Everest/Steve Jobs/Wolf of Wall Street/Theory of Everything/Unbroken [Blu-ray] £9.00 with code @ Zoom

Everest/Steve Jobs/Wolf of Wall Street/Theory of Everything/Unbroken [Blu-ray] £9.00 with code @ Zoom

Found 23rd Feb 2018
Use code SIGNUP10 to get it for £9 delivered

Everest (2015):

On May 9th and 10th, 1996, two expeditions led by experienced climbers Rob Hall (J. Clarke) and Scott Fischer (J. Gyllenhaal) set off for the summit of Mount Everest. Among the members of the mountaineers are the pathologist Beck Weathers (J. Brolin), the postal worker Doug Hansen (J. Hawkes) and the journalist Jon Krakauer (M. Kelly), on behalf of his editor-in-chief on the commercialization of the highest mountain to tell the world. Despite some difficulties during the ascent, the adventurers reach the summit. But as a storm front of unimaginable proportions breaks over the teams during the descent, the way back to the struggle against the forces of nature and the dangers of the region, not all will survive ...

Steve Jobs (2015):

The biopic drama focuses on some key events in the life of visionary Steve Jobs, who died in 2011 (M. Fassbender), and focuses primarily on three product presentations. It all started in 1984 with the Macintosh, which was based on an idea to create and sell a computer for everyone. But there are conflicts between Jobs and another Apple founder, Steve Wozniak (S.Rogen). And it should not stay that way, because of the marketing boss of the Mac, Joanna Hoffman (K. Winslet), there are plenty of headwinds. And as if that was not enough, he delivers with Apple CEO John Sculley (Daniels Daniel) a power struggle. However, there was not only professional difficulties, because even in private, a dispute overshadowed his everyday life. Jobs initially refused to recognize his daughter Lisa (M. Moss), whom he has with his ex-girlfriend Chrisann Brenna (K. Waterston) ...

The Wolf of Wall Street:

At the beginning of the 1990s, young stockbroker Jordan Belfort ( L. DiCaprio) to found the brokerage company "Stratton Oakmont". He soon makes a name for himself in the scene, which not only makes him a fast multimillionaire, but also earned him the nickname "The Wolf of Wall Street". But money changes people, including Jordan, who is increasingly committed to alcohol, drugs and sex. On top of that, greed and thirst for power make him feel invincible and unable to stop illegal business. However, as time goes on, Belfort uncovers the authorities that could destroy his entire empire overnight ...

The Theory of Everything:

The brilliant scientist Stephen Hawking (E. Redmayne) made his name in the 1960s while studying at Cambride University, in love with student Jane Wilde (F. Jones). She studied languages and earned the Ph.D. in Romance studies, on the other hand, he dealt with the phenomenon of time and the origin of the universe. However, at the age of just 21, Hawking received a message that would change his entire life. The doctors diagnosed with him the degenerative nerve disease ALS and predicted a maximum of 2 more years of life. The infinite willpower, as well as the love of Jane, who assisted him at this time, and eventually even married him, made Hawking defy the ever-increasing physical limitations and, ultimately, even go down in history with his groundbreaking research ...

Unbroken (2014):

The long-distance runner Louis Zamperini (J. O'Connell) 1936 at the Olympic Games in Berlin as the youngest member of the US team in the race. For a medal it is not enough in the end, but the gripping, cutting race, which he supplies himself with his competition, and his perceptible will to win impress even Adolf Hitler, whereupon he may meet this personal. Only four years later Zamperini is considered the favorite for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, but the war breaks out and the games are canceled. Instead, Zamperini volunteers as a bombardier and goes to war. It comes to a crash landing in the Pacific, which only he and two other soldiers survive. You can save yourself on a raft and fight for 47 days from now on. But even after their rescue, the fight for survival does not end, because they are found by the Japanese Navy, captured and tortured in a sadistic way ...
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Almost paid £4 for a used copy of Wolf of Wall Street from Cex on Wednesday, so hot from me
excellent thanks
Good set of films!
Everest, awful film, I never have any sympathy for idiots who climb mountains and die doing so.
Oh joy...another Zoom deal.

Do we really have to post every single item they sell with the price after 10% off? I think its pretty clear there is a 10% off code now, so lets just be adults and do the math ourselves rather than clog up pages of HDUK with dvds.
hope the writing in the films is better than in the summaries in op
Not £9 anymore, not even with the code. £12 then the 10% code on top. Still not a bad deal for 4 blu-rays.
Gone up to £14 in my basket now
nuttzuk9 h, 27 m ago

Not £9 anymore, not even with the code. £12 then the 10% code on top. S …Not £9 anymore, not even with the code. £12 then the 10% code on top. Still not a bad deal for 4 blu-rays.

I count 5
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