EverBrite torch 150 lumens 6 hour run time - £5 @ Asda

EverBrite torch 150 lumens 6 hour run time - £5 @ Asda

Found 28th JulEdited by:"Silver.Grey.Fish"
Think this is a great torch in Asda. It's called a worklight as it has a hook which folds away completely into the back and a magnet on the back if you want to attach it to something metal, but it works perfectly normally as a torch and is pleasant to hold (yellow grippy bits on the side) - REALLY amazingly bright, very very lightweight, comes with batteries. Bought one for my son's Duke of Edinburgh expedition, then bought another one for home as it is so good. It's the best torch I've ever come across and I've owned maglites and supposed 600 lumens torches. This is much better and brighter than they were. Asda is the cheapest I can find and I think it's a bargain at £5

I have a bit of an eeyore moment with this torch (where he puts the popped balloon in and out of the honeypot) there is something about it that makes you want to switch it on and off. It's so wierdly bright and so light....Maybe that is just me!
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This one at Halfords is similar but claims 180 lumens and is also £5 halfords.com/wor…ght
itsnotmeitsyou seems a similar torch in different colourway. Everyone loves that one too in the reviews. Think it shows that "Lumens" on all torches are completely made up! It's definitely blindingly bright!
The magnet is pretty strong so this sits on the side of my fridge, waiting for a power cut. The hook has also come in handy for under-the-sink plumbing. I can also vouch for its brightness, it's more than enough for most situations.
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