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Rammstein: Europe Stadium Tour 2019 - Milton Keynes - Sat 06/07 - Tickets From £71.50 via Eventim
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Posted 5th Jul 2019Posted 5th Jul 2019
Rammstein: Europe Stadium Tour 2019 - Milton Keynes - Sat 06/07 - Tickets From £71.50 via Eventim
Sat, 06/07/19, 20:30 Stadium MK V6 Grafton Street, MK1 1ST MILTON KEYNES German rock legends Rammstein are set to embark on their first ever stadium tour in 2019, including a date … Read more

...yep, "PU55Y" was THEE masterpiece with Till's riding DICKE (highfive)


Wherever it is, I'll be going back. Last night's show was incredible


Yes. They already said they're adding more. Likely prevented from announcing at the same time as the rest, by the contract for the MK date.


They said a couple of weeks ago, when they announced the rest of the European 2020 tour, that UK dates will be added later (because they hadn't played the MK one yet). I would therefore expect London, Manchester, and Glasgow. It'll be stadiums.


Yeah they've currently only announced Northern Ireland for UK 2020. Might still be more feasible for you? They could still add more dates though.

Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor® Dreamcoat - Tickets 2-4-1 Metro Arena Newcastle
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Posted 24th Nov 2017Posted 24th Nov 2017
Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor® Dreamcoat - Tickets 2-4-1 Metro Arena Newcastle
2-4-1 tickets - use code JOE241 19th to 31st December 2017. Its Official - JOE McELDERRY MAY JUST BE THE BEST SUNG JOSEPH THERE'S EVER BEEN’ - THE STAGE
London Night Market Tickets
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Posted 15th Jun 2017Posted 15th Jun 2017
London Night Market Tickets
To book, please visit website and select which night. On the drop-down menu, select ‘Promotion,’ enter the code Competition and press ‘Send’, where the price will be changed.

2 days, no trains to London, what a bummer.


Having to pay to get in to a food market is a joke, but a freebie is always good.


Thanks davelil. Looks interesting.


Thanks. Worth a try for me...


why the hell should I pay money to walk down a market. they should be paying us. vote cold

**Expired**Free Tickets to Countryfile Live @ Blenheim Palace 4th, 5th or 6th August with O2.
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Posted 3rd Aug 2016Posted 3rd Aug 2016
**Expired**Free Tickets to Countryfile Live @ Blenheim Palace 4th, 5th or 6th August with O2.
BBC Countryfile are running an event with 750+ Exhibitors, 300+ Performers, 30+ Features, 10+ Arenas, Over 85 Acres of Blenheim Palace. Select your day, select promotion "O2 Prio… Read more
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It's getting out that's the real issue


23 hours of which will be spent sitting in a queue of cars trying to get in.


It's finished i'm afraid - there was a 24 hour window.


How do I do this I can't seem to get it to work? Please help


Thanks :) Managed to get 5 tickets for Friday... Let me log into my account twice and order more than 4 ;) ;)

Free family ticket for countryfile live - transaction fee of £2.00 - Booking fees range from £1.20 to £7.50 depending on ticket type @ Eventim
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Posted 29th Jun 2016Posted 29th Jun 2016
Free family ticket for countryfile live - transaction fee of £2.00 - Booking fees range from £1.20 to £7.50 depending on ticket type @ Eventim
Free family ticket for countryfile live, just pick the day add a family ticket and the promo code is familyrsvp Blurb from MSE, dunno why this is cold! We've 2,000 family tickets… Read more

Still works




Got it to work in the end, thanks op


​I hope not!


Managed to get it sorted. I wonder if there will be a post booking email saying that the tickets are not valid. £72 tickets for £3 seems to good to be true

Adele tickets Manchester still available @ Eventim
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Posted 8th Mar 2016Posted 8th Mar 2016
Adele tickets Manchester still available @ Eventim
Just checking on eventim as I'm going on Thursday and noticed quite a few tickets still available. Be quick!

It's not a rip off at all, Eventim are a primary ticket agent, the costs over the face value are the normal booking fees and postage as would be charged by Ticketmaster, Seetickets, AXS, Stargreen or any of the other primary ticket agencies. As to availability, these are production returns. Tickets are kept back for a variety of uses (press, friends and family, venue or when they find the space they reserved for where stages would sit is more than needed) and those not taken are put on sale near to the date. A few years ago I got row 2 Madonna seats at Wembley on the day of the gig as they needed less space for the camera that was next to us.




a friend who works for Ticketmaster told me tickets for her opening gig in Belfast sold out in 3 minutes (whereas when U2 played in the same venue a few months earlier, they didn't sell out at all)


Rather than people commenting on whether they like the artist or not, it would be nice if they just commented on whether paying this price for a gig is good value or not. I can take or leave Adele, but it's good to see these available at a 'sensible' price. No doubt they'll be making an appearance on a re-sellers website before long, and for a lot more than this.


If you dislike her that much I'm just curious why you've clicked on a post advertising concert tickets to see her live. Maybe jumping on the haters bandwagon me thinks. Or maybe living in denial and hiding the fact that you're a big fan of Adeles but too afraid to admit it.

