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Evengreener.com sale
Found 2nd Oct 2017Found 2nd Oct 2017
Evengreener.com sale
Received mailing list e-mail about their latest sale on water butts. Usual price reductions on their best sellers. There’s also an offer on a green 220 litre composter with base … Read more
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Maybe next time post a link to the offers there are nothing on the site at all on offer so pretty poor of the comments any sending email to loyal customers like that :(


I’m just passing on details of a price reduction on a website - isn’t that what this site is all about??? I’m a keen gardener. I’m on their mailing list. Nothing worrying about that!


Gets traffic on the site I checked four times. Not expecting Op to be back 12 comment is two years probably a market gardener by now. Will have to get an allotment if it stops us coming on here :)


Maybe they are too busy down the allotment to post deals. If they worked for the company, what would be the point of posting deals that don't exist?


three deals in 2 years 2 for the same company shouts out as spam especially when there is no such sale they mentioned.

2 x 200L linked water butts. 400L of capacity for £51 with home delivery @ EverGreener
Found 31st May 2017Found 31st May 2017
2 x 200L linked water butts. 400L of capacity for £51 with home delivery @ EverGreener
We have a 200L one but it overflows from october to May and then runs out by the end of June when the garden is in full swing. We've been making an effort to be a bit of a greene… Read more

Mine came in less than a week


These guys are a joke, I placed an order 3 weeks ago and am still awaiting delivery. Out of the 8 items I ordered, I have received 0. Only use them if you don't mind waiting forever for your items.


I was tempted by this till I saw their Trustpilot rating https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.evengreener.com


I can't lie most people prefer big butts so the demand for slim ones just isn't there.


Why do slimline water butts cost an arm and a leg?

Harcostar water butt kit £15 + £5 delivery @ Even Greener
Found 29th May 2016Found 29th May 2016
Harcostar water butt kit £15 + £5 delivery @ Even Greener
114 litre Harcostar water butt + stand + down pipe connection for £15. Delivery is £5 no matter how many you buy. Loads cheaper than any other website I can see. Other sizes avai… Read more
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If your local Aldi has stock, they have the 100L butts for £15. Newport had a good 20 left the other day.






Yes, and if you make sure it's at the right height, when the butt is full (fnarr) it will not overflow.


Gosh, I've never seen an anatomy joke on a deal about water butts before!

Harcostar magnum 350 litre water butt £54.99 delivered @ Evengreener
Found 28th Jun 2015Found 28th Jun 2015
Harcostar magnum 350 litre water butt £54.99 delivered @ Evengreener
With the recent dry weather it's important to save water, this is a great price for a large good quality water butt which also comes with a rain diverter and tap. With prices aroun… Read more

They're threaded


Are the tap holes in the barrel threaded, or smooth bore? Would love to know.


Costs me quite a bit more, but most people won't be on meters and since you wouldn't use a hosepipe with a water butt, you don't really have to worry about that either, you're using a tap either way. I asked to be put on a water meter which has resulted in my monthly water bill dropping from £150 to £25. Personally I think this is way too expensive, it might be better quality, but what does that quality give you, my water butts are 10+ years old, were cheap and still hold water fine. Though because I am on a meter and grow a lot of fruit and vegetables I've linked 2 water butts to 8 mango chutney barrels, which means I've got literally 1000s of litres available in a self balancing network, with multiple tap points, the mango chutney barrels in total, cost less than this one butt - though the blue colour might put some off ;-) As for the dry summer, I've got my system full of water, and that's despite moving the barrels and needing to empty them in the process, around 4 weeks ago. mike


Yes and Hell Yes And I do not believe that you do not pay for water by the way lol


You pay £36 a month for water ! Do you also pay for prescriptions and university education ? I would like to thank you for your support,here in Scotland it's all free. :3

Free 5 Litre Kitchen Caddy for Composter - Just Pay Postage - £2.50 @ EvenGreener
Found 10th Sep 2011Found 10th Sep 2011
Free 5 Litre Kitchen Caddy for Composter - Just Pay Postage - £2.50 @ EvenGreener
1 free per customer. Brown 5 litre kitchen caddy for storing waste food before transferring to compost bin. Snap lock lid to keep odours in and carry handle for easy transporting… Read more

No not yet.


anybody got theirs yet?


out of stock now =(


Not bad, we have 4 bins(!) now: Brown for garden and leftovers, Green for cans and plastics, Black for paper & cardboard and Blue for landfill. Though they still don't do glass under health and safety grounds apparently, even though they would collect if placed in the landfill bin!


Ordered. Thanks OP

Rainsaver Water Butt Kit Subsidised 190 Litres capacity £27.95 delivered @ evengreener
Found 8th Nov 2010Found 8th Nov 2010
Rainsaver Water Butt Kit Subsidised 190 Litres capacity £27.95 delivered @ evengreener
The Rainsaver ® Water Butt is the biggest selling water butt in the UK and is widely used around Europe. Great for collecting rainwater from your home, garage, greenhouse or shed … Read more

This deal is still active. I've just taken delivery of 2 at 5.50am! If anyone orders it does take a couple of weeks for delivery


Your butt has a crack?


good price , our local council charges £42.95 + £5 del.


can you connect a hosepipe to these to water the plants with?


Thanks so much - ours has just split so this is just what we need!

Deal of the Week: Water Butt Dripper Kit - just £5 (+£2.50 P&P)
Found 1st Jul 2009Found 1st Jul 2009
Deal of the Week: Water Butt Dripper Kit - just £5 (+£2.50 P&P)
GARDEN WATERING MADE EASY Save time, water and energy this summer with the Water Butt Dripper Kit. Help reduce your water bills; ideal if you are on a water meter! Features:- Pre… Read more
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i think i'm going to have to vote hot, but only for the fact that the name made me smile! :) are you sure this isn't enema related?


I got spammed with this offer yesterday (never had any dealings with them) - I just deleted it and blocked them as a point of principle (I'm not 'unsubscribing' to anything I didn't subscribe to)! You can presumably look forward to more spam once they've got your details.


yeah, I know that so this doesnt save on your water bills. anyway, its only 10m of pipe so you are gonna need to buy quite a few for an allotment. 10m would only do about 15 potato plants! :w00t:


Looks good, not sure about the pre assembled factor? Will it have any flexibility? Aaah well, worth a punt at a fiver though.


The watter butt collects rain watter, my allotment takes an hour every day to watter so this would save me loads of time

Butt Butt Water Butt £29.95 at Evergreener (rrp: £100)
Found 8th Jul 2008Found 8th Jul 2008
Butt Butt Water Butt £29.95 at Evergreener (rrp: £100)
A slightly odd one for the gardeners.

this is a rubbish deal, for start it looks pathetic, and the £30 is expensive for water butt, especially if its shaped like a 3 foot ****


Why would I want reminding of the wife wen I've escaped to the garden?


They have a cheek selling at that price


[image missing] My burd has one just like that.Only bigger :oops:


good price but WHY! just WHY!

Half price water butt , 190 Litres capacity £20 + £5 delivery - ONLY 50 LEFT!
Found 3rd Jun 2008Found 3rd Jun 2008
Half price water butt , 190 Litres capacity £20 + £5 delivery - ONLY 50 LEFT!
Spring Clearance! An extremely durable water butt with wood grain and barrel-effect branding. Supplied with a twist locking lid and a water butt tap. Manufactured from recycled p… Read more

tesco one looks good, i would order but my downpipe is square so that round inline thing is no good to me i guess, dont see an option for a square one.


Good spot! Thanks


Nic eone jerry


[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Red"]Tesco Direct [/COLOR][/SIZE]= [SIZE="3"]210L Barrel Waterbutt with Childproof Lid, Connector Kit & Tap[/SIZE] Catalogue number: 200-7684 = [SIZE="3"][COLOR="Red"]£24.00[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE="3"]Black Waterbutt Stand[/SIZE] Catalogue number: 202-9730 = [SIZE="3"][COLOR="Red"]£9.00[/COLOR][/SIZE] + Quidco + £2.47 delivery (include a SIM with your order)


don't forget 10% with Quidco