Everest 12 Man Tent - save £100 - £149 delivered @ Cybercheckout

Everest 12 Man Tent - save £100 - £149 delivered @ Cybercheckout

Found 20th Jun 2010
The Everest 12 man tent is perfect if your looking for a quality cheap tent to take the whole family away in. This 12 man tent has three separate bedroom pods, each to sleep four people, and a communal area in the middle, making this 12 man tent a great family tent. The three inner bedroom pods are made from breathable polyester, has a fly sheet and a fully sewn in ground sheet, and each measure 240cm x 220cm. Ventilation is also supplied on the outer skin of each bedroom pod.

This 12 man tent comes with a fully sewn in ground sheet, to prevent any draft coming in from the bottom and any unwelcome visitors entering when they shouldn't. Colour coded poles are used for simple pitching, and the instructions are easy to follow. The guy ropes are of a bright colour, enabling them to be seen more by passing people, and preventing them from being tripped over. Also, the front door of this 12 man tent can either be rolled up and kept completely out of the way, or pitched out with poles to provide you with an extra canopied area.

This 12 man tent has UV Protection, to reduce the risks caused by the sun, and a Hydrostatic Head level of 3000mm, making this 12 man tent more than adequate for dealing with our wet British summers.

Choosing The Right 12 Man Tent For You

A 12 man tent can come in many different shapes and sizes, from Dome tents to Tunnel tents, Tepees and Bell tents. What ever style your preference chooses, a 12 man tent can offer you the space and luxuries of a home from home.

The Everest 12 man tent is the largest tent from our Redstone Outdoors range - a range that offers you high quality tents that have been designed with the camper in mind. With their 3000mm hydrostatic head rating and their UV Protection, this range provides you with everything a camping tent should have. Camping tents need to offer you the best protection from the elements throughout the duration of your camping trip, and the Everest 12 man tent is of no exception.

This 12 man tent is as attractive as it is practical. Every little detail has been designed to make your camping trip a better one. The colour coded poles help with the pitching of the tent, making it simple to put up, despite it's size. Matching coloured tabs show you were to insert the poles, and the pole sections themselves are connected with an elastic cord in the middle, so there is no chance of missplacing a pole and making your 12 man tent useless.

The sewn in ground sheet of the 12 man tent helps to keep the draft at bay. Tents without sewn in ground sheets often have a draft coming in from the gap at the bottom between the outer skin and the separate ground sheet. This can sometimes be annoying, and can make you feel chilly in the evenings. It's also an open invite to nature. Insects can easily find themselves crawling inside your 12 man tent. Despite the fact you?re camping in the wilds and should expect to see a few bugs, it's not nice to find a huge spider in your sleeping bag when you go to bed. Animals, such as squirrels, can also easily gain access and help themselves to your provisions.

When you go camping, you need to know that the 12 man tent you buy is going to provide you with adequate protection for you and your family. The Everest 12 man tent offers you just that, so you can enjoy your camping trip without having to worry about the little things.

Happy Campers Every Time!


* 12 man family tent
* Weight: 21.8 kg (NW), 22.8kg (GW)
* Measurements: See Diagram
* Box Dimensions: 68cm x 35cm x 36cm
* Fly sheet
* Material: Polyester 190T
* 3000mm Hydrostatic Head
* UV Protection
* Taped Seams
* Inner tent: Breathable Polyester
* Pole material: Fibre glass
* Poles: 9.5mm x 3, 11mm x 4
* Colour coded poles
* Canopy over entrance
* steel poles for canopy: 16mm x 2
* Fully sewn in ground sheet
* PE (polyethylene) floor
* Product name: Everest
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Sounds like a good spec for the money with a sewn in ground sheet and stuff.
looks cool although you would have to pay for about 10 pitches at a camp site lol
Does this deal include the wicker basket and heat blower?
Thanks for the heads up amibees but I like the better buy, an 8 man tent from the same site. reduced from £229.99 to £99.99. cybercheckout.co.uk/pro…tml
Topcashback give 7% so you can get the 8 man for £93 plus the delivery of £4.95.
Cheap price, but would not have a tent this size without any windows.
How long come does it take to pitch?
4 people in each pod?
Perfect for me and the wife :-)
Firstly, am I missing something? it says it's £179.99

A friend of ours has one of these. They are huge. Easily 10 people sat round in the communal area.

As for having to buy multiple pitches, it's unlikely - this is a big tent, but doesn't take up any more space than a large caravan and awning. Certainly the camp sites I've been to lately have rather generous allowances when it comes to space. Not to mention most families have huge frame tents and then put a gazebo outside!
A good deal but who would really want to spend a night in it with 11 others?
its now £159.99, wish i had of bought it two days ago now ! Will prob still get it. Heat added.
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