Ever wanted to look like a horse?? Yes I thought so!!! £14.73 inc delivery @ Amazon Marketplace (Jokingaround Fancy Dress)

Ever wanted to look like a horse?? Yes I thought so!!! £14.73 inc delivery @ Amazon Marketplace (Jokingaround Fancy Dress)

Found 13th Feb 2012
This is the perfect gift! Just read the reviews!!......

"Out of all the rubber horse heads that I've owned, this has to be one of the best. When accompanied with my wooden horse hoof shoes, I can canter around the kitchen and garden and feel like a real horse, with all my bits flapping in the breeze. You really feel as if you have become one with the mask, especially when climbing trees just like a real horse would. If you don't have one of these horse head masks then you really need to ask yourself why. One of the best purchases I've ever made."

"Ever since I was a little boy, I've dreamed of being a horse. After purchasing this super realistic horse mask, I can now wear it to work and fulfill my dreams. I expect women to drop at my feet with lust as they stroke the realistic mane, and gaze into the knowing eyes of my horse mask.

5 stars all day."

I think you will agree BARGAIN!!
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Great for leaving on your pillow in the morning for the wife to wake up to...
Love the rabbit better X)

Donnie Darkoesque

Why the long faces?
whats with the long face lol
Love it - ordered one heat added
HAHA brilliant
quality - tempted!
reminds me of the pepsi ad
X) disturbing....i like it!!
DONE! bet theyre gonna love you posting this!
Heat for the reviews

"Out of all the rubber horse heads that I've owned

Brilliant title, brilliant pictures and not a bad deal either, quite tempted for joke purposes.

Definitely going to be rather warm in here later!!
Looks like my brother!
Going to buy it to creep him out.
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Awesome! We can all pretend to be the real horse-boy now!


(see pic in post 24 below)
I want one, but not sure why or where I'd use it, do you think it would be illegal to use while driving?
Do they do a donkey version? I'd fancy my chances with WIHAD if they did
it reminds of the pepsi max advert
*Insert Sarah Jessica Parker joke*
I have been told I have parts of my anatomy that are horse like, might as well go the whole hog!

as per horse-boy on google!http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/10401345

lmao i may attempt to get a pic like that!

*Insert Sarah Jessica Parker joke*

Sarah Jessica Parker neighed not apply.

A horse head to go with my horse sized....Leg.

A horse head to go with my horse sized....Leg.

I managed to refrain..
curse you hotukdeals!

more money - spent on things I don't need… but want X)
oO wow i got a horse and a rabbit Thanks
£11.75 on eBay by the way, item no 120857218179

£11.95 if that one sells out: 190625596225
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Can you actually see when wearing this mask?
This is a great deal come on let's get this the hottest ever on hotdeals
im after a human face mask for my horse.
This pig one looks awesome for £9.95:


eBay item: 200712019893
Great for ruud van nistelrooy fans!
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