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Justin Bieber presale tickets
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Posted 15th Dec 2015Posted 15th Dec 2015
Justin Bieber presale tickets
Justin Bieber presale tickets go on sale tomorrow at 9am for anyone interested Manchester men arena 20/21 October 2016 No price was available
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Why are you against Bieber fans ? What make the musicians you follow so much better or have a right to have fans than Bieber?


Obvious troll is obvious, "bruh". Must try harder.


Another try at the likes ? By throwing that last bit with I am a Bieber fan.. Lol yes bruh I am a big Bieber fan <3


I think most peoples issue is that he does very little to make an album. He pays people to write the music and he just sings the words that are written for him. He's a modern day musician but not a true musician. Just a meat puppet.


Ahahaaa. I couldn't give a hoot about "likes". They mean nothing. My post was meant as a poke at OP. This is not a deal as there is no price. Literally just stating something is on sale. I added the "end sarcasm" bit as there are so many dense people who wouldn't understand. I guess you are a big beiber fan huh?

Ant & Dec in Manchester
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Posted 10th Aug 2014Posted 10th Aug 2014
Ant & Dec in Manchester
Click the link for free tickets to see Ant and Dec Takeaway show live in Manchester this Friday . They are still on sale on the official website at £25 each but my son just sent me… Read more

Also, I prevented you from selling them by buying them on eBay. :) Now behave before I leave you negative feedback. :)


Proof? The listings weren't listed as 'Charity Auctions' so stop lying. You tried to make profit out of people doing a good thing, for free. First they were spare tickets, now they were for charity. Everyone should note that you're a compulsive liar.


Thanks for posting OP. In-laws enjoyed the Saturday 2.30pm show as did my wife and I at the 7.30pm show. There were some empty seats in the upper tiers towards the back, but I'm not complaining, although if I had paid £40-£50 a ticket then I don't think it would be value for money. £20 for seats at the back and £30 for seats near the front would of been better value. Probably one of the best, if not the best deal we've had on HotUKDeals. Love this site :D


shame that you thought it was right to cancel the tickets you sent me for me trying to sell the ones I got for charity. I ended up raising £400+ for Royal Manchester Children's Hospital



See Jake Bugg, Bastile and many for £22.50pp (plus £2.50 for whole delivery) and support Crisis Charity in doing so!!! (20th December Hammersmith Apollo)
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Posted 9th Dec 2013Posted 9th Dec 2013
See Jake Bugg, Bastile and many for £22.50pp (plus £2.50 for whole delivery) and support Crisis Charity in doing so!!! (20th December Hammersmith Apollo)
Jake Bugg fans have been offered tickets to his upcoming charity gig. Should be brilliant, especially for the money! enter the code coda The email says act quickly, so sort it AS… Read more

You click Report/Spam and then select other and then type something useful like 'please unexpire as still available' in the text box and click submit report


changed the title, tickets still available, how do you unexpire something?


This is £25 (£20 ticket+ £2.50 b/f + £2.50 delivery). The £2.50 delivery charge, which the system only offered to print out your own ticket when I tried.


just expired because it didn't work, but it is again now. May be the tickets on reserve


That's annoying, just tried on my phone from that link and it worked... Has it worked for anyone else?

Haye v Fury Weigh-in Tickets, pay only a £2.50 admin fee
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Posted 12th Sep 2013Posted 12th Sep 2013
Haye v Fury Weigh-in Tickets, pay only a £2.50 admin fee
The biggest fight of the year is almost here! Heavyweight juggernauts David 'The Hayemaker' Haye and Tyson Fury will battle it out for bragging rights and a whole lot more at Phon… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

DAVID HAYE VS TYSON FURY FIGHT HAS BEEN CANCELLED due to haye getting a deep cur in sparing


I thought this was a wind up. They have tickets for a stage managed weigh in and press face off. Oh dear how sad


HOT even tho the 2.50 is sly , i got my ticket for the fight too so would be a nice event :) thanks op


I never bother with the actual fights but try to make it to all the weigh-ins - much less expensive,


Where can I get fight tickets?

Lee Evans Monsters Tour 2014 - Presale Tickets
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Posted 16th May 2013Posted 16th May 2013
Lee Evans Monsters Tour 2014 - Presale Tickets
First time sharing a deal. Lee Evans Monsters Tour Presale tickets.

Thanks ordered my tickets


I think I'll just expire this thing then. Sorry for wasting everyone's time. Seriously though it is still working for me. Tried it from 2 computers now


Currently not available!!! still nothings changed!


People will laugh at any old rubbish these days


Yeah and the first deal I post colder than the 9th layer of Hell. The link still works to buy tickets though.

Beyonce tickets for tonight, tomorrow and Thursday £65 @ eventim
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Posted 7th May 2013Posted 7th May 2013
Beyonce tickets for tonight, tomorrow and Thursday £65 @ eventim
Beyonce tickets at face value! Available for Manchester for tonight, tomorrow and Thursday. They've opened up some side blocks so they're no the best view. You should be able to… Read more

Vastly over-rated and over-hyped skank!


