Ever Oasis [3DS] £21.85 @ Amazon

Ever Oasis [3DS] £21.85 @ Amazon

Found 30th Sep 2017
Lowest ever price for this game. Good to see Amazon price matching with ShopTo.
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awesome game from someone whose favourite game of all time is still secret of mana! clear to see a lot of the game mechanics from it still present in this. Paid 30 for this and loved it. at this price its a steal!
How is the difficulty with this? I don't want anything too easy.
Never heard of this... Not trying to be condescending, but is it any good?

Edit: never mind... Seems like reviews are pretty polarising.
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Looooooooooooooooooooove this game, so addictive too imo.. Such a killer at this price have some heat.
Thanks for the deal Nihir, just ordered the game.
out of stock now,
Ordered, been waiting for this to come down to around £20!
great price for a great game, would recommend it to anyone
nihir29 m ago

Shopto have it for that price...

cool might get it
Some might say this is a good deal!
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