worth a penny. The small print dictated I pay £100 diagnostic fee for any issues, and when I took in my car they just kept wrongly diagnosed things and made sure those things were not covered under warranty. I ended up about £1000 out of pocket before giving up on it. Tw@s!!


Shame he/she can't vent their frustration more constructively and not knock what look like good deals on cheap runabouts...

Vauxhall Agila 1.0 12V [68] ecoFLEX S 5 door £6991 @ Evans Halshaw
Found 28th May 2014Found 28th May 2014
Vauxhall Agila 1.0 12V [68] ecoFLEX S 5 door £6991 @ Evans Halshaw
Hefty discount, wouldn't consider at over over 10.5 grand rrp, but at this price could be worth a look with the "lifetime" warranty. Not sure if pre reg. Agila 1.0i S 12v ecoFLEX … Read more

The Korean fanboyz must be tucked up in bed by now?!


Aye, you are probably right. Just looking for something a bit bigger than a 'Noddy Car'


Why don't you do what I did if you are interested in the deal? CONTACT them!!!! Your opinion about the deal is not worth posting. I am no apologist for Evans Hellshaw, they have been a bunch of useless **** anytime I have bought a car from them. However, their price on this deal is so unbeatable I was willing to take the risk.


Pretty sure the Hyundai i10 is £5995. Possibly the Suzuki alto is at that price too.


Only difference. SE in image has alloy wheels and air con, and I think rear tinted glass.

Peugeot107 access £6120 @ Evanshalshaw
Found 24th May 2014Found 24th May 2014
Peugeot107 access £6120 @ Evanshalshaw
This is a good car which seems to be getting cheaper great deal !

Traded our 5 year old C1 in a year ago and got £3k+ off the new one. Never had any major repairs, tyres, wipers etc. were the only bits ever replaced. Passed 2 MOTs with no work and no advisories. Starter motor was playing up at the end, but not serious enough to replace. 5 years motoring for the cost of petrol, routine servicing (annual) and consumables, bargain. And a 3 year warranty as mentioned above. What do you want for a runaround? One of the best cars for city/town use, and we used it for many long trips too. What did we trade it in for? Another C1, VTR+. Even better than the first one. Looked at every other car in its class and failed to find a better deal.


get what you pay for but 3 years warranty whats better value a golf at 20k or this at 6k winner here all day long imo


It's a good price but in my opinion it's this price for a reason, my parents have one and the clutch is not very good for low mileage. It's a budget car with a budget price so don't expect a lot. (my opinion of course)....


yeah its the citroen , the citroen c1 , toyota aygo and peugeot 107 are ithe same car with a different shell , everthing under the casing is from same factories


Hey is that the C1 or something else? (apologies, I'm not that familiar with cars)

Free insurance for 19+ year olds on Citroen C1 Connexion £8712 @ Evans Halshaw
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Free insurance for 19+ year olds on Citroen C1 Connexion £8712 @ Evans Halshaw
No idea if that's a good price for the car or not, but I've been looking for a way of getting cheap insurance for new drivers and came across this. "Yes, we know it's hard to bel… Read more

Damn mate you have been rich student those times then, coz I hardly could find money for anything :|


Get a black box fitted and don't drive like a knob: ingenie


My daughter bought a107 from Evans Halshaw and I just told them no extras and it wasn't a problem. With 12 months driving as a named driver on another car the insurance was £700 full comp.Oh she was 18 as well.


Evans Halshaw service is appalling, they will try to sell you all sorts of unnecessary add-ons, and it is a Citroen. Shop around for insurance and you will get it for around £1000 and shop around for a decent car and dealer.


The C1 connexion model in question is not a base model but was the top of the range model prior to Citroen renaming all the C1 range!

pre registered Vauxhall Zafira 1.6i Exclusiv 16v VVT MPV 5dr £10991 @ Evans Halshaw
Found 17th Oct 2013Found 17th Oct 2013
pre registered Vauxhall Zafira 1.6i Exclusiv 16v VVT MPV 5dr £10991 @ Evans Halshaw
Seems a good price to me. other variants available. Combined MPG 42.2 Insurance Group 13E Tax Band G 63 Plate Offer

wow I'm not even going to try and explain how your comment is crap. Id be here all day.Im allowed my opinion and i can air what i like. Maybe the more people who state they wouldn't buy one will save others from the heart ache! Tell me has your Vauxhall corsa VXR nurburgring been in there garage more times than some old 1990's ever has?! They treat you like crap and don't want to do the work when u have paid a boat load of cash. No straight answers. Garages that don't treat your car properly using metal screw drivers to rip off ur door cards leaving holes in the plastic?!, flaking paint on mirrors having them re-sprayed 4 times?! in 6 months?! curbing your alloys when they take it to be repaired if u can call it a repair?!, Car comes back with more dents and scratches on it than it went in with. after 12 months the gearbox goes and they have to replace cause its a KNOWN fault and still they drag there heals?! and then the car comes back with no working radio cause there stupid enough not to put the code in to it when they have removed the battery?! INCOMPETENT MORRONS IS WHAT VAUXHALL IS I could carry on m8 and this is with an 18 month old car. just think of how fcuked off you'd be after 5 years+ lol


And he follows up his original irrelevant comment with a nonsense response that doesn't answer the question. So what is obvious from orangeman's comment is that someone who can't really think or read wouldn't buy a vauxhall. New marketing slogan "Vauxhall ... we're not for morons." :p


i was not looking to buy, was that not obvious in my comment?


I think it was six months and under 200 miles, as you say best to check with Vauxhall. When I bought my Astra (from new) the Lifetime warranty had been out a matter of weeks, every salesman had a different version of how it worked.


Cool, good to know -- I was told the opposite though by Arnold Clark in Manchester, so best to double-check and get it in writing. Maybe theirs were older than six months. BTW, this is my first Vauxhall, absolutely fine so far, just a bit overly responsive on the steering so scary at first (for the passengers!), and also hate the turn signals. But, you get used to it. Cheap insurance too -- no-one steals a Zafira. And the neighbours don't get jealous and can keep driving their 6 year old Mercedes.