Why cold? amazing price!


You pick them up at the box office.


Nothing like a radio!


youd have to,pay me 65 bones to see this bitch

Zelda Symphony at the Hammmersmith Apollo with 15% off code
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Posted 3rd May 2013Posted 3rd May 2013
Zelda Symphony at the Hammmersmith Apollo with 15% off code
I missed the 2011 symphony and was so gutted. I'm surprised that there are still tickets available although there aren't too many. Normally tickets are £62.50 enter the voucher… Read more

Truth always makes me laugh, this had me rolling :)


You can try to win a pair of tickets on The Legend of Zelda Facebook page. www.facebook.com/LegendofZeldaUK


Fairplay for those hardcore about this stuff. however for the rest and arguable less or more sane of us talk about the japs putting a bloated value on their junk. Sure zelda has some decent tunes but to pay this much to hear bloody zelda music in orchestra is just retarded.


I know the other seats were a lot cheaper but they are already sold out. As I mentioned already I missed the 2011 one so I'm just glad I get to see this one :p


Still ridiculously expensive imo, but it's a saving for people that really want to go, so heat for anything Zelda

Wallace & Gromit Musical Marvels (£1.75-£2.50 booking fee)
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Posted 26th Mar 2013Posted 26th Mar 2013
Wallace & Gromit Musical Marvels (£1.75-£2.50 booking fee)
We have 100 complimentary family tickets (admits up to 4 people) to: Wallace & Gromit Musical Marvels, produced by the BBC Worldwide Playing in Brighton and London this Easte… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

does anyone have any brighton one willing to swap for hammersmith 1st apr 11am?


all gone could not get any for london ;-(


Booked 4 tickets for London Venue = £2.50. Even if the kids fall asleep I will certainly will enjoy it!


I used the showfilmfirst offer and it only cost £2.50 to book four seats. Bargain!


Scroll down to the bottom of the page (on left hand side) and where it says promotion codes put in showfilmfirst and then it will show up with the showfilmfirst offer where you can put in the number of seats required, however unless someone has released seats when I just checked there wer only three available in row g stalls not four together, still £1.75 for three seats is not bad or maybe you could look for two sets of two seats if four of you going.

The Legend Of Zelda: Symphony Of The Goddesses - @London £41+
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Posted 4th Feb 2013Posted 4th Feb 2013LocalLocal
The Legend Of Zelda: Symphony Of The Goddesses - @London £41+
Ok, i cant believe no one has posted this deal yet? Correct me if im wrong and please delete the thread if necessary mods. The Symphony Of The Goddesses tour is coming back to Lon… Read more

This isn't a deal.


Cool! Interesting and insightful :) Totally agree.


Final Fantasy is probably not as widely popular as Zelda, but they sold out the Royal Albert hall within a few hours (shocking I know!). I know a lot of FF crazy people (like me!) so there's still a lot of love for the brand here. But the tickets were a lot more reasonable which I think makes a huge difference and they were a Friday or Saturday both times. I personally think Zelda could have packed out the RAH if they put a bit of effort into it. The composer is Eimeer Noone, she's really nice. The orchestra will likely be the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra as they do quite a bit of video music. They played the previous 2 Distant Worlds, the previous Zelda concert and I beleive they are playing Final Symphony too. The choir will likely be The London Voices too, they also played the previous concerts. It would be too expensive for them to take their own orchestra on tour :)


Totally get where your coming from, Ive seen a couple of gigs at the Apollo and it is certainly not the greatest venue (for bands of that audience size i prefer Sheperds Bush) but at least its coming back, I thought it may never tour again.. That is annoying when FF has arguably less of a following here (dont get me wrong I grew up on them) but yet are able to accomdate better venues/packages, the fans of a franchise really do support it and would love the opportunity, even if they were to make some sort of exclusive Zelda giveaway or something.. The other thing I was curious about was.. as this is the London orchestra playing the concert.. was it the same people last time? Or were they all Japanese? I dont know wether to expect the same conductor (if they are like rock stars of their field?) :) ah well, looking for to it anyhow, if thats all we have to complain about I guess we are lucky.


I think I'm a bit influenced by how good the Final Fantasy shows were put on ^^;; Distant Worlds was at a superior venue (Royal Albert Hall) with their tickets being an average of £40 (£50 for some of the boxes I believe and £125ish for VIP but you actually met the composer and were given as much free wine as you wanted. Also £20-30 for cheapy tickets). It just grinds on me that Nintendo have stuck with the Hammersmith which isn't really a great venue when compared to RAH (or the Barbican, where Final Symphony is) with the vast majority of their tickets £60+ with a couple of rows at the back still being £40. I am a huge fan of Zelda and the music so it's just frustrating when you know they could organise it as well as FF but they just don't. That being said the conductor for the Zelda concerts is fantastic and the music will be superb. Just a shame about the price and venue. Oh and for those heading to the concert and wanting to buy merch take a lot of money. Last time the posters were £20 each and the tshirts £25 each. They were less than half price at the LA show just a few days earlier!!