Even more free tickets to Definitely Maybe@ SeeFlimFirst

Even more free tickets to Definitely [email protected] SeeFlimFirst

Found 23rd Jan 2008
The free screenings will be taking place 6th February at 6 for 6.30pm.

860704 is the code to type in.


Birmingham, Broad Street is full unfortunately!But keep the film links coming.

nice one mate, more tickets for birmingham

Thanks for the link - just booked Tamworth

tickets still available for birmingham

No tickets for glasgow

Anyone get any they don't wan't or that they wish to share?

Got some for East Kilbride which is only about 15 minutes away so that's just as good, thanks

Ta for the link!


brightons full

Cardiffs full too

None by me, but nice find H+R'd :thumbsup:

Thanks for posting, but sadly none there for me - voted hot as good for others :thumbsup:

all gone, we need more !!
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