Event Horizon Blu Ray £7.85 @ Zavvi + Quidco
Event Horizon Blu Ray £7.85 @ Zavvi + Quidco

Event Horizon Blu Ray £7.85 @ Zavvi + Quidco

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Good sci fi / horror movie


Better in high def?

Original Poster


Better in high def?

Worth the upgrade in my opinion



Better in high def?

Awesme on BD if not just for the TrueHD audio track...

This film scared the **** out of me.

One of the scariest films ever - simply brilliant!

Good film!

If you could make a movie out of heavy metal album covers, this would be it. Great film and worth breaking my "I won't buy a Blu Ray if I already own the DVD" rule.



I'm inclined to agree: already got this in mkv and it is superb. Only reason I'd get this is for the extra's as there was alot more to the flashback sequences filmed that never made the cut.
Can anyone advise if there is a decent delete scenes library?
Seems a Directors Cut wont happen - I think the original footage was burned in a warehouse fire (along with Armageddon)

Truly awesome film, scared the bejesus out of me the first time I watched, the second time I watched it, ... and still gets the job done. Very tempted to dig the dvd out for another look, just a bit scared ...

Thanks OP had a £1 voucher for Zavvi

love it!!

Must see horror film and hot price.
Liberate tutemae ex inferis

He didn't say save us... he said SAVE YOURSELVES!!!!!


Its a good film...DO YOU SEE!

Stop it :-(

Now £8.45.